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Why other people’s suits are fashion, but yours is work clothes.

The suit jacket is moderately thick and is one of the items that are popular in early spring and have a high rate of appearance. If you have the habit of flipping through the street shooting, will you suddenly feel doubtful about life? The same is a suit item, why do you and the stylish upper body effect, is the difference between a capital buyer show and a seller show? Most likely you don’t get the correct way to open it.

As one of the commuter items, one of the attributes of the suit is the overalls. But in addition to formal occasions, small suits can also have a good fashion in casual scenes. How to get rid of the sense of tooling? Today, from the design, matching and other aspects, to analyze it.

1: Material selection

Suit fabrics should be familiar to everyone, crisp and restrained, in line with the requirements of commuting scenes. In order to stay away from the tooling as much as possible, we need to try fabrics of other materials. A very popular velvet suit in the past, modern and advanced, can be replaced with a thinner silk satin fabric in early spring, the same sense of gorgeous, looks very “rich” feeling.

In addition, chiffon, cotton and linen blazer is also good. On the one hand, the light and thin feel of the fabric itself can weaken the solemn atmosphere, on the other hand, it has its own casual temperament, just to get rid of the sense of tooling. Chiffon suits tend to be more celebrity temperament, while cotton and linen suits are more relaxed and casual.

2: Color selection

Although the black and white colors are classic, it is inevitable that there is a bit of tedium in the early spring, so let’s have some atmosphere of active colors. It is not recommended to choose a color with too high saturation and brightness. It is easy to have a frivolous feeling, and the skin color that is not very white is difficult to control. The Morandi color with a little gray tone is a very good choice. It is also very temperament and creates a sense of quality.

Even if you choose a bright suit, you should pay attention to the rules. Don’t take too light and too bright inside, the whole person is like a moving reflector, it is not enough texture. The sleek shape is smarter, that is, the choice of the color is similar to the inner lap, so that the overall more unified coordination, not easy to make mistakes, but also appears to be “very wearable.”

3: Style selection

The requirements of the commuter equipment are line convergence, tailoring and fitting, so the casual suit can be reversed, and the line with more tension and loose version is selected. A wide-shoulder suit, such as the popular two-year-old suit, creates a vintage old school style. And the straight-hand boyfriend wind suit that is necessary for the man, lazy and fashionable.

The suit is the easiest to use style, effortless to match, can also play a lot of creativity. In addition to the color sense suit, try a style with lines or prints to make it easier to color. In recent years, the suits with letter elements are more popular, the “golden style” of the whole body logo, or the street-style part of the local embellishment, are very eye-catching.

4: Modeling

Mixing is probably the most popular topic of fashion. Because the suit has a formal sense compared to other items, it can be combined with casual temperament pieces to create a strong fashion spark. For example, if you want to create a modern and avant-garde temperament, you can mix and match the more sturdy leather items. When bloggers and female stars attend the event, they love the style of this gas field.

As a representative of neutral temperament clothing, suits can also mix and match more feminine items, and play the popular “Niang Cool Balance Wind”. That is to say, there is a neutral wind, cool, and feminine and gentle, so that it is not too sweet, nor will it lose its true color. Suit jackets and small skirts of various styles can be combined with confidence.

In addition to the modern and the mother wind, street feeling is also a popular topic. Such as sporty pants, sneakers, and casual jeans, sweaters, etc., are the best choice for street mix. The “contrast” between casual items and formal wear will make the style easy and fun.

Even if you choose a solid color suit, it is not a place to play. It may become the crowning touch. For example, with the “old cadre turtleneck”, it is the current trend, a bit of abstinence and advanced. If you want to create even more stunning visual effects, the gorgeous and elegant Victorian shirts, or the sexy and sleek laces, will collide with the suits unexpectedly.

4 selection of new season trench coats to help you prop up the early spring!

