Buy What Is Proper Than Buy A Lot—These Three Scarves Make The Winter Look

Wearing a thick sweater and a down jacket, still can’t resist the cold wind in winter? In fact, the main reason is that the neck is cold. Do not believe? It’s definitely warmer to change a turtleneck sweater of the same thickness.

Turtleneck sweater is one of the winter practical items , but it will look like you have a short neck and big face, so the scarf is another must-have!

There are many styles of scarves in the mall, so which one should we choose?
I think that the selection of these three scarves is enough to make a winter look!

1.Solid Color Scarf

Solid color scarves are easier to match with other colors. The most basic choice is gray, black, blue and other dark colors, basically no mistakes.
Not easy to be dirty and not easy to be obsolete is its unique attribute.

Here we must focus on the gray, which is the most temperament in the dark system. Whether it’s hanging around the neck or tied up casually, it looks stylish.

Although the pure color scarf is the most basic style, but when it matched with the coat, always make a surprise look.
Like camel, coffee is also very versatile color. When scarves of these colors are matched with the outwear, hit color or the same color is both very good-looking.

The scarf is a item that closet to the face, so it is also necessary to consider your skin color to choose. The bright color scarf will be more skin-friendly for the white-skinned girl, but it is very unfriendly to the yellow-black skin girl.

2.Plaid Scarf

Except for the versatile solid color, the most classic is the plaid style~Compared with the pure color, the simple pattern makes the scarf add more fashion elements to the whole look.

The plaid comes with a retro British style, and the hit color is more eye-catching. Leisure and casual style is suitable for both work and shopping.

If you don’t like the scarf of multi color, there is also this simple plaid style. The simpler it is, the more classic it will be.

3. Wool Scarf

The wool gives people a warm feeling. Winter clothes with various materials can be matched with wool scarves.

The wool scarf is naturally fluffy and thicker than other styles. Not only can the shoulder line be modified, but also the face can look smaller visually.

The coarse knitting effect will be more obvious.
Wearing the wool scarf in simplest way can make you fashionable, and it also saves your time to go out.

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