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Jeans are tens of millions, but these three are the most fashionable!

If there are any items that are still classic, jeans must be considered one, then which jeans should be fashionable this year? I found these three articles for everyone today to see which one is right for you ▼

1 wide leg jeans

The wide-leg pants of denim fabric are more handsome and casual than the usual wide-leg pants, and they don’t pick the body.

Kaia is super love to wear denim wide-leg pants, neutral wind hand

Beer girl and beaver in the light blue wide-leg pants with a small area of high-saturation color, low-key and detail

Light blue wide-leg jeans with a purple coat jacket, thick spring and summer breath

Most of our girls still choose high-waist wide-leg jeans, after all, it’s obvious leg length

Long-sleeved croptop with high-waisted wide-leg jeans, the little fairy who wants to show off the belly learns

Denim wide-leg pants with the simplest basic T-shirt, plus some light little accessories will also be very good

2 gray-black jeans

There is no need to say more about the classic style of gray-black jeans, but now it’s more fashionable than the small ones.

In addition, this gray-black high-waist mom jeans are also very good to wear, because the leg length is thick and the leg is thick

And not only can match the high-heeled ankle boots and sandals and slippers, but also a pair of sneakers are also very good

Gray-black mom shoes with a little hole in the spring and summer season is very good to wear, shoes Martin boots can be used with

Kendo is a loyal supporter of gray-black jeans. Several street shots are slings croptop plus gray black high-waist jeans

The micro-raise section of the cropped trousers with the short boots is handsome, the same reason, to have a waistline is a belt

3 straight jeans

Straight jeans are also more popular recently, Kendo and Bella are wearing

It also belongs to the kind of versatile items that can be matched with high-heeled shoes or sneakers.

If the weather is not too warm, you can match the bomber jacket, retro and handsome

Dark blue straight jeans with yellow orange tops are fine, you can also choose the heel height according to your preference

Light-colored straight jeans are really essential for spring and summer, low-cut Martin boots or high-heeled Mary Jane shoes are a good match

When equipped with Martin boots, the longer trousers are rolled up and worn, it will be more negligent.

A little lighter can come with a pair of white straight jeans, white jeans have recently been in the fashion circle.

Light-colored straight jeans with a black jacket, you can use a pair of boots with the same color to match

Denim straight pants with the best blazer in the spring, with white base and white shoes echo

You can wear straight jeans with a single knit. You can say that it is a lot of versatile

The locomotive leather jacket and the straight jeans are also perfectly matched. This combination is worn out with long legs.

Straight jeans with plaid tops are also a favorite choice for fashion lovers

Summer “cooling” color, put on can cool down 5 ° C

Color is very important in the summer. After all, seeing a refreshing girl in the hot weather will always make people shine. Today is the color that makes people shine!

In the color summer plate, the most important thing is to avoid the dark color, not only will absorb heat, but also increase the sense of sultry visually, so hurry to see these cool colors!


Blue, as a color in the cool color palette, appears as cool as an iceberg in the summer. As a low-saturation color, it always makes people look like a marine stick with simplicity and temperament.

In the daily workplace, choosing a blue shirt is also very good. Of course, as the first choice for holiday wear, it will not be colorful. The color of the must-have straw hat with the holiday can always echo the sweetness and visual sense.

For the choice of blue color, if you are not white, it is recommended to choose a light color to show white, a simple blue long t, universal girls can drive out the fashionable style.

Of course, for white skin, it is more recommended to choose an indigo with some purple tones, it is easy to wear a noble temperament, with the same light white can really lead back!

Purple powder

This purple powder is also the color inside the ice cream color, is an indispensable color in the girl world, both with a little bit of each other’s color, mixed with elegant and not boring temperament.

The softest color in this area is still pink, and one of the most common and elegant pink dresses always brings a sense of sensation in the air-conditioning, and the whitening power is also very powerful.


Lavender is really good, like a daisy bloom and elegant vitality, and it has a self-softening effect, which can also achieve a certain effect on brightening the face.

