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Use Basic Items To Create A Stylish Look Right Away

Basic shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe. Do not miss it.
And fashionable classic jeans, no matter matched with what, can always show its fashion characteristics.

Therefore, today I want to introduce you the shirt + jeans, the basic items match, let your fashion style be easy to get. So now let’s take a look at these shirts + jeans!

Basic Items: Blue Denim Shirt + Blue Jeans

This outfit only uses one color for clothes, looks simple and stylish, and it can help to make your body proportion looks better.
Flare pants are designed to easily solve the problem of thick legs. Adding a stitching color design, which is not monotonous. Matched with high-heeled shoes on the feet and a red bag, the whole look is elegant and quiet eye-catching.

Blue & White, visually refreshing

The top is a white shirt. Everyone wears a shirt in the fall, so if you want to have a different style, you can choose to tie a knot at the waist. In this way will make you look more fashionable.

We can pick basic items like shirt and jeans in autumn. Blue jeans are suitable for daily life, casually and comfortable to wear. The cut-out design of the bottom of the trousers also adds fashion sense.

A short top with high waist pants make it easy to have a perfect body proportion.

Even it is a basic item, different ways of wearing can also bring a unique style.

For example, unbutton the shirt to form a v-neck, put it into the black jeans, then matched with black high heels, the outfit is sophisticated and elegant.

Get Some Fashion Ideas From Jessie Bush ——Outfit-Handbag Pairings!

Fashion icons are always big news every time they are seen in public, not only for their outfits but also for the handbags they have selected to carry with them. A handbag is not only very practical – it can put some makeup tools and small items – and the right match can improve the fashion level of the whole look.

However, no matter how expensive and beautiful the bag it is, if you are not able to match it with your clothes, it will not only waste the bag, but also greatly reduce the harmony of the overall look!

Today, let’s take a look at how fashion blogger Jessie Bush match bags with clothes, and teach you how to use handbags to enhance sense of fashion.

1.Charming Women Style

The same color matching method is the easiest to get start. This red printed handbag and red printed dress show a deep and shallow matching of the same color, creating a very elegant feeling.

The hit of two high saturation colors is basically not strange. The orange long shoulder strap bag is matched with a pure white deep V lace skirt, which instantly creates a lazy holiday atmosphere, casual and stylish.

2.Cool & Casual Style

This embroidered hit color bag not only shows the elegant but also neutralized the cool feeling of the black blazer + the same color sunglasses.

3.Sweet & Girly Style

Bags and clothes can also be strong contrasting colors, such as this bright red bag, it is easy to become the highlight of the whole body. And then paired with white + black hit color clothing, is very eye-catching.

High-waist shorts + waisted backless shirt, create a perfect body proportion!
The brightly colored trumpet bag is suitable for summer, the fresh macaron pink and the floral print of the shirt are in the same colors, and the lively feeling comes out immediately.

4.Brief Work Style

Is the British plaid suits a little serious? Then put on a beige handbag, matched it with the white blouse, which makes the overall look more uniform and softens the whole person’s temperament. The waist-up version of the top and the high-heeled & cropped trousers are small tips for lengthening the height.

If it is just a combination of rose pink sweater and sapphire blue shoes, as well as the combination of navy British plaid pants, it looks like a sense of chaos. But only need to put on a classic green square bag, the whole look immediately has a center, not too dull or not too conspicuous, is a very stylish feeling!

Improve The Fashion Level, These Earrings Help You!

Everyone is pursuing fashion, even if you have a beautiful face and perfect body, but have no ideas of matching clothes can not show your own fashion styles.

There is a saying that “people rely on clothing”, people who good at matching can often be more eye-catching, so girls are pursuing stylish hair, fashion wear.

However, some girls have neglected the important role played by some accessories in the overall dress, such as beautiful earrings.

With exquisite makeup, but no beautiful earrings to match, always missing some of the feel. So If you want to make yourself more beautiful, you must not lose the earrings that can enhance the fashion level!

