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Matching the 50 matching skills of the division, it is no longer difficult to wear!

Why are you the same height and weight, do you look fatter than others, and no one else looks good? The reason is very simple. In fact, you don’t know how to dress and match.

Today, let’s share 50 simple and practical dressing skills for you to collect!

1. look at the stars, Daren, street beat, you can know a simple truth, black is really very thin!

2.want to grow the calf, must wear shallow shoes.

3. wear clothes to get rid of the bloated feeling, you must wear a belt.

4. micro-pull pants with high-heeled shoes, easy to wear long legs.

5.the upper body fat people, wear more large collar clothes.

6.wearing wide-leg pants is short, then expose your ankles.

7. over the knee boots is a good artifact to modify a variety of imperfect leg types.

8. a large scarf can cover your double chin, will show a small face.

9.the coat is open to wear, it will be even thinner.

10.the more the position of the clothes print, the more you can show the height.

11. in the same color, consistent, will be even thinner.

12.if you have a shoulder width, you can set a collar, you can narrow your shoulders.

13. when the white top is fat, the back pack can be thin.

14. no time to wash your hair, wear a wide-brimmed hat, showing a small face, but also bring a lazy feeling.

15.waist thick can wear A-line hem design clothes, will show waist.

16.The effect of using boots as a leggings can not only modify the curved leg shape, but also keep warm. silk or stockings and handsome military boots or Martin boots are the best match, can reduce wind and dust.

18.flat-breasted sister wearing a knit small collar shirt, you can instantly raise a cup.

19. The smaller the bag size, the higher the height.

20.when the weather is cold, do not want to expose your feet, but want to be fashionable, you can take socks.

21.the sharper the toe can be higher, you can extend the leg line.

22.a word collar can highlight the sexy shoulders, making you look more feminine.

23. wearing a dark color clothes, choose a bright color bag.

24. in a variety of wearing parts, there is a touch of red, the photo will be more on the mirror, especially in the spring.

25. silk scarf can replace the role of the necklace, it can make the basic model is not simple.

26. wearing pants in the skirt, both warm and have a special feeling.

27. T-shirt with a high-necked base, mix and match well, will be very layered.

28.yellow skin people wearing yellow, will be more white.

29. the short neck is best for the V-neck, can effectively lengthen the length of the neck, but also face small.

30. long necklace can neutralize the shoulder width, is also the key to modify the body shape.

31. up and down with different colors, can be higher.

32. long earrings can show a small face. and pants with the same color, more leg length.

34.thick heel shoes are smooth and easy to wear, and fashionable.

35. fairy skirt with cool jacket, neutral temperament.

36.white top is like a reflector, can be white.

37. As long as there is a long sleeve inside, conservative girls can also wear a low-cut dress.

38. H straight-type coat can stretch the upper body longitudinally, cover the stomach, will not show waist thick.

39. all the shirts are stuffed into the waist, will show the dead board, the plug will be lazy, playful.

40.Pull the collar of the shirt back, and the daily clothes can be transformed with one button, and it is easy to attend the party.

41. bulky platform shoes, will only make the little girl more short.

42. The high-waist A-line skirt is an artifact that changes the proportion of the body. The waist is thin, the legs are long, and the height is tall.

43. Shoulder width should avoid wearing puff sleeves.

44. pear shape must adhere to the principle of tight dressing.

45. Apple-type body must adhere to the principle of tight clothes.

46.the missing clothes dressing method, will be more leg length.

47.Short tops with high-waist pants can stretch the legs and visually increase by 10cm.

48. Morandi color will appear more high-quality clothes.

49.tight body with wide-leg pants, you can easily create a small waist.

50. When you feel that the costume is not enough, a beautiful hat or a small bag can be solved.

Please throw away these 3 skirts! Because it is too ugly!

First, the printing is too large and too dense

Oversized and dense print design, with bright contrast color, although with a strong exotic flavor, but it is really picky to wear, black and yellow skin first retreat.

Especially after a large-scale exhibition, such as long skirts and shackles, long-sleeved skirts that are tightly wrapped, it seems that you are going to be swallowed up by these prints, and you will become a village in minutes.