This kind of color with some mysterious temperament, the most suitable item is the suit or shirt in the workplace, not lacking the atmosphere of the workplace, and can also be used as a fashionable dress for street shooting.


As the most vibrant color in nature, of course, it will appear in our summer season, which can bring you a fresh and comfortable feeling. This year, the floral green dress that is favored by the fashion circle is your must-have style.

Of course, as the yellow skin, it is still the first choice for light color. It can be said that it is the most colorful color in the ice cream color. The best color for matching is white and gray!

If you want to wear a flowing workplace, you can choose the style of flowing yarn, add some small details of the strapless shoulders, and add a little sweetness to your gas field.

In the pool or at the beach, choosing a green swimsuit is also a must. The charm of green energy in the water’s comfort is really too high, and the swearing index is soaring!

The short tops have been emphasized since the summer of this year, and they are also very hot. The most important thing is that this top is super-proportionate! Real stocks do not lose.

The short tops have been emphasized since the summer of this year, and they are also very hot. The most important thing is that this top is super-proportionate! Real stocks do not lose.

Crop top+ wide leg pants

The wide-leg pants that cover the skin are always the unbeaten choice in the trousers world, but this summer’s regular wide-leg pants are going away to see the wide-leg pants of the tooling wind! More fun with crop top.

There are also wide-leg pants with striped speakers, and with the navel vest, it becomes a retro girl of 80s, super gentle.

Crop top+ suit pants

A full set of suits, how to wear a little more avant-garde, crop top can give you a good match, especially the inside of the tube top style, with a suit, it is really a fashion pioneer.

Of course, the mix and match is the trend, with a denim jacket, leather clothing and other items, so that the whole set is more neutral charm.

Crop top+ jeans

The jeans that had to be picked up again appeared, the ruffled top with a shoulder, and the jeans had a girly feeling. The tupe-style crop top with old trousers is a young trend.

Above are two court style shirts, white and ginger, with the cowboy’s natural wash lazy, highlighting a good proportion of the body, and can cleverly avoid the passers-by!

Crop top+ shorts

Denim shorts have always been small white shoes in the shorts, hot, one-shoulder style or knotted tops are good partners for denim shorts.

A slightly looser casual shorts can add a girly feel, and the vest-style crop top will be available, or a tight-fitting T-shirt style will be a good choice.

Crop top+ skirt

Half skirts and jeans always worry about me wearing them, because these two items are very versatile and fashionable, it is difficult to separate the heights at a time. If you have a long skirt, the split skirt will be the first in summer. Choice, the fabric has been light and sleek.

But to put it bluntly, denim skirts can’t be less, with the crop top immediately makes the whole eye-catching. There is also a strap top + denim skirt, which is the love of summer hot girls.

If you also want to harvest the long legs of the summer, then this crop top is absolutely wrong.

Women’s skirts don’t mess up, this year’s popular short skirts “wearing the law”, showing high and thin and fashionable

The hot summer is coming, I think the little fairies are all ready for the cool clothes. Is there a short skirt with short legs? The short skirt is the most fashionable item in the summer, but some young ladies think it is thick legs. Do you dare to try the round waist? That is not a problem! Do not lose weight in April, May is sad; May not lose weight, become beautiful to find deer! In summer, there are many kinds of dresses, and it is very good for casual fashion! Do not buy women’s skirts, this year’s popular shirts / T-shirts + short skirts, high and thin and stylish!

  1. Short skirt + shirt

Today, I will introduce you to the super-slim wearing specimens of the meat-covered meat shirts and skirts, perfect for creating the rules of fashion legs. Let you be the most invincible winner of this summer without any suspense! Fashionable people are also dressed up, what are you waiting for? This dress is only changed on the shoes, you can relax in the workplace! Among them, the color of the short skirt, I saw a lot of bloggers and beans, the choice of black is the most, the upper body can be free to match the color!

Shirt + A skirt

The A-line skirt is not necessary to say about the friendliness of various leg types. The shirt + A-line skirt is the simplest and most easy to wear, gentle and elegant, yet it can create a good long leg!

