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There is a kind of “face value” belongs to the micro fat girl, three strokes to unlock the European and American style, and it is outstanding and outstanding.

The impression of European and American styles is handsome and charming, and the most representative is the Victorian models of Europe and the United States. Whether it is on the platform or in the daily life, they wear the charm of European and American styles. . However, compared with the sweet wind, the elegant style, often the European and American style is more attractive, and it is a bit difficult to control.

In the past, the beauty of the skin was once sought after by girls, but in terms of fashion trends, this thin and petite figure has already been exhausted. Now the slightly fat figure is liked by everyone, and the girl of this figure looks even more It is energetic and healthy, but it is a little hard to get to the European and American style.

For the micro fat girls, the fullness and femininity are their advantages, but they lack a sense of generosity. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much. As long as we find the shortcomings of the micro-fat girls and make correct corrections, the girls who are slightly fat can be as fashionable as the trendies in Europe and America.

Reduce the visual center of gravity of the upper body

The chubby girls tend to hoard some fat on their arms, so the obvious arms are thicker, which causes the shoulders to be wide. Some girls will choose relatively loose clothes to cover them. In fact, this method is not slim, but will enlarge Disadvantages, in fact, you can choose V-neck clothes, V-neck tops can be used to weaken the width of the shoulders through the skin, and at the same time can show a small face.

Wearing a V-neck top, it can reveal the skin of the front, which weakens the width of the shoulder and weakens the lateral width of the upper body. If the top is not painted, it will make the upper body look wide and thick, and the small sexy in Europe and America will be completely missing.

Weakening with dark color

The most obvious effect of the dark color is to visually give us a slim effect through different shades of color. The slightly fat girl can make the upper body more slim, and at the same time, the dark color can show the European and American style and be more individual.

Black clothing will have a shrinking effect, and it will be thin when worn on the body. The slightly fat girl wears black clothes and is very capable and neat. No matter how it is matched, it will be very temperament, which is very suitable for wearing European and American fans.

Extend the length of the legs with popular elements

Most chubby girls have some curved legs due to excess fat. If they wear tight-fitting bottoms, they will further expose the shortcomings of leg shape and thick legs. Therefore, we have to choose some trousers that can extend the leg line expansion. The lack of leg bending can be modified by wearing wide-leg pants, and the vertical stripes play the effect of extending the leg lines.

Blessed in the bucket! 5 tips to bid farewell to the bucket waist

How do you wear the bucket waist? Don’t feel that you can only lose weight with weight loss. Now let’s talk about how to wear a good figure! Come and have a look!

It’s not hard to find that many girls just cover their bodies when they wear them, instead of daring to wear their own advantages. Let’s teach you to wear a good way today!

Manufacturing waist line

The first point is the importance of the waistline. You can compare the style of putting the clothes into the pants and releasing them as usual. It is really a difference between long legs and broken legs.

So the first point to hide the bucket waist is to create a waistline and move the stomach up. This will not only cover the waist of the bucket but also the long legs.

High waist

The high-waist style is also very important, so the practice is that the waist will cover the position of the waist, revealing that our upper body is not sexy! It’s really a small waist and it’s a sight.

At this time, everyone can choose the short shirt they like to wear, don’t be afraid to show their own bucket waist, you can also modify your body proportion, super easy to use!

H version dress

The h-shaped dress is a gospel for the o-shaped girl, and the pear-shaped body is mostly with a bucket waist, so this time the h-shaped dress is a must-have item.

Bib pants

The design of the bib is generally looser in the first half of the life, and the high waist design can tighten your stomach, so this time with a shirt is very good.

Of course, we still choose some straps that are directly designed by the straps. They can wear a more sophisticated style, which is the best item for office workers.


The jumpsuit can be said to directly combine the above advantages. This year’s popular style is relatively loose. Just pair it with a pair of comfortable sports shoes, you are the trend of the street!

If you feel that this kind of collocation is nothing new, you can also use jewelry to embellish the taste, like a good-looking pocket to bring out the hip-hop tide!

Fashion Road – Custom Start

If we say that fashion is at the top of the pyramid, it is a very shining and very unstable diamond; then, the style is the treasure that belongs to a designer who can last forever, is the most suitable for you. When it comes to wearing, you have to mention the “French style wear” that has been popular in the fashion circle.

All along, the French style wear is the darling of the fashionista’s wardrobe, and it is also one of the designer’s most thoughtful design directions. Because of its distinctive style, it can also hold a variety of brands and fabrics of various materials, especially suitable for spring and summer design.

