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The long-awaited white shirt is back, and I have a wide-legged trousers.

In the spring, the long-awaited white shirt came back, and the resistance of white shirt was basically zero. But what is so popular with white shirts that look good?

The long-awaited white shirt is back, and I fall in love with the black wide-leg pants. There is a hint of freshness in the succinct, and the beauty is just right. Put the white shirt into the wide-leg pants, increase the waistline and add a bit of temperament to create an atmosphere. The waist is tied with a small black square bag, and the small waist with a grip of Ying Ying is ready to make people shine. Step on the color of casual shoes, comfortable and age-old, waiting for you to come!

Black and white form a sharp contrast, creating a strong visual impact. Pick white shirt, small dew shoulder wear, very embarrassing. Fall in love with black wide-leg pants, add a touch of foreign flavor, and become an intellectual little woman. A white belt on the waist, showing a small waist and a sense of sight in minutes. Black platform high heels, wearing a tall figure, are you heartbeat?

The long-awaited white shirt is back, showing the charming clavicle and swan neck, which is very beautiful. Put it into the black wide-leg pants, not only lengthen the proportion of the body, but also a little romantic in the neat, the second woman becomes a little woman. Feel free to match the black high-heeled shoes, simple and not ordinary, to create a fashion lady, full of energy.

The long-awaited white shirt is back, fall in love with beige wide-leg pants, with a touch of coolness in the streamlined, to satisfy your girl’s heart. Put a white shirt into the beige wide-leg pants and teach you to wear a golden proportion. Paired with beige ballet shoes, it has a style and pulls the wind to create an elegant ladies’ style, which makes you stand out from the crowd. If you like, the little fairy can pick it up.

If you want to be more picky, then don’t miss this match. The little fairies don’t hurry to see it? Choose a sling-style white shirt that reveals a white shoulder that is eye-catching. Fall in love with the army green wide-leg pants, with a touch of handsome in the beautiful, seconds to become a small woman. Stepping on the blue tie with a small high heel, not only a little higher, have you learned?

The long-awaited white shirt is back, the design of the neckline is wide open, and the fashion is still not reduced, but it adds a touch of sexiness. Choose printed wide-leg pants, put a white shirt into the wide-leg pants, wear a two-meter long leg and look at the sense of the second, become an intellectual little woman. Paired with flat sandals with yellow accents, you can’t hide the summer breeze, let you easily win back, the gas field is full!

The long-awaited white shirt is back, fall in love with wide-leg pants, and become an intellectual little woman!

Spring and summer popular elements in 2019, fashion is reserved for people who are ready for the future!!!

Don’t be surprised, I just read the article about the popular elements of autumn and winter 2018. Soon, how about the popular elements of spring, summer, autumn and winter in 2019, don’t doubt, you must watch it, and fashion is reserved for those who are prepared.

From the recent show, the design elements are arrogant, introverted, very rich, and of course some of the “old friends” that have been seen, fashion is a circle around, the retro craze has not retreated, if you want Be a stylish and ready-up, then take a hard look.

Sequins / matte

I also wanted to write an article about what you should wear a few days ago, but if you think about cooling down a large area, you will finally solve the oxygen in your heart, talk about the sequin elements, have a piece of sequins, and a little Low-key, fine flashing, but it must be eye-catching at the same time.

It is said that fashion is a circle, the return of snowflake glittering sequins that have been left out for a long time, let us smell a strong retro taste, and an elegant and dignified feeling, especially the second piece of this little black dress, I dazzled, I thought Seeing Hepburn, the elegant design feels back to the public eye.

Wild leopard

Europe and the United States really love leopard prints. Every time I see the animal prints, my mood is very complicated. The complex mood is generated because it is really difficult to control. The two look on these two sets are different. The lightweight piece with a fringed skirt and the thick feel of the leopard print, but the second one seems to be a very bloated leopard down jacket.

I think that the leopard print is not a large-scale practical, it is really difficult to wear good looks. Figure 1 This small vest is small and sexy and just right, the skirt is also a good dress, leopard with black most Insurance, don’t try some bright colors, it is easy to step on the thunder.

Neutral color

I have seen this year’s autumn and winter fashion colors and 19 spring and summer fashion colors are more lively, but I still prefer neutral elements, will be low-key, and better control, the first color is soy rice, for brightening Asian yellow skin The effect is quite useful; blue is the color I like very much, this eclipse blue is just low-key and has a texture, it is also very good.