Coping style 1: printed skirt + basic section

If you want to easily control exaggerated prints, it is best to wear a simple T-shirt and shirt.

This reduces the area of the print, which will neutralize some of the impact, and also highlight the focus of the dress.

Coping style 2: small print dress

The smaller the print, the more the base color is exposed, which is equivalent to reducing the printing area in disguise.

The overall look will be more coordinated, and the error rate will be lower.

Second, no waist, tight package

This type of skirt upper body, even if you have two meters long legs, will be buried immediately

Especially for small people, or a little girl who is a little fat, high and thin is the top priority of dressing, and can not easily give up the slim waistline.

Some girls like to wear oversize, completely loose tops. If you put a skirt underneath, it is a “legs and seconds” horror story.

Coping style 1: manual belt, straight version of the skirt with a belt, you can easily create an S-type

If you use a skirt to make it inside, fear that the jacket is too long to drag and drop, lower the height, add a belt, not only can outline the curve, the layering of the wear will be stronger, the fashion up up

Coping style 2: Improve the skin level, if you like the relaxed casual dress style, don’t want to tie your tight waist, just improve your skin tone, bare shoulders or bare legs

Third, more DRAMA elements

If a skirt seems to have all the eye-catching elements, “lace, floral, satin, leather…” then don’t try it.

The more materials you use, the greater the chance of error. Even the supermodel KK can’t be spared.

The greedy lack of snakes swallows the image, the stacking of too many elements, the real upper body will appear dragged and cumbersome, losing the beauty that the skirt should have, while the actual wear is not high

Coping style: material uniformity

The easiest way to control an element is to look at this skirt. Is the overall material uniform?

Such a full-length yarn system, a solid color, to maintain a focus, while also taking into account the sense of design, is it looks a lot of pleasing to the eye

How does a 50-year-old woman dress? Teach you a few tricks, stylish and decent!

  • 50-year-old women dressing, there are three important points: one is comfortable, one is textured, and one point is quite important for yourself.

Nowadays, there are many popular fashion trends. Everyone naturally thinks that it is only suitable for young girls to wear. When they are old, they will look a little tender, but in fact, 50-year-old women just need to match well, and they are fashionable and young.

The following sets of wear, I think are more suitable for women of this age, wearing a single item may wish to draw lessons.

1. long shirt + pants + flat shoes

Many women are old and complain that they are out of shape, or because of age, the fat in the waist and abdomen will increase, resulting in a lack of confidence in their body and what they can not wear.

But in fact, to wear clothes to learn to “cover”, long shirts are very suitable for the mother to wear the style, not only can hide the defects of the body, but also very texture. Solid color, striped, checkered shirt skirt are very good, with pants and flat shoes, comfortable and friendly, natural and casual.

In summer, you can choose a thin cotton material, and the pants can also be made of thin denim or modal.

The color is recommended to be blue, more refreshing, cool, almost no skin color, and a good combination with a variety of accessories.

2. shirt + wide leg pants + small high heel

Wide-leg pants are also very suitable for the mother to wear, and the degree of fat to the lower body is very good.

Refreshing sky blue wide-leg pants, with a white shirt top, a little bit of high heels is very good, is a very temperamental body. Accessories can also be added as appropriate, such as bright bags, pearl earrings, coin necklaces, etc., 50 years old also want to be a refined woman.

The plaid wide-leg trousers are very natural, and the most versatile is of course a white shirt. In the early summer and evening, you can also prepare a beige cardigan. In the double-necked flat shoes or small high-heeled shoes, it is very intellectual and elegant.

  • 50-year-old working women can also choose this combination of black wide leg + white top + white suit, two meters in the gas field!

3 .tops + skirt + cardigan

Compared to the dress, in fact, this age is more suitable for trying the mix of skirts, more combinations of changes, and easy to wear a young feeling.

Like this shirt + pleated skirt, don’t be afraid to control it. As long as the color system is one, the overall feeling will be very strong.

Good at using thin cardigans, while covering the meat, but also sunscreen, can also be used as a single item with a layered appearance, the length can be below the buttocks, the slimming skill is stronger.