Shirt + bag hip skirt

The standard of the workplace is to wear a shirt + a hip skirt, and the definition of introverted high-level is fully displayed, and it is easy to create a feminine commuter.

Shirt + denim skirt

The sleek shirts are paired with the retro-style denim skirts. The overall look is sleek and handsome, giving the impression of a balanced Manman and a fashionable street feel.

2.Short skirt + T-shirt

I know that T-shirts are the most versatile and versatile items, but the combination of T-shirts and short skirts is the most beautiful way to open in summer – T-shirts and half-skirts of different lengths and styles. Sometimes the vitality is perfect, sometimes sweet and gentle, sometimes warm and sexy… so easy and changeable fashion, who can not love it?

T-shirt + pleated skirt

An off-the-shoulder T-shirt with a pleated skirt and a neckline with a beautiful neckline. The high-waist A-line skirt makes the leg more superior, and the twisted plaque is more pretty girl.

T-shirt + denim skirt

Denim skirts and white T-shirts are a perfect match, and the high-waist A-line version is slimmer. The neatly arranged design makes the details more exquisite, with a pair of ball heads and a pair of small white shoes. The simple and refreshing match is perfect for summer.

T-shirt + check A short skirt

The plaid A-line skirt is also a great tool for age reduction. After all, this design is often used as a school uniform skirt. The classic style with a solid color T-shirt is quite charming.

2020 spring and summer women’s cutting process–new cotton and linen

With the arrival of spring and summer 2020, cotton and linen fabrics with good comfort and breathability are most popular among the public. Therefore, they are also quite designer styles in style and style, regardless of the shape of the chest, the pleats of the pleats, and the pleats of the shirts. And slice segmentation, etc.; people wear them all with a sense of style

The cotton-separated chest shape is once again returned to the T-stage. Unlike the past, the chest is not over-exaggerated, but is segmented by the same material.

The elastic rope makes the style show in the local regular pleats, and the new style is revealed in the bondage.

Design the pleat shape at will, embody the style of the collar and waist in the style.

A piece of shape to show or hang or double, can also be stacked to show the design style

Style recommendation

2019/20 autumn and winter dress trend

According to the global authoritative report, the autumn and winter of 2019/20 is a season of dresses, with the largest share of all clothing (22%). The well-fitting close-fitting version is still the key match item, and the line between casual wear and work dress is further blurred.

The simple and stacked design, the long section with the long section will become an important styling trend, bringing a cross-season fashion charm to the visual display of the transition season. The loose version is still the key, but this season’s trend has also turned to a more slim version; creative cuts appear in Western and draped garments, and the waist detail makes the female figure of the bumps become the focus. In addition, the sense of sleeves, ruffles, and ties are important selling details, adding a romantic and modern romantic atmosphere to the garments; transparent and opaque fabrics that blend romantic and stylish, creating a dignified and bold look.

Mini dress

Mini dresses are targeted at young consumers, with a 21% year-on-year increase, accounting for 28% of the 2019/20 fall/winter dresses. Play with a sense of sleeves, create a soft structure with leather, and wear a high-necked collar with over-the-knee boots for a modern look. Designed with ties, pleats, gathered sleeves, vintage and practical details to create a modern and romantic atmosphere.

Simple blouse that is easy to wear

The long section with the long section is still an important trend in the 2019/20 autumn and winter, catering to the return of minimalism and dignified style. Create a modern look with trousers or knee-high boots in a straight-bottomed blouse. Well-wearing styles will drive retail sales, and you can also try a variety of surface designs, from knit to satin, to appeal to a wide range of consumer groups.

Focus on the waist

The 40s of the 2019/20 autumn and winter season evolved from romantic dresses, with designers focusing on wide shoulders and slim waist, and the use of puff sleeves (14% of total, +8% year-on-year) and slims Body shape. A personalized belt or a simple leather ring accentuates the waist and adds a modern touch to the outfit. In addition, the soft and elegant silk with vintage print is perfect for romantic style dresses, which can make the appearance look high.