The windbreaker is almost a fashionable weapon for the girls in the spring, and it is suitable for occasions. Commuting, dating, and going out of the street… With different clothes, you can arbitrarily sculpt various shapes. This year’s T-stage is also lacking in this necessities. Burberry, known for its windbreaker, used silk scarves to play with classic fabrics this year; Chloe and Tibi focused on fabric innovation; young brands such as Sacai More directly deconstructing the windbreaker, and joined the popular lattice elements this year, so that the windbreaker’s fashion is more than imagined.

Minimalist style

Despite the fact that the sexually chilly and minimalist fashion boom has passed for a few years, the minimalist style has been retained as a style. The minimalist style windbreaker removes the extra parts of the classic windbreaker, such as windshield, D-ring, belt, etc. It is more slender and capable to wear.

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker is more suitable for the cool girl in the heart, the style of the shoulder sleeves makes the clothes more relaxed and stylish, even if it is more than a few pounds of meat, it will not be easy to see. It is recommended to wear skinny pants, otherwise it will be pressed.

Stitching design trench coat

Stitching is the focus of this year’s fashion. Whether it’s a splicing of hot plaids or a splicing of light-weight yarn fabrics, it will be refreshing and can be a fashion focus without spending too much thought.

Soft fabric trench coat

The classic traditional windbreaker fabric is mostly twill cotton, which is stiff and heavy. This year, the soft fabric is more popular. It is visually smoother and more elegant. It walks like a skirt, gentle and romantic.

The new way to wear a knit cardigan makes you beautiful!

The moderately thick knit cardigan is just the need of every girl in this season. It can be worn as a jacket, or it can be used as a base, and it can also block the cold in early spring, not only keep warm, but also have great affinity. Knitted shirts have a lot of pieces, Don’t know how to wear them? In fact, every knitted cardigan that is pressed by the bottom of your box is an angel with wings. If you wear it well, you can still shine.

Stacked + blazer

If you are used to wearing a suit with a shirt or a pullover sweater, try changing a knit cardigan! It will greatly weaken the serious face of the suit and bring fashion to your workplace. The girls in the north, if the weather is too cold, you can put a high-necked bottoming shirt in the sweater. The effect of three overlapping wears is more visually rich and it is easy to display the matching skills.

Knitwear + fairy dress

The tuxedo and chiffon-like fairy dresses should be put on , remember to put on the boots and keep warm . At the same time, it is recommended to choose a medium-length sweater to wear and tie. A belt will make you look more confident .

Knitwear + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is exquisite in craftsmanship, and the effect of wearing the upper body is more exquisite and durable. With a V-neck classic color cardigan, it is extremely elegant and feminine. It is very suitable for wearing out dating and shopping with girlfriends.

Knitwear + cropped trousers / flared pants

Just pull out an ordinary cardigan from the bottom of the cabinet. Just like this year’s popular cropped trousers or flared pants, the fashion sense can be brought back to life. If you give the cardigan a simple high-necked shirt, it will be more layered. The visual effect will be more abundant, and the fashion sense will simply increase the octave.


This year’s knitwear, in addition to the classic solid color system, it is recommended to start a fashion pattern, bright floral knit cardigan. At the same time, the patterns of natural ethnic style are also highly recommended! Try it now!

Paris Fashion week: classic patterns return to New Trends in 2019

With the successful conclusion of Paris Fashion week, the first fashion event of 2019-the Big four Fashion week-came to an end. Fashion week has come to an end, but this year’s fashion battle is just beginning. In the romantic Paris of France, the fashionable people use the unique practical temperament to interpret the latest trend of the year. What is the operation ?!

Classical lattice

When it comes to the highest-profile prints at Fashion week, there will be a spot in the pattern. In 2017, the popular classic pattern was back in the center, and back in 9102, it became the favorite of designers. Practical but not out of fashion, said the classic pattern is the most enduring fashion elements on the runway can not be overdone.

Louis Vuitton (pictured above) has always been the focus of attention at Fashion week, when they moved the show to the artistic Louvre, where we saw all kinds of pattern elements in 40 sets of costumes, except for traditional patterns. There is also a very creative pattern of patterns-Checker pattern.