No matter what age group, no matter what the size of the body, French lazy, simple, elegant, romantic style always allows them to wear their own unique charm, a style that transcends age and body, the flowers bloom.

1.Floral style

Floral, not only the queen of the summer, but also the favorite of the French girl.

Different from the British retro and cumbersome court flowers, most of the French style flowers appear in a single color, and the colors range from clear and bright to calm atmosphere. Gorgeous red, lively and welcoming, feminine and sexy.

The dark and calm indigo is also a good choice for reflecting the French style.

Of course, the tailored large V-neck is a big plus for the entire floral dress!

2. Romantic wave

In addition to floral, the wave point is also a favorite element of French wear.

Elegant and elegant, simple atmosphere

Whether it is an elegant casual dress, or a simple and sexy top, the gorgeous French-style scent can successfully highlight the female personality and style, which is a fashion sense!

Of course, the soul of the wave element is still in the costume design itself. At this point, only customization can better match your taste and needs~~

3.Classic white T

The combination of a pure white T-shirt and a bib has a youthful sensibility. At the same time, with the straps and high heels, it will immediately reflect the familiar and glamorous style.

In addition to the bib pants, the “monotonous” white T is also unexpectedly fashionable with a variety of tailored denim trousers. Coupled with the necklace on the chest, it is the soul of the French style that is exquisite and exquisite.

4.Vintage sleeve

The perfect combination of elegance and casualness is absolutely illegal and lazy. Simple collocation, neat tailoring, and casual embellishment, the thick French style always highlights the feminine femininity in laziness, and reflects the elegance of women in leisure.

At this point, the satin material, the bold design but not exaggerated retro cuff is the symbol of the delicate and simple style of the French style.

Whether it’s a dress or a short top, the retro sleeves allow you to wear a stylish look.

Print + cowboy, you are the most awkward street!

This spring and summer of the hottest items must have a place for printing elements, you can see the street network, whether it is the young lady on the road or a lot of stars, bloggers, printed items must be essential concave shape artifact!

Print + jeans

The easiest way to think of it is to wear a comfortable cropped pair of jeans with a pair of comfortable nine-point jeans, blue silk texture printed shirt, V-neck sexy, or choose yellow small floral, chiffon texture soft and soft, with wine red Mary Jane shoes It is also a sweet girl!

As the temperature gets higher and higher, you can choose a more lightweight top, such as a one-sided off-the-shoulder is a very good idea, the hole jeans have more street casual feeling!

The word-necked ruffled top is sweet and sexy, and the short section reveals a small waist and is more playful. With rolled jeans and black sandals, it is stylish and eye-catching!

The red bohemian top with puff sleeves and denim shorts are light and cool, and the carry-on pouch is also full of ethnic style, perfect for summer!

For vacation or photo taking, you can choose to wear a V-neck sling with high-waist jeans, and a printed loose cardigan. It is very free and easy, and the whole person walks with the wind, super beauty gods!

Print + denim jacket

In addition to jeans, printing elements and denim jackets are also a particularly suitable pair of cp, like the recent summer, it is a good choice for a long-length printed dress, black color flower pattern is bright, more recommended tall girls, handbags It is also a matching print element of the Dionysian bag, with a short denim jacket and black pointed booties, handsome!

Blue bottom short dress with denim jacket, inside and outside has a layered sense and color is particularly good, red booties can be said to be the finishing touch, who said red and blue can not match? This kind of wearing is super suitable for street shooting, and the requirements for the leg shape are relatively high!

The long print dress is more inclusive for the younger sisters, especially the thick pear shape. It’s like this year’s super popular leopard element, a long dress with a denim jacket. Good neutrality and large area leopard exaggeration.

The red dress is dazzling, the design is lighter, the legs are beautiful, and the denim jacket is a good match!

Miss sisters are ready to travel planning, printed tube top with high waist long skirt, quite a holiday style, take a denim shirt, a hem at the hem, highlighting the waist line and leg length! This dress can be completely traveled and moved!

The sling of the printed elements is also sexy and retro, and the denim jacket will not worry about the excessive degree of skin. The one-sided casual shoulder strap is more chic, with a high-waisted plaid skirt, I admit that you are super Will match the tide!

Printed skirts and wide-leg pants are excellent choices for summer. With black base T, a denim jacket, almost no body shape, retro style, burgundy print is not saturated Too high but very eye-catching, denim jackets are recommended to choose short, more high!