Granite brown is very close to brown but with a little red, it will be old when worn, and the overall choice of smooth fabric will look better; the second is sweet corn, with a smooth texture of cream, is pretty girl One color, soft and light.

Diverse cowboy

Cowboys are also a popular trend. In fact, this is also a very hard feeling. This season has added a lot of designs. Like this butterfly element, the bow element is also a popular element in 19 years. It has been seen many times in the show. But since it appears here, it is not specially proposed. The bow tie and the toughness of the cowboy will have a balanced aesthetic.

But these two sets can understand its artistry, but I can’t convince myself that it looks good. At least I think most people can’t control it. It’s really strange. Sometimes you wonder if you are watching the same show. Look good. If you don’t look good, it’s hard to say a word.

5 early summer flower dresses wear the formula, wear a special style, kill people around you!!!

Summer is coming, the sun is fascinating, and it’s not too fast to get rid of the bondage. Get out of the beautiful dresses and go out shopping! Today, I recommend several different types of skirts for everyone, to ensure that there is a style that suits you, and you can choose from a variety of styles.

LOOK1: French v-neck print dress

The ultra-low-neck design may be too grand for everyday use. Instead, it is suitable for a holiday, full of seaside style. The combination of green and white patterns is very eye-catching and full of energy in the eyes. The design of the cuffs bow reveals a playful feel. The matte material is also very light and breathable, with a certain texture.

These three dresses are different. Packed with hip and leopard prints, it is hot and sexy, creating exquisite curves, gray-green low-neck models, gentle and romantic, revealing exotic and charming styles, blue prints, full of vitality and freshness. Feel free to choose which one to kill others at the party.

LOOK2: Long fishtail dress

Rich and bold color matching, there must be a strong gas field to hold. At first glance, it is like a color palette that has been knocked over, but the more you look at it, the more you can find the harmony of colors. The fishtail design of the hem is just the right way to show the calf line and the back muscles of the calf. The whole set of skirts looks very romantic and unrestrained.

This houndstooth fishtail skirt is different from the romantic one above, and it is more about intellectual elegance. The large gray tone makes the skirt look very high and has a texture. The nine-point skirt is a good way to modify the leg shape and improve the gas field.

LOOK3: Off-the-shoulder dress

The hottest word this year is “right shoulder”. This off-the-shoulder dress can help you with a bare shoulder addiction, and it won’t look frivolous. The unique side opening design perfectly distinguishes other dresses of the same type. The color of Tiffany Blue is unique and energetic, and it is also very skin tone. Black leather girls must not miss it.

The blue stripe design stretches the visual effect and looks like a height of a few centimeters. Light and elegant shirt material, walking along the road like a fairy, the skirt is flying. This skirt has a large range of off-the-shoulders. The less-satisfied girl can cover a small pocket and also create a sense of mix and match.

LOOK4: Solid color dress

Such a French retro style long skirt, with its simple design and elegant draping, can make the overall style look very temperament, plus the upper part of the plasticity, the A-shaped drooping hem is Shows a noble feeling. Put on it, you are the British Princess.

The V-neck design outlines the neck and reveals the collarbone slightly. The design of the fake skirt outside the wide-leg pants of the lower body is a good break for the monotony of solid color, highlighting the sense of big-name design. The high-waisted skirt makes it easy to pull up the waistline and tightens the waistline. The design of the wide-leg pants is very dynamic and looks imposing.

Take a small notebook and write down the jeans, which are full of high-end feeling! For mashups, you don’t have to have a lot of items, but you have to have a sharp fashion sensitivity. Hard jeans and a soft tulle skirt create a strong visual impact. The design of the perspective, slightly protruding the exquisite curve, is very high-level sexy.

Don’t miss this shirt dress for girls who like shirts. The unique knotted design of the neckline is elegant. Long lantern sleeves are also a good helper for sunshades. The waist waist design, I don’t need to say more, wear it all A4 waist. For the thick-legged girl, the length of this skirt is just enough to cover the calf.

LOOK5: knee-length dress

Yellow is a very vibrant color, coupled with a round neck design, very playful. The design of the striped dyeing is simple and clean, and it also reflects the texture of the material. The length of the knee just arrived is just right for most girls, not too sexy or too dull.