Enhance visuals with tulle and opaque laminates

This season’s femininity is even more pronounced, but it also exudes a romantic atmosphere. At the same time, the use of tulle fabrics (10% of the total) and opaque laminates add a romantic look to the garments, creating a dignified and bold look. The tulle is not exclusive to evening gowns, but it can also be used with casual gauze and casual fabrics to create a subversive daywear look.

Romantic dress

The romantic country/poet style dress features a waisted design that emphasizes the female figure. The volumetric sleeve design will also be the focus, with high collars and vintage details such as ruffles and ties. Reinforced vintage tones with vintage tonal prints, soft and elegant fabrics for the best in long dresses.

Loose version highlights the cool casual style

Consumers are increasingly fond of styles that are easy to control and that can modify their body. The shirt dress evolved in the direction of a loose oversized version, which evolved into a mix of blouses and turkish robes. Increase the size of the shirt dress, you can use the front strap to emphasize the female figure, create a sense of leisure; you can also use the same color color block to create a personality charm. Flowing and dynamic is the key to casual fashion, and the trousers can also create a modern look.

These fashionable and slim skirts, you want to buy a skirt, may wish to refer to it!

Polka dot dress

In fact, although the dot print is the most common fashion element in the 1950s, it is still popular, probably it is the classic white black wave point, or the color is more jumping. Color matching, such a harmonious combination will be deeply loved by fashionistas. Because such an element will look like you have a very dynamic summer girl’s sense of sensation, so that you can exude a sweet girlish sexy.

Two-tone printed dress

If you want to be a bright eye in this summer, then this style of large-scale prints should be one of the best choices for you to suck. This simple printing makes it easy to create a cool summer feeling, and at the same time it will bring us a visually stunning, so relatively small color is a kind of upgrade to the simplified version of the print.

Colored print dress

Usually, the colorful pattern of the printed dress can easily make you wear it. Xiaobian thinks that the best friends should choose the more fashionable and open-end points on the style, such as the sling and the ruffle The relatively fashionable style of shirt collar, tube top and shoulders, so that you can easily become the most beautiful girl on this street.

Chiffon dress

This translucent chiffon, or a silk-colored dress, should be one of the labels of the little friends in the summer, and it can be seen everywhere on the street. Coupled with the ruffled design of the girl’s cuffs on the cuffs, you can also help you age while covering the skin, and the clothes of these two materials are very suitable for wearing in the summer, because it is really cool. Ah.

It turned out that this color is popular this summer, so come and drive it!

This summer or before, I think everyone has heard of the dry rose. The feeling brought by this color has a sense of decadence in the last century. Hurry and control it!

The beauty of dry rose is not as beautiful as other red, but a combination of softness and warmth, which can also lock your eyes!


In fact, the reason why the dry rose is so hot is because it is the popular color of this spring and summer, just like the flower that blooms in the summer, just a different name. It is more beautiful for the daytime pink and orange.

Dry rose is a lot of color, it is very suitable for the whole set of light tones, the effect of wearing is actually as charming as the gas field of the t stage!

Vest strap style

For silky dresses, the legendary pajamas, this year is especially popular, and the simple one can always show your beauty! When it’s cold, it’s OK as long as the item is out.

Dry rose dress is worn in spring and summer, with the warmth of the sun, the color of the body is also easier to control, this is still relatively easy to control, the wheat color needs to be considered more.


The silk-colored dress that has been popular in recent seasons, the dry rose color has the addition of silky light, and the skirts of other fabrics are easier to match, which is more feminine and lazy.

In terms of collocation, the shade of the dry rose itself is a little gray, and the overall tone is a bit unclean on the visual point. Therefore, try to choose a solid color series, mainly black and white, to see which color can control your skin color!


Look at the comparison chart below. In the summer, you can choose short-sleeved, dark-skinned girls who can choose a bright dry rose, pants with black trousers and denim trousers.

The combination of high-level colors is the same color, like the upper and lower colors belong to the same color system, but the level of color is not the same, the level of wearing and the beauty is very high.