Even high-profile elements such as leopard prints are not impossible to try, but it is best to choose a simple light or dark solid color. Very youthful.

Like the picture above, although the dark one is thin, but the skin color is not white enough, don’t try it for a while, it is easy to appear dull skin.

Simple and easy to match, in the ten workplaces, it is never difficult to wear in the workplace.

Share our workplace around the principles of simplicity and beauty.

Principle 1: Basic classic elements are essential, beauty lawyer Ai Mo is the best example, black and white two-color and shirt and pipe pants, complete workplace elite female image.

Principle 2: Wide-leg pants are powerful helpers in the gas field. Even if it is a loose model, the wide-legged pants should be a must-have for women in the workplace, so that you have the atmosphere of walking and wind.

Principle 3, the combination of the cylinder skirt and the shirt is an elegant representative. The rounded lines of the hip skirt and the soft texture of the shirt make the women’s natural elegance fully display, which is an element of wearing in the workplace.

Principle 4: The dress is worry-free and beautiful. Like Kate’s Princess, a simple dress can create a feminine look, and the match is nothing to worry about. It is definitely a time-saving tool for office workers.

Principle 5: Don’t underestimate the charm of the suit. Don’t think that the suit suit is a symbol of old-fashionedness. Many literary fans and fashionistas’ hood suits will make your workplace look neat and holistic.

Principle 6: Don’t neglect the power of the jacket. From the silhouette suit jacket or the elegant windbreaker, you can add a fashionable feeling to your ordinary items. Many times we need a jacket, the style may be simple, but it becomes a whole. A single item with a bright look.

Principle 7: Elegant color and simple collocation add extra points for affinity. The dressing rules in the workplace do not need to be out of position, or exaggerate, in order to be simple and generous, with elegant colors, you can become a very friendly workplace. female.

Principle 8: The mashup not only brings fun but also saves the purse and silver. Occasionally look at your wardrobe, a lot of old styles that seem to have been lost, maybe you can find fun in the collocation point you have never tried, and build your own personal style.

How to choose the most in-flower dress this summer?

Smudged suspender dress

The art of tie-dye is definitely a popular trend this year and next year. The smudge is a kind of tie-dye. The faint smudge print is like the watercolor effect. The fei-like natural structure and splicing structure can not only increase the level but also Combined with printing, fei often has a three-dimensional effect.

Small floral dress

This kind of small floral is not a pastoral style, boho, she is with a touch of French romanticism, and elegant temperament in the sexy, this multi-feeling blessing clothes is the most difficult to obsolete of.

Two-piece set

The two-piece sling skirt is also a popular combination this year. With the abstract beige print, it is a good choice for the short skirt. It is also a good choice!

Polka dot dress

The wave point element fashion classic is never out of date, 19 years is no exception, a red bottom wave point dress, let you go where is the focus of fashion.

Striped colorblock dress

The classic stripe elements form a simple design point under the impact of color. The bold contrast and rich colors bring a new visual experience and play a very good decorative role. Therefore, it is the most popular in 19 years. Flower skirt, color matching skirt you have to have one.

It’s popular this summer to wear “Little Little”

I have always said that big and big, I believe that some do not like the big mushroom cool is also very distressed. (Nothing is a small series today to comfort your young mind~) Small does not mean that the role is small, small does not mean no focus, small is exquisite, romantic, is sentimental, small can also be very practical. It’s fashionable enough to wear a little bit this summer.

Smaller print

In the spring and summer of 17th, the printing elements are big fires, which are easy to be compared to large prints. The small prints are more refined, romantic and full of mood.

Bright little printed half skirt with black silk shirt, contrasting colors, temperament and femininity~

Red deep V lace with floral skirt, this casual slut is a kind of effortless sexy~

If you like to wear a long skirt, you can try the black floral dress, put your hair down, and apply a big red lipstick, which is very charming.

There is also a dot-printed maxi dress that is also very popular. Small circle, wearing a very gentle lady,

Bags are small and fashionable

In recent years, the fashion bags have become smaller, and the fashionistas have long explained that “the package should be as small as possible.”