On the show, Chanel CHANEL has always been an elusive presence-Spring and Summer Fashion week has moved the beach to the runway, but in autumn and winter it has once again taken the forest to Paris. White, beige, black as the main tone, supplemented by grid printing, showing the pure and elegant winter.

The Parisian Balenciaga red pattern is also a stylish, irresistible runway fashion.

MASHAMA, a young brand, continues its obsession with multiple tailoring, asymmetrical tailoring and deconstruction, re-stitching of needle-and-shuttle fabrics, and the design of patterns that together shape modern women’s independence.

Women’s dresses trends in 2019 spring and summer,those who are late, elegant, stylish people can not miss!

Dress is an indispensable item for the Goddess. Today, the retro style has never been so popular. Under the influence of the retro fashion, the silhouette of the dress is also closed to the elegant, delicate and independent feeling. Typical court bud sleeves, elegant square collars, fluffy skirts, and cascading cake skirts are the focus of 19 spring and summer clothing design. Let us take the modern society’s unique aesthetic angle of view, walk into the 50-60’s, experience for a long time the retro-ancient customs and customs bar!

【Elegant understanding of V-collar】

V inverted triangle design, position in the most appropriate depth, not excessive exaggeration, slightly sexy, more delicate, intellectual, elegant and charming.

【Vintage Square Neck】

Square collar design, compared with V-collar, more bone sense, collar line smooth, so that the beauty of collarbone more vivid display.

【Ultra-fine shoulder strap hanging dress】

This extremely thin shoulder strap and light chiffon combine to create the light touch and the sense of fracture, showing the tenacity and lightness of the girl’s feelings.

【Oversized lapel】

The ultra-neckline design can well cover the shoulder, creating a full visual sense of the shoulders for a slightly narrower girl on the shoulder.

【Girdle dress】

Ring-collar design, add hollowed embroidery decoration, lotus leaf folding, bow tie outline, decorative pleated design on the front collar, create a delicate and beautiful shoulder sense.

【Flower bract sleeve】

The design of flower bud cuffs, whether with square collar, small button shirt collar, or intellectual beauty V-collar, or small collar, brings a strong sense of retro. With gauze fabric, the feeling of fresh summer is created all the time.

【Exaggerated lantern sleeve】

Different from the previous design of lantern sleeves, 19 spring and summer lantern sleeve design more exaggerated and large. More like the shape of the flower, with a small piece of Yukov decoration design, will become the new focus of desig.

【Bundle waist high waist line】

High waist design, mostly using yarn fabric, flexible cable laying technology and arc design, can well hide a little extra weight on the stomach.

【Gauze-type Tiered Skirt】

Tiered skirt in soft yarn fabric, v slightly penetrating yarn design, cascade lotus leaf edge, a good display of women’s sweet and sexy.

The most fashionable trench coat in the spring has already started, what about the inner lap?

In the warm and cold season, wearing a coat slightly grand ,it is time to go to the windbreaker season twice a year. The Loose silhouette with wardrobe to keep warm and not bloated,It is replaced with thin clothes, and the mood is immediately clear.

Originated in military uniform, the windbreaker, which was moved to the fashion extension stand, retained the orthodox military line and used hard, textured khaki fabrics. Dress up to have a natural capable “big woman” image, add momentum, clothing bottom to push the overall style to the young street.

Pure color windbreaker & hoodie

Generally speaking of windbreaker, the first thought is the classic beige windbreaker, the classic configuration is deeply popular. Straight plate type easy to look some positive, irregular lower pendulum will break the edge, the same color yellow clothing and satchel bag belt cleverly eliminate this feeling.

In contrast, the lenient oversized effect has been more popular in fashion for the past two years. Walking down the road looks like a Kraft bag, and it can also be elegant.

“do not wear” coat, one side of the clothing to reduce the weight of fully armed and tidy, plus hyperbole ring earrings and handbags are the appearance of fashion week.

A clean white hooded shirt with jeans and small white shoes is also a good choice. The windbreaker can choose a more classic neutral color system. Like this windbreaker of MIGNONNEUF, especially on Wconcept, the collar is large and the goose yellow is very good for skin color.