With a white dress as the inside, it will not grab the limelight of the jacket, but also create a sexy wind, killing two birds with one stone. The length is also just right to highlight the leg lines. The palace wind embroidered jacket, retro and handsome, really loves to die. Wearing a pair of boxer booties on the feet, it is really attacking and sexy.

Before the summer has come, prepare 5 skirts, enough for a whole season!

The hot summer hasn’t come yet, but the little sisters are taking clothes, whether it’s a cool top or a bottom, they need to be carefully selected. Most women are inseparable from skirts. Spring, summer, autumn and winter can always see the traces of the skirt, and it has a variety of styles, novel design, and also helps in shaping personal temperament. Whether it is charming or energetic, dignified or quiet, different skirts have different interpretation methods. Especially with a more flexible skirt, whether it is a sweater or a T-shirt, a sling or a shirt, can be easily used. So before the summer, you need to prepare these 5 skirts to make you beautiful all season.

1. Body skirt

The body skirts often appear in the dress of the British Princess, mainly to highlight the dignity and elegance of Wang Shuo. This style is still relatively tall, the hips and the width of the hips can not be too exaggerated, otherwise the pear shape will be exposed. The skirt is matched with high heels, and the atmosphere is stable. It not only lengthens the curve of the legs, but also looks like the lower part of the lower body. With a simple tailored shirt or a thin sweater, it shows a mature lady style, especially for women who walk the mature route. The commuter dress can still be glamorous. For the little girl, the length of the skirt is still suitable for the knee, and it is easy to become shorter when the knee is longer.

2.A skirt

The dress skirt is still difficult to control, especially for those who have not enough hips, and the A-line skirt has no such trouble. The outwardly expanding version is not too close to the body to show a curve that is not perfect, and is also obvious in the slimming effect. The lively denim A-line skirt is an essential item for the girl route. It is a versatile one. With a high-waist design, it is absolutely no problem to wear long legs. This kind of skirt does not have a big limit on the height. The matching white shoes are full of vitality, and the matching of high heels can also show an elegant femininity.

3. Slit skirt

Some little sisters will feel that their legs are very thick, and wearing A-line skirts will expose the shortcomings, so opening skirts are a good choice for them. The triangular area of the opening can cover part of the flesh of the leg, and the meat can be thinned. The looming feeling in the action makes this dress add sexy, but not too vulgar. The opening of the straight skirt reduces the original sense of solemnity, and also makes the printed skirt more design and fashion sense. Put on the open skirt in the summer, cool, fashionable and slim, even if the legs are rough, you can control it. Do you really want to start one?

4. Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts can be said to be a single item, but now the pleated skirt has been freed from the simple academic style, widely used in a rich mix. The suits and pleated skirts are slim and dignified, full of gas, and seem calm and calm. The metallic pleated skirt is more inclined to be maverick, whether it is a leather jacket or a sports jacket, it looks handsome and beautiful. The sensation of the pleated skirt is one of its advantages. The flow of the lines in action is very dynamic, and it can cover the slender legs, revealing the delicate ankles and being thinner, which is very suitable for this summer.

5. Satin skirt

Satin fabric is one of the fashion trends of this year’s fire, and satin skirts are often seen in the fashion bloggers. The silky touch makes the summer no longer sticky, light and shiny fabric, looks very soft and textured. During the walking process, the refracting luster can set off the temperament, sexy and feminine, making it difficult to take off. However, the material of the satin skirt is too docile. As a skirt, you should pay attention not to have a small belly, otherwise it will be easy to expose and destroy the overall beauty. This half skirt with shirt and T-shirt can reduce the sense of maturity, wearing a girlish atmosphere is not difficult, take a suit and replace it with a strong woman’s gas field, plasticity is super strong.

Spring, a satin, no one can compare with your fashion!

We are always attracted by the sparkling satin material, feeling that it has its own luxury essence, but it is afraid of the mature grace behind it. So how to wear it, we can control this balance. Can make lazy and extravagant for me, and can break the maturity and wealth and become advanced.

First of all, we can first practice from small pieces, such as slings inside, set sexy and lazy, with temperament windbreaker and jeans, the standard casual French style.

Or use the harmonious classic of the striped shirt to balance the high-profile of the champagne shorts, so that the metallic color adds luxury and exquisiteness to the whole.