The earthy Polo shirt “turns over”, encounters a skirt with a different style, and the atmosphere is refreshing.

In the sweltering summer, Xiao Bian believes that most of the little fairies have a common pursuit: that is how to wear it when it is cool! Want to cool a summer, the skirt is undoubtedly the center, sweet and salty. When it comes to the Polo shirt that was once spit, the earthy Polo shirt “turns over” and encounters a skirt with a different style, and the atmosphere is refreshing.

Summer weight loss career can not be delayed, it is better to try the black tie, slimming more than a little bit! Pick black Polo shirt, encounter a different style of silver-gray pleated skirt, the atmosphere is refreshing, quietly wearing a gentle lady. Put the Polo shirt into the pleated skirt and create a high waistline in minutes, which is very embarrassing. With silver high-heeled sandals on the feet, it shows a tall figure, is your heart moving?

Summer is the season of love, how can you reduce the girl powder? Peach pink earthy Polo shirt “big turn”, casually plunged into the black short skirt, to meet your girl’s heart, with a touch of temperament, the atmosphere is refreshing. Slippers with bows are even more icing on the cake, with style and wind, and full vitality.

The stripe element is enduring, and the visually thin effect is not normal, making people shine. Get black and white striped Polo shirt, encounter a different style of white denim skirt, with a little fresh and refreshing in the succinct, to create a retro vitality, and the atmosphere is refreshing. The irregular cut of the white denim skirt, the fashion is still not reduced, but it adds a little sexy. Stepping on the red and white striped high-heeled sandals on the feet, echoing the Polo shirt, the beauty is outstanding, have you learned?

The white earthen Polo shirt “big turn”, encountering a different style of printed umbrella skirt, a sense of elegance, the beauty is just right. Put a white Polo shirt into the print skirt, increase the waistline and add a touch of knowledge, create a fashion lady, let you stand out in the crowd.

The plaid elements are timeless and are favored by fashion. Mint green plaid earthen Polo shirt “big turn”, touched black and white plaid skirt, can not hide the elegance, the atmosphere is refreshing. The presence of lemon yellow high-heeled shoes, eye-catching and eye-catching, is not only a little bit higher, let you become an 18-year-old girl, and the rate of returning is soaring!

Summer is afraid of heat and afraid of being tanned? Refreshing white trousers, good to wear and look good

People are really a very contradictory high-level animal, no matter what the matter, there will be contradictory tangled plots. Even if it is a daily wear, it is especially prominent in the summer.

For example, summer is very hot, I want to dress it fresh, but I am afraid of tanning, so I dare not wear it too much. It is really troublesome. Then, the refreshing white trousers to save you, the high-level and self-contained refreshing, good to wear and look good, only the people who pass through will feel its charm, do you want to experience it?

Although black is very hot, it depends on what kind of black item you choose. This black sleeveless item will make you feel full and refreshed.

And the lower part of the body is a white trousers with a split design. It is easy to wear and look good. The feet are no longer sultry white shoes, but brown sandals, the cool feeling is more easily doubled.

If you are tired of wearing blue and white, then change to this green short sleeve, there is a personalized bow tie at the cuffs, and it seems to be very interesting when you age.

Summer is afraid of heat and afraid of being tanned? The wide-leg version of the white pants, the effect of slimming the skin is also very first class. If you still feel that the shape is monotonous, the striped semicircle will not let you down.

Short sleeveless top with high waisted white pants.

This kind of shape, I feel that a small person will like it more, because this body shape can easily create a high waist line, showing that both the waist and the waist are both visual sense. Are you a small man, still not tempted?

The sultry summer is really hard to describe. If you want to harvest a large piece of “freshness”, then you can consider the sling piece, comfortable and charming.

The printed sling tops are paired with crisp white trousers, and the whole body is succinct and simple. It doesn’t look boring and monotonous. Then it will add points to your clothes!

Compared with the shirts of the basic models, it seems more feminine, and with the loose version of the white wide-leg pants, this summer, you are not afraid of sultry, easy to embrace cool, good to wear and look good.