Black lacquer leather is more dramatic decorative effect, with simple clothing and straight jeans can also be very outstanding, and then in the accessories up and down a bit of kung fu, incarnate “trendy female secret agent.”

Leather texture advanced, a delicate soft luster, a little to worry about is a little old-fashioned problem, do not have to wear very “hard”, small white shoes and clothing easy to see instead.

In addition to the more orthodox windbreaker, there are other types of windbreaker that are very popular with young people. A large area of cowboy blue coat and orange vest collide, baseball cap plus hoodie especially the street vivacious.

Close the coat to the lower leg, then the ankle can also make an article, become the highlight of the body, cartoon stockings and trouser foot bristles balance the weight up and down.

Lattice windbreaker

Last year, old cadre suits must be remembered, the craze of this pattern also extended to the windbreaker. Color, although only black and white, but through the contrast of color blocks in the level of play new, metal elements are also rich in the texture.

If you feel that the collar is empty, you can add a scarf to the collar, similar to the previous fake collar. Flip up the sleeve tube to reveal the stitch just to play a decorative role.

As long as there is a color and pattern on the body looks like a whole feeling, colt classmate sword side, picked out yellow pattern windbreaker and color bright yellow health suit, as fresh as lemon bubble, very suitable for spring to wear.

Pink clothing many girls also love to wear, and pattern windbreaker, metal pleated skirt is a romantic girl art.

Trousers with straight tubes have been transformed into “Trendy Girl,” and many of the big-name gloves added to the catwalk look can also be added to the list, a daily fitting accessory.

Track and field pants and waistbags used to be “Tuku” combinations are now well known, athleisure has become a proprietary term to describe sports plus fashion.

Patterned windbreaker

Patchwork or pattern of windbreaker changes freely, style on more yuan. Bright blue short clothes and silver boots plus spliced pieces of windbreaker, very nostalgic in the 1980s, should note that this type of wearing route can only have at most one or two retro items, otherwise it really looks a bit out-of-date.

Embroidery and tassel are very national customs, open to wear chic Rib lining can also unconsciously add points to the shape.

Corresponding to the pattern of the coat, a wearer with patterns or slogans not only visually coordinated, but also delivered directly to other people’s own attitudes and ideas.

Animal pattern of the trend back, light-colored imitation skin snake pattern with a whole body sports clothing to create a wonderful sense of contrast, but also in the color coordination, of course, this kind of wear also belongs to the more difficult to control the high-level advanced version.

The daily choice of this modification of the body shape of the lower clothes can be exposed leg ankle length significantly high and then with pointed kittens and hair shoes to add dexterity.

The suit jacket is on fire, but oversize is even more fire!Learning to wear ,you will be the focus of attention

In recent years, blazers have become one of the representatives of the trend, especially in women’s wear. In addition to the good match, there is no reason to have a kind of momentum. The close-fitting blazer has a formal aesthetic, while the loose blazer have more fashion sense, we take you to see what the blazer has to do! 

 blazer + skinny pants

A loose blazer paired with narrow pants creates the illusion of a wider top and narrower bottom, creating slimmer legs and better lines.Additional, narrow pipe pants often gives a person a kind of intellectual vision to experience, build on greatly jacket of the suit is promotion more imposing manner.

suit coat + wide leg pants

Wide pants have become very popular in recent years. In addition to being comfortable to wear, they are also one of the fashionable representative items. The blazer with wide pants has a kind of woman’s sense of tolerance, whether with a pair of shoes or flat shoes, there is a visual experience that attracts attention.

 suit match

A suit in which the upper body is in agreement with the lower body is more powerful than the other. With the combination of all-body loose pieces, it’s on the top of the tide! It will attract the eyes of the others, and it’s the focus of the eye!

I have several suit jackets, every time put on the feeling is very powerful! In addition to good-looking, but also very good match, whether shoes or heels are perfect! Do you have several suits and jackets? Try these ways!