Large-scale satin suits, although very luxurious, are best balanced with a lighter, lighter, lighter color.

For example, the high-grade gray-tone satin strap dress, with a black T-shirt, is a daily match, but shallow and noble.

Colorful red satin skirt is full of sentimentality, so it is better to wear it, against the black sexy inside, strong contrast atmosphere is very modern.

The denim skirt looks nice and comfortable in this way!

In the hot weather of summer, the skirt is of course essential, and the cool denim skirt can make you more fashionable throughout the summer.

Shirt + denim skirt…. In this year’s stack of popular style, denim skirt and shirt blend just right, because the shirt hem is more than a half skirt length, so the fashion sense can be fully displayed.

Tee+ denim skirt… Presumably this has been tried with a lot of girls, a basic solid color denim skirt and solid white t, you can simply show the elegance.

Off-the-shoulder top + denim skirt… Fresh and cool word collar, and the combination of the split denim skirt, can have a good double sexy.

Denim tops + denim skirts… This set of colors is relatively versatile, with a sleek and glamorous style, and the skirt does not have the beauty of long legs.

Dress + sneakers, so wear a feminine perfect!

The most beautiful scenery in the summer, the beauty that is not wearing a skirt and walking on the street is not a must-have for girls dresses and sneakers in the summer. He can make you beautiful and simple.

Sneakers. Printed dresses……. For a lot of fairy print dresses, how can you pass this summer, the sweet and appropriate benefits of sneakers and dress prints, make your overall look more textured.

Sports shoes. Shirt skirts… Shirt skirts are one of the representatives of simple style. In combination with sports shoes, not only can you show refreshing temperament, but you can also have a simple and simple style, and you can look at your clothes. Product understanding.

Sneakers. Slings… On the street or in various occasions, the sling dress that can show femininity will become the target of choice. He can make you become the focus of everyone’s attention. In the summer, mix with a pair of sneakers. . More charm, there will be a temperament of a woman who just woke up.

Sneakers. Lace skirt… Elegant and intellectual beauty is synonymous with lace skirt. When it comes to lace skirt, it will be the beauty of it and high heels. If it is matched with a pair of sneakers, it is not the opposite. Noble, a bit more playful, compared to his and sports shoes are more suitable for the hot summer.

Fashionable women look at the top ten elements that will burst red in spring and summer of 2019!

As the weather gets warmer, your wardrobe is also ready to change seasons! Looking at the fashion week wearers in New York, Paris, Milan and London, we have compiled the top ten trends of spring and summer of 2019. If you plan to buy new clothes recently, or buy the next season spring clothes, then these kinds of spring this year. Explosive money must be taken!

From color to single product, 2019 spring and summer will be a hot element:

1. Fluorescent color

Fluorescent color is no longer an unmanageable color, but it is also the favorite of many stars and hipsters. However, in the spring and summer of 2019, it will still be a single item of fire! Let’s not say that many big shows use fluorescent colors. The point is that this color can make your skin tone look brighter and more white. As a hipster, of course, you must come in the closet!

2. Bow

The favorite bow of girls is the key to this year’s big trend! A variety of bows on the clothes, dotted with eye-catching colors, more clothing styles with design sense, brands like Valentino, Erdem and other boutiques have a lot. The huge bows are decorated on the dress, behind the back or between the waist and the shoulders, all creating different levels of sweetness.

3. Complete suit

In the Celine, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen show, women wear a tailored, elegant and elegant suit, sexy and handsome fashion style, perfect to show the personality traits of urban women, this spring and summer must buy a set!

4. Calendula yellow

The color of this spring and summer is the calendula yellow! This sun-filled and vibrant color can be seen on Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, and Brandon Maxwell. It is also a super-white color. How to wear it!

5. Tie dyeing

If you usually don’t like to wear colorful or bright colors, then this spring and summer is definitely a new start for you to try. In addition to the fluorescent colors and yellow that we introduced before, the colorful tie-dye is also popular this year. You must try it out if you look more delicate, bright, and have a design tie.

6. Hook knit

Following the 70s-style tie-dye, this year’s spring-summer crocheted knit items will also be a hit, as seen on the big shows of Oscar de la Renta, Victoria Beckham and JW Anderson.

7. Ranch wind dress

This ranch-style dress with prints and ruffles is definitely the trend of spring and summer this year! In addition to the woman’s girl’s heart, there is also a natural casual dress style.