For office workers, do you have the courage to try this kind of abstinence?

Summer is afraid of heat and afraid of being tanned? Light-colored shirts with white trousers will make you fascinated by a large group of people in minutes. If you like, don’t wait, you can try a variety of styles, and will bring you some new inspiration for wearing.

The most concise and clear wearing is no more than this high-grade color, simple but not simple, and the white system is easy to wear confidence.

So you only need to pick a pair of flat shoes, you can put it on the waves, look good and advanced ~

The crisp white pants also have a split design.

However, it is recommended that the little fairy change her shirt. After all, it seems that it is not very suitable for summer wear. Choosing a shirt or a T-shirt is a good eye-catching.

Summer is afraid of heat and afraid of being tanned? Refreshing white trousers, good to wear and look good!

Knitted items are insulated from summer? That is you forgot this vest

This is not, Bella wears a Chanel striped knit vest, V-neck and sleeveless design is more cool, under the denim wide-leg pants, is her favorite American casual style.

The soft knit material is quite comfortable even if it is worn alone, and the style of the sling is more bold; whether it is matched with pants or dresses, it can easily create the most summer look.

The black knit vest is decorated with flowers, and the bright color skirt is slightly exposed.

Romantic French style is coming! The goddess must wear the elegant elegance, the high level that can be seen!

I believe that the beauty of the sister must be familiar with the different styles of wear, then you must not miss the romantic French style this summer. Absolutely wearing a beautiful, straight male looked at the legs, can be described as a date must be ~

Different from other casual styles, French style singles can also be seen in a single burst, stylish and versatile, allowing you to switch between Little Fairy and Cool Girl, you can show off your style without complicated matching.

Slim shirt

A shape-fit top fits your body shape, and the back and clavicle are perfectly presented. The design-inspired top is more popular with the hipsters. Long sleeves or slings can bring Surprise. The choice of thin black is also friendly to the little fat girl.

The short slim suit is more suitable for a girl with a small waist or a vest line, and then with a skirt or hot pants, is not afraid of the show? Romantic French style is all possible, and the off-shoulder and navel styles can be your dish!

If you don’t want to be too high-profile, then you can choose to wear a slimming shirt with bright details, such as a fluffy shirt or a short T with irregular hem, with a short skirt and a feminine look. It’s hard to think about it!

The romantic French style is also very suitable for wearing with family and friends. The sweet floral elements are a very Nice choice, wearing a floral smock and matching jeans with a concave shape. One second incarnation is small and fresh, standing in the sun, long hair fluttering you is the most moving scenery.

Romantic dress

The romantic French dress is really beautiful, and the first one is the classic tea break dress. The unique waist and the deep V style are very popular. Whether it is pure color or color, it can make people shine. . The suspender dress is also very suitable for summer, how to wear it, it’s right.

The pleated square-neck strap dress is slim and succulent, especially for the A-line skirt. The girl who likes to wear a skirt can’t miss it. The waist style can set off your waist shape, and the wide and contoured skirt can hide all the elephant legs. Whoever wears it!

Who said that pure white skirts are not brilliant? That must be because you are not wearing the right one. Full of French-style fluffy sleeves V-neck white dress, one can get everything, the button waist design is unique, unlike the ordinary shirt skirt, it is not easy to hit the shirt, is not very good!

French trousers

Speaking of trousers, I believe that everyone has their own set, and the French trousers combined with French singles are your summer sun protection leggings! Small black pants, the cowboy is almost a hand, as long as the match is good, it is so simple to make a good return rate.

Not limited to a single item, the romantic French style is also very inclusive, and the often worn items can also help you shape easily. Handsome overalls, elegant and elegant suit jacket, as long as you cleverly match, mix and match can also make you a new height.

Lightweight shirts or Polo collar T-shirts and jeans can also spark a romantic spark. I believe that this kind of match is very handy for you. It can be said that the romantic French style is “no dew,” with some caution. It’s really a good thing to wear.

On a romantic summer day, wearing a beautiful French style to wear a street ride and enjoy the rest day, is it wonderful?