NO.1: Geometric Earrings

Girls who like personality can try to wear some large geometric earrings.
This kind of earrings is exaggerated compared with other earrings.

Of course, it is more eye-catching, and it also has the effect of modifying the face shape. It will make your face looks smaller in comparison.

NO.2: Elegant Long Earrings

Compared with the big earrings of personality, the long earrings have some elegant feelings.

Some ladies will prefer this kind of exquisite design. There will always be some beautiful embellishments at the bottom of the earrings, sway while walking, let others’ eyes not be consciously attracted to you, is also a kind of eye-catching earrings.

NO.3: Fashion Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the earliest type of earrings that are worn conveniently. The small and exquisite design, the front pattern will cling to the earlobe part, so that you can not feel the tear of the earrings.

You can do what ever you want with no afraid of your earrings will falling down. Such earrings are also very popular among girls.

In short, in addition to the matching of clothes, the use of jewelry is also very important, so that you can keep the fashion in the details.

Your Closet Needs These Two Dresses In Winter

  • Knit Dress

The first to introduce is the knit dress, which is definitely a beautiful and warm must-have in the winter. And the unique feeling of knitting can make you look very elegance.

One Piece like this is really convenient to wear when you have no time to match clothes.

Knit dress with coat can also create a perfect overlook, very stylish, also suitable for official occasions.

You can choose a short jacket to stretching the leg length visually, let the body proportion look perfect.

Brighten up your winter look with knit dress of bright colors.

If you are a little fat, the two-piece knit dress is even thinner.

It is recommended that the style of this pleated big hem dress, looks flowy and flatering

If you want to wear a fashionable look, you can pay attention on the design of the knit dress. For example, you can choose a knit dress with ruffled, slit, stripe, falbala or off-shoulder design. Help you be a fashion icon.

  • Print Dress

A floral printed dress can make you romantic and poetic.
The fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia loves it, and she create a variety of styles with floral print dress.

Different colors of printed dresses give different feelings:
Beige is elegant, pink is sweet, and black is vintage……
The blue print dress can be matched with a coat of base colors, decorate your winter with romance.

In addition to flower prints, you can also choose an abstract print that is more stylish and cool.

The hit color of the printed dress and the jacket makes the winter become fashionable and energetic, which is very eye-catching.

In fact, the printed skirt can be matched with various types of jackets, such as down jackets and suits, which can make you fashionable easily.

Do You Know These 4 Types Of Choices When You Wear Black pants?

Whether you are in love with a skirt or a pair of pants, there is still no resistance to black pants. The black pants have been in the fashion circle for many years, with its incomparable slim and versatility. releasing unique charm values ​​at any time throughout the year.

There are many types of small black pants, which have different effects, and can be used for different leg types of girls, with unexpected magical effects.

  • Black Straight Pants

The straight wide-leg pants version is very suitable for girls who are not particularly good legs, especially for girls with X-legs and O-legs. This straight wide-leg pants can be used to modify the leg shape. Hide the meat under the pants, completely thin.

The black straight pants are very simple, so don’t worry about difficult to match. The high-waist design will make your legs look slimmer. In the winter, we can use it with a down jacket or a coat to wear stylish

  • Wonderful School Uniform Pants

School uniform pants are especially popular in recent years. Among them, black school uniform pants are the most popular. Many fashionable people wear them. The slimming effect is very good. Stripes can better stretch the legs and let your legs look even more perfect.

Not only the stripes, but also a lot of buttons are decorated on the side. This design effect can be better to look slim, and is very fashionable, classic black and white, no need to worry about be outdated

  • Tight Black pants

When it comes to black pants, many people will think of tight black pants. Tight black pants have been popular since 10 years. They look very slim because they can tightly fit the legs, so they will be even more highlight the leg type, do not try as much as possible for girls with poor leg shape, but slimming long legs can choose tight black pants to show your advantage.