Fashion is not only the rights of young people, old fashion bloggers, you wear a sense of quality

Look1: Gray suit + gray sweater + white shirt + jeans

Matching point of view: When it comes to suits, the impression in most people’s minds is a serious and rigid uniform, or a patent for women in the workplace like Andy, but today it is no longer synonymous with professional wear. The youthful avant-garde jeans and the formal feel of the blazer make the suit jacket more soft and fashionable. And this group of colors are easy-going colors, giving you an elegant temperament.

Look2: gray sweater + gray turtleneck + jeans

Matching points: 50-year-old women need to pay attention to the combination of texture and color in dressing. They can be fancy when they are young, but women of this age are mature and stable, and gray has a mysterious mystery. Gray items can be elegant women, can be handsome and aggressive, can be cool, is the preferred color for 50-year-old women~

A simple and retro gray knit jacket with a gray knit sweater gives the overall look a sense of coolness. If you choose a style with a heel, you can also modify the elegant long legs, and you can also match the earring necklace according to your own preferences. Accessories, so that the entire match is more complete, and without losing the feeling of freedom.

Look3: pink shirt + black leather pants + pink high heels

Matching point of view: shirts and fashion are always in line with the trend of the item, the convex shape to the best look of exquisite, for the 50-year-old woman is the least to pick the age and body wear, spring with a pink shirt with high waist black Leather pants, which are very temperament and very young and elegant. The pink high-heeled shoes on the feet echo the tops, which can further accentuate the casual and comfortable feeling of casual wear. It is very age-reducing and has a strong street fashion atmosphere. It can indiscriminately distribute the playful and casual temperament.

Look4: gray suit + white shirt + black leather pants + red high heels

With the look: trousers with high heels, this is definitely a good practice. Classic suits with elegant feminine pointed shoes are perfect, no matter which occasion you go, you must be handsome and handsome to be elegant and elegant, style is very OL, very mature women’s intellectual charm, elegant atmosphere and charm .

Look5: Camel suit + black sweater + black leather pants

Matching point of view: Camel suit with a strong retro color, looks like a traditional classic suit structure, exquisite and delicate and serious. Being mad, boring and cold is the shortcoming of its appearance, but it is this long-lasting deep breath that is the best of your fashion temperament. No need to make too much decoration, wearing a black turtleneck, giving a casual and casual feeling, beautiful and practical

Look6: black sweater + light blue shirt + white jeans

Matching point of view: 50-year-old women want to wear the unique charm of this age, then a black sweater with a light blue shirt, you can wear a full temperament. The lower body is paired with white jeans, which is the most white-skinned complexion. So for a 50-year-old woman with a dull complexion, I can try to wear such a color, giving a comfortable and comfortable feeling~

Look7: Printed knit shirt + white shirt + jeans

Matching points: Jeans can be easily controlled by women of all ages, but different ages can show different styles. In combination with the printed knit sweater, the 50-year-old woman can be full of elegance in addition to her elegant temperament.

Look8: black sweater + printed pants

Matching point of view: 50-year-old women want to wear the unique charm of this age, then a knitted sweater plus a pair of high-heeled shoes, you can wear a full temperament. Whether it is with a skirt or pants, the street style is not lost.

Look9: Camel suit + gray sweater + gray jeans

Matching: Today’s suits are not only worn by office workers, but also essential artifacts of concave shapes. The gray knitwear is the bottom, which makes the 50-year-old woman have both elegant and free-spirited temperament. The walking room is as beautiful as the goddess.

The summer of 2019 must be green, pick 4 kinds of green, go on the streets to earn a good return rate!

For the daily planting of this kind of thing, many fairies’ shopping carts are about to burst, thinking about which one to buy and buy first, and the green ones are very friendly to Huangpi.

Green, the color that people love and hate, if you cover it on a large area, your style may be – the mail box. But with a small green area to complete the shape, the effect is very gratifying! Now come to recommend a few more personalized green items, see which style your pick~

First, the green wrap shirt

Wrapped shirts have a role in shaping the body to avoid weaknesses. The deep V-neck can be used to reveal the delicate clavicle, and the drape and contour adjustment formed by the waist tightening make the waist slim.

The refreshing green weakens the maturity of the wrapped shirt, refreshing yet elegant, in addition to pure green, you can also choose this green shirt with a contrast print, more fresh and fresh.

Second, green tea break skirt

The tea dress that doesn’t take shape is the hot dress of this summer. The V-neck’s exquisite little sexy, high-waist slimming and optimized body proportion is its fiery capital.