Some girls really become its powder, the skin color is not good, if you really want to control such a single item, then the top is white, the lower body trousers can choose dry rose, not easy to make mistakes and concave shape.

Of course, if you feel that it is still difficult to control such a color, you can also bring a pair of dry rose shoes to lining the whole look in the summer.

The less popular this summer, the better! Wear it if you want to be fashionable!

The temperature in summer is really scary, I really can’t wait to be naked, and I feel a little more mad!

Pleated top

The pleated top, the special texture, is a tight-fitting style, but the girl is really a very strong item. Look at the two sets above. The shoulder strap on the ear or the shoulder strap of the bow, who did not see it? Said a girl?

Also, the smocked tops with suspenders and one-shoulder style are perfect for holiday wear, paired with jeans and full of madam.


“Milking women’s clothing” combination of generous collar and court sleeves, retro needless to say, is also a short and capable style, more suitable for the chest baby to wear.

There is also the design of this design into the dress, white is the favorite color of all the court style or retro items, very first love is also very pleasing to the eye, this dress can melt the c cup of baby wear, pure and sexy combination.

Chest knot

The top of the chest is really thin, which is equivalent to wearing a bra top with a few women’s styles. The shirt on the left is more formal.

But the strange thing is that the sling style has a tie on the chest. It won’t make everyone feel too exposed, sexy, but with a faint girly feeling, many holiday brands have also made a split suit.

Of course, there is also this tube top style, this style is more sexy, and it is really cool, with it with a high waist single item, you are the longest girl on the street. Flat-breasted baby is more suitable for single items.


Suspenders I must have Amway to give you a single item, the price of cabbage is a good thing, I recommend a hand, wearing a single item that is very easy to sleep, this summer, F Jun recommended flat mouth camisole, more elegant.

Camisole + denim skirt + Martin boots, this set is really fashionable, cuty & sexy perfect blend, if you dislike summer wearing boots hot, change into sandals are also complete!

I don’t like dresses and trousers, 3 kinds of cool pants are packed quickly.

Look tired of fresh and pleasant dresses, may wish to cool down in summer with pants!

Although it is summer, not all MMs like to wear elegant dresses. Some people like to wear some neat and trousers, so in some special cases, it will be more convenient, and it is not easy to get out.

Cool high waist shorts

Cool shorts must be the first choice for summer, but among the many shorts, high-waist shorts stand out with effective stretch legs and a sleek finish.

If you are a girl with more meat on the PP and thighs, then the high waist shorts are tailored for you! However, because denim fabrics are poorly breathable, they should not be chosen as much as possible. You can choose cotton, linen and other fabrics that absorb sweat and breathe well.

3D three-dimensional tailoring design, the upper body is more spacious and stylish. The widened waistline design makes you feel more comfortable and comfortable. The wide-brimmed trousers are designed to make the lines of the legs even thinner!

Trendy wide-leg pants

In recent years, wide-leg pants have become a trend. The reason for the popularity of wide-leg pants has been said many times: comfortable, Tibetan meat, fashionable, so the heat has not decreased in recent years. Anything that is relevant to wearing fashion, wide-leg pants can occupy a place.

Wide-leg pants are called wide-leg pants because their trouser legs are wider and have the same width from the crotch to the hem. Therefore, the wide-shoulder girl is not suitable for soft materials. Cleverly hidden.

Comfortable sweatpants

The trend of sports pants is strong, and it has not stopped for a few years. The comfortable and loose features are also very suitable for summer wear, and the casual and simple design is matched with the stress and is loved by the fashionable people.

A simple t-shirt with a sneaker, the effect will be wonderful. If you feel too dull, you can choose a brighter style, easily break the monotony of the season, and be full of energy, walking on the street is very eye-catching!

The side stripes are decorated to the street. The hem of the trousers is designed with a small personality in the casual. The elastic waist design makes it easy to put on and take off.

The design of the elastic drawstring is comfortable for the upper body. Intimate beam design for better fit to the ankle. The loose version of the design, the upper body is comfortable and free!

The refreshing mix of summers is more than just a dress, and the right pair of pants can make you fashionable in the summer!