The velvet style is more suitable for winter wear, and the more compact version can be even thinner

  • Vintage Bell-bottoms

With the popularity of retro style, flared pants have become a popular indicator in recent years, while black bell-bottoms have a slimming effect, especially the large bell legs can highlight the slenderness of the thighs.

The design of the raw edges is very retro-styled, can create an unruly style, is very stylish. And the design is not particularly exaggerated, it is suitable for daily life.

Buy What Is Proper Than Buy A Lot—These Three Scarves Make The Winter Look

Wearing a thick sweater and a down jacket, still can’t resist the cold wind in winter? In fact, the main reason is that the neck is cold. Do not believe? It’s definitely warmer to change a turtleneck sweater of the same thickness.

Turtleneck sweater is one of the winter practical items , but it will look like you have a short neck and big face, so the scarf is another must-have!

There are many styles of scarves in the mall, so which one should we choose?
I think that the selection of these three scarves is enough to make a winter look!

1.Solid Color Scarf

Solid color scarves are easier to match with other colors. The most basic choice is gray, black, blue and other dark colors, basically no mistakes.
Not easy to be dirty and not easy to be obsolete is its unique attribute.

Here we must focus on the gray, which is the most temperament in the dark system. Whether it’s hanging around the neck or tied up casually, it looks stylish.

Although the pure color scarf is the most basic style, but when it matched with the coat, always make a surprise look.
Like camel, coffee is also very versatile color. When scarves of these colors are matched with the outwear, hit color or the same color is both very good-looking.

The scarf is a item that closet to the face, so it is also necessary to consider your skin color to choose. The bright color scarf will be more skin-friendly for the white-skinned girl, but it is very unfriendly to the yellow-black skin girl.

2.Plaid Scarf

Except for the versatile solid color, the most classic is the plaid style~Compared with the pure color, the simple pattern makes the scarf add more fashion elements to the whole look.

The plaid comes with a retro British style, and the hit color is more eye-catching. Leisure and casual style is suitable for both work and shopping.

If you don’t like the scarf of multi color, there is also this simple plaid style. The simpler it is, the more classic it will be.

3. Wool Scarf

The wool gives people a warm feeling. Winter clothes with various materials can be matched with wool scarves.

The wool scarf is naturally fluffy and thicker than other styles. Not only can the shoulder line be modified, but also the face can look smaller visually.

The coarse knitting effect will be more obvious.
Wearing the wool scarf in simplest way can make you fashionable, and it also saves your time to go out.

Slim Wear In The Cold Season

T-shirts are best used to match some slightly flamboyant coats, with T-shirts and jeans, make a casual and free-spirited fashion

The high-necked shirt is the “squatter” in the thin-bottomed single item. In recent years, the fashion has not been reduced. Although there are always people who dislike the high-necked sweater because it makes their necks look short, you can try the half-neck sweaters. The height is probably in the middle of the neck, is more versatile.

The belt is most suitable for the coats with the sense of expansion, because the belt can outline the body curve. Matched with tight jeans, slim and warm.

When opening the jacket, the height of the waistline has a decisive effect on the overall body proportion. With a belt or a short top and high waist pants, the waistline is raised. This is especially important when pairing a long coat.

You can also look more slim by pulling the V of the neckline of the coat more open.

Capri-pants can expose the thinnest part of the calf, and can also be matched with boots, which is both warm and stylish.

To summarize, we got some points to make you slim in the cold season:

  • A suitable bottoming shirt is very important, like a high collar base shirt, keep warm and not bloated.
  • Use the belt to shrink the “expansion” waist of the jacket, and draw the body curve, raise the waistline.
  • Let the clothes form a “V” line on the upper or lower body to achieve a slimming effect.
  • Match ankle boots with trousers can also lengthen the proportion of the legs.