The green tea break skirt is more comfortable and elegant. If your tea break skirt is too deep, try the white T, which is both layered and everyday.

Third, green sweatpants

Compared with other color sports pants, the green sports pants are more fresh and natural, and the relaxed comfort is completely unselected. The V-neck white shirt has a reflective effect, neutralizing the green calmness. I want you to look good.

Fourth, green A word skirt

A-line skirt can cover the width and leg shape (invisible = non-existent), large-area green skirt, slightly mismatched may look old, then you can choose this same color printed green skirt, rich The visual effect of the overall shape is not overly exaggerated.

Summer is coming, but it hasn’t lost weight yet! Who has to lose weight with a “shirt skirt”?

It’s not long before the hot summer is coming, but for those who have lost their weight in the winter, the arms that can be shaken and fluttered with a wave of hands are not enough. Slim thighs, really not ready to show short-sleeved shorts in the summer, if you are worried about the summer fashion, please don’t worry, because the “shirt dress” with high probability of appearance in the street shooting is the sly solution!

Compared with the casual feel of the general dress, the shirt skirt combines a formal neckline, with the tailored cut and the length of the hem and knees, the overall design perfectly covers the flaws on the body, plus Many of these long-designed garments are designed with light cotton and light materials in the summer. The overall design of the shirt skirt makes it easy to cover the meat and be fashionable in this summer! The three shirt skirts are classified here. With the advantages and disadvantages of different tailoring and hiding, you can find your life in the summer.

The common style of the shirt skirt is the design without the waist. This design is often used in the long-sleeved shirts in the past few years, or the Korean blouse is missing, but when it is developed into a one-piece skirt, the knees are straight. The design perfectly covers all the shortcomings of the body. If you are a girl with a full body, it is recommended to wear this shirt skirt with jeans, and open the chin button, using the upper body and the loose body to cover up the flesh. Upper body.

Many designer brands use the umbrella design to re-architect a shirt skirt. The most distinctive feature of this tailored shirt skirt is that they will make good use of the chest line to cut and accurately make one piece. The dress becomes a high-waist design, and then the hem of the hem is used to modify the girl’s figure. This irregular cut has more choices in style, and this fashionable style has become a substitute for many girls in the recent past. Maternity clothing.

Many designer brands use the umbrella design to re-architect a shirt skirt. The most distinctive feature of this tailored shirt skirt is that they will make good use of the chest line to cut and accurately make one piece. The dress becomes a high-waist design, and then the hem of the hem is used to modify the girl’s figure. This irregular cut has more choices in style, and this fashionable style has become a substitute for many girls in the recent past. Maternity clothing.

If you don’t know how to train your body in the summer, then you can cover your arms and shirts that can block your waist. This is the best choice!

Women want to wear clothes, these 5 important occasions, want to be intellectual and temperament, recommend these 10 sets

There are so many women’s clothes, but when it comes to important occasions, everyone begins to complain that there is always a suitable piece of clothing. The dress of the tour is definitely not suitable for meetings. The clothes for the meeting are not suitable for shopping. Different occasions have their own careful wear, and those who do not wear clothes are prone to go out. It is especially important for a woman to wear the wrong clothes to appear tender or old-fashioned. How to wear intellectual and temperament is especially important. These kinds of occasions, wearing these sets of machines, recommend these sets, absolutely let your temperament outstanding, not unconventional, intellectual and atmospheric, you deserve to have.

1. Shopping +party

Shirt and denim is very comfortable, refreshing and not exaggerated, age-reducing effect MAX, with flat feet without effort, it is easy to take a day off. Or a dress with a simple and uncomplicated color, without too many patterns and decorations, in the occasion of shopping parties, it will never be too strong, and the art is full of style. With the right accessories, bags, earrings, necklaces, etc., wearing a sense of high-level, photo shoots are not down. Dresses with flat shoes, big strides will not wear feet, a bright color in the hot summer, intellectual and temperament, beautiful to make people feel tremble.

2. Commuting +meeting

The time to go to work is only five-fifths of us. Don’t neglect to wear the usual commute. It is the most undesirable to wear casually. If you want to dress well and not dignified, it is best not to pursue casually like shopping. we wants to recommend a suit and a cowboy today. The fabric of the suit is more airy, don’t worry too much, and the jeans are not too serious compared to the suit pants, and the high heels still have a gas field. You can also choose the combination of shirts and wide-leg pants. They are all slim and magic, and they modify the curve of the legs. They are both intellectual and temperament, even if they are not used in such important occasions.