8. Cycling pants

Didn’t think of it! You will definitely see a lot of lap shorts and cycling pants in the spring and summer of this year. You can see them on the big show of Chanel, Stella McCartney and Fendi, and the design becomes bolder and more varied.

9. Fisherman’s Hat

One of the popular accessories of this year is the fisherman hat, which is really worth a lot of time, because this single item can not only make your face look smaller, but also protect you from sun protection! On the Louis Vuitton and Anna Sui big shows, you can see a variety of fisherman hats with patterns and colors.

10. Tassel

Whether it’s leather tassels, knit tassels, satin tassels or sequined tassels, you can see them on Longchamp, Tom Ford and Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2019 show. People who don’t have tassels yet, it’s time to buy one.

In the summer, do you want to wear a skirt? Choose these ones the most beautiful!

Summer wants to be beautiful and comfortable? The skirt must be indispensable!

Simple and generous shirt skirts are loved to wear, blue striped shirt skirts are classic and fashionable, loose styles with a slightly split design, slightly fat girls wear can hide meat, slim girls can wear French lazy Style!

The irregularly designed skirt gives a bright feeling to the eyes. The special tailoring makes the skirt more interesting. Even with simple shoes, it is very interesting!

Elegant and glamorous off-shoulder printed maxi dress with retro loafers, elegant and refined, and great time!

The perspective skirts of different fabrics are full of playfulness, and the small area of the skin adds a sense of layering and is more advanced.

The retro palace style puff sleeves are very popular this year. The addition of brown leather lines makes the skirt more design, with shaped and bow shoes, it looks playful and eye-catching!

The black polka-dot skirt is more elegant and slimmer, and has a higher wearability. With a pointed polka-dot cat and shoes, it exudes feminine femininity!

The white ruffled skirt has a fresh and calm temperament, with blue silk scarves and exquisite makeup. It has a French style, like a retro elegant princess!

Newly discovered 5 sets of “French Light Luxury” women’s wear, which elegant and feminine!

Elegance is a kind of self-confidence and calmness. It is the embodiment of wisdom and rich connotation. French elegance advocates simple, exquisite, casual but not casual wear style, and each corner releases elegant and romantic style!

1,Lantern Sleeve Top + High Waist Lace Half Skirt Set

Bean sand green is a low-saturation color, fresh and elegant, especially suitable for the spring and summer atmosphere. If you want to wear a woman’s sexy taste, this off-the-shoulder design is just right, the shoulders are stitched with ruffles, sweet but not greasy. Elegant and elegant, the lantern sleeves bring out the retro noble temperament, high waist openwork lace bag hip skirt, elongated leg lines, micro-transparent skin, exquisite and charming.

2,high waist wide leg flare pants suit

Lace is a symbol of femininity. The oatmeal color is particularly foreign, and it is very close to the skin color. The color is soft and the atmosphere is high. The combination of a fashionable woman and a high-rise wide-legged trousers is a high-profile body. The second choice, the upper body seconds become 1 meter 8, adding the goddess and the charm, the flared pants are handsome and capable, highlighting the urban women’s modern fashion.

3, floral falbala dress

The smoky blue floral skirt exudes a noble and elegant ladylike style, light and graceful lotus leaf, spread on the edge of the V-neck, sweet and smart, romantic and sexy, the fishtail skirt is double-layered with ruffled edges. Before the short and long, there is a design and careful machine. The elegant femininity is exuded in the gestures. When you attend a dance, a party or an important occasion, you can earn a good return rate!

4,temperament ladies two-piece

Black and white, even so eye-catching, slim tailoring to create a slim and tall figure, sleeveless design allows you to feel the cool summer, collar mesh stitching sexy and charming, exudes a feminine taste, waist is not The regular ruffles pour down, the lines are smooth, and the long legs and graceful figure are displayed. The fashionable and modern ladies are petty bourgeoisie and have to love!

5,polka dot mesh long dress

Every girl has a special liking for pink. The cherry blossom powder of the woman’s special favorite occupies the eyes of everyone. The light and transparent pink mesh reveals a wonderful beauty, and the wavelet point adds a playful feeling of ageing. The bow tie is sweet and bursting, the brace of lace is more elegant and feminine, romantic and luxurious, gorgeous and noble, dating commute without losing the lady’s atmosphere, the model of elegant woman.