Jeanne Damas – Representative of French Romance And Confidence

Jeanne Damas is a fashion blogger from Paris, France, and is one of the hottest fashion bloggers. Jeanne Damas’s casual, romantic and natural style is very fascinating.

She is not the beauty face of the current aesthetic, nor does she have a perfect body, but she has acquired fashion by relying on her own self-confidence, elegance and freedom of dressing.

People who have seen Jeanne Damas will be deeply attracted to her.
The slightly messy and unmodified mid-length hair is always filled with careless laziness but reveals the self-confidence and freedom from the bones.
Even the picture that is not blurred, this sense of casualness and freedom is very fascinating, this should be what every girl looks forward to.

Jeanne Damas has here own brand Rouje, and Rouje is completely Jeanne Damas’ own style.

Jeanne Damas doesn’t wear big names. She likes floral skirts, micro-bar jeans, vests, etc. This kind of item that can perfectly show the curves and charm of women, so that her confidence is infected and affects others. She also likes the basket. and rattan shoes, these natural and comfortable accessories.

Jeanne Damas incorporates her “images” into Rouje, which she considers to be the encounter and collision between sophistication sobre and sensualité assumée.

Rouje not only reveals Jeanne Damas’ own life and consciousness, but also shows the fashion of Paris, or old Paris: vests, mini skirts, floral skirts, micro-bar jeans… these are the memories of the Parisian symbols.

And for the creation and success of Rouje, Jeanne Damas is very grateful to herself and pays tribute to all the women who inspired her. She said:

——”I am surrounded by a lot of strong and feminine women: my mother, sister, aunt, friends. I am immersed in the charm that they can hold from simple details. For example, a gait, a way of speaking, a gesture, or a way of dressing.”

At the same time, Jeanne Damas also launched the book Livre A Paris by her friend Lauren Bastide.

The book mainly depicts Parisian women, portraits of Parisian women, their behavior, elegance, spirit and their definition of elegance.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeanne Damas’s outfit and her Rouje, and feel the collision between Jeanne Damas and Paris in the next page~

Fashion Ways To Wear a Silk Scarf

A scarf can be the finishing accessory for many outfits and is a must-have for anybody trying to achieve a charming and fashion look, can be worn around your neck, head, waist, or hair as well as on a hat or handbag.

  • Attached to the hat, adding a feeling of holiday.
  • You can also attach it to your wrist and make your coat different from others in a minute.
  • Longer scarves can be worn around the waist instead of the belt.
  • Can be attached to the bag casually.
  • Scarves also have great potential when they are hair accessories.
  • You can tie the scarf to your hair, or use it as a headscarf, etc. It will increase a lot of points when you go to music festivals and other activities.

The most impressive thing is that Anne Hathaway used it as a bandage when her hand was injured.

This Item, Makes You More Fashionable

When it comes to accessory, there is one thing that is amazing. Even if your wear is boring, it can make you look stylish immediately.

Yes, it is scarves.
Missing the scarves? You really missed too much beauty.

Ins fashion blogger Jenny Walton is particularly good at it.
Using scarves to match the overall look, could add a lot of points. In fact, we can get some ideas in these three pictures: The color of the scarves echo the color of the clothes.

The headband and shoes on the left picture, the scarf and file pocket in the middle, the scarf and skirt on the right, are all in the same color, to make the overall look more subtle and refined.
This kind of matching can be used for reference~

Scarves can have a lot of matching ideas.
Blazer and V-neck inside, the silk scarf can be a good embellishment.
In fact, you can find that the color of these two scarves echo some part of the clothes, so that the whole look is harmonious and fashionable.

Beret, striped shirt with silk scarf
This look has some French style, in which the silk scarf has a great effect.

If your collocation skills are weak, then the basic blouse with scarf will help you. For example, a black T-shirt or a bottoming shirt with any color silk scarf will not go wrong, but will become a highlight of the whole look.

White shirt, also one of the choices with no difficulty to match, plus the silk scarves to make the look more chic.

More inspiration see next page.