3. Reception party

In life, we always meet a variety of cocktail parties and banquets. This important occasion requires formal evening dresses that are not cheap, but low-key but not too mediocre. At this time we need a generous and advanced skirt to help us highlight the calm posture and exert its own charm. we will recommend small black dresses and small white skirts for everyone. Both are enduring wear choices, which can best reflect people’s elegance and temperament. With exquisite jewelry and beautiful high heels, even a 5-point face value will have an 8-point gas field. This is the ability of a small white dress and a small black dress.

4. See parents

On this important occasion, I believe that everyone’s hearts are all in the same place. They can’t be too deliberate and reflect their own good intentions. They can’t find a suitable dress on the eve of the eve. In this case, of course, you should try not to be too arrogant. It is best to be dignified and wise. It is most important to get the good feelings of the other parents first. Don’t wear too exposed clothes, shirts and A-line skirts with high heels are a good choice, not too small and childish and mature. The combination of T-shirts and wide-leg pants is also good, and the atmosphere is not stable, which is in line with the aesthetic standards of parents.

5. A blind date

When we go up but have no object, we have to face the occasion of blind date. In fact, this is just a purposeful dating occasion, important but not too nervous. How to dress is also necessary to ponder, wear too young teeth or too old, the first impression will be very poor. You can choose the matching of T-shirts and short skirts. It will not look too small for family age, and the dress that is not dragged and dropped is also a very straightforward male-like dress, and the femininity is full of body. These two suits are all dresses that are both forceful and bright, and are absolutely easy to use in such a situation.

In many important situations, we want to be ugly, the first thing to consider is how to find the right one. Today, Xiao Yan took stock of 10 important occasions, which can highlight the temperament and intellectuality of 10 sets of clothes, hoping to help you wear out the charm to wear out the gas field. Have you learnt that?

2020 SS fashion color trends, you deserve to have

Natural powder wax

Soft natural dyes and a few invisible light colors are very much in line with the trend of fashion trends towards minimalism. These elegant colors are also the main focus of the fashion business market, bringing important updates to core items such as jersey T-shirts, tannins, practical twill pants, and spring knitwear. The linen and tannins are updated in light blue to create an appearance that is inadvertently dyed when cleaned. The whole body is the same color with the same color, and the black looks younger. Practical green is perfect for beige, because the soft and practical shape will soon become popular again.

Honeydew & Peach

The soft color of the smooth sand has evolved from the popular pink color, and it has become closer to the orange system. It will be re-emerged in the market in 2020 after a few years. This color is best suited for summer dresses and dresses, as well as for more sophisticated clothing such as suits. A new fabric with a bright lacquer effect, which pushes the color to a more avant-garde direction, especially for the jacket. Other sunset colors and warm browns are perfect for neutralizing this striking color, making the prints and patterns of the color more practical.

New mint green

The new mint green is one of the core colors of this season, and it is also the fashion color choice of the buyers. Its status is equivalent to the millennium powder and Z generation yellow which dominated the media in previous seasons. New mint green spring new products are very trendy, can be used with neutral colors to create a minimalist, or with practical green, soften its military style. In the avant-garde style, new mint green can be used with fluorescent green, and fluorescent green is used as the edging. This design is more commercial. Thicker cotton and linen look very natural, and fun tulle can be used to create unexpected results.

Rainbow glow

The rainbow effect has risen again, catering to the 2020 spring and summer consumers’ love for the future. This metallic color effect is similar to that of fluorescent colors. It is the most fashionable for modern items and unconventional items such as dignified garden dresses or elegant skirts. The fantasy music festival created with this color is very suitable for the young market. The delicate pearl light is more attractive to the market, bringing perfect material iterations to the silk blouses that have been popular in recent days. The gloss effect is matched with the middle color, which makes the beige and khaki glamorous, which is most suitable for the contrast of the same color theme.

Summer brown

Brown is the key color of the past few seasons, and transcending gray has become an important intermediate color. Brown has become the hottest season in 2020 spring and summer, suitable for all kinds of trends from swimwear to silk dresses and sweaters.

The dark colors are gone, and the rainbow will be worn on this summer!

In the summer of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, don’t take the dark and simple style of autumn and winter. Summer is to be rich in color.

Tie-dye element

Tie-dye elements are expected to be worn in the spring of 2019. It is absolutely fashionable to wear them. The trousers can be matched with white trousers and tie-dyed tops, so that the tie-dye does not look too bright.

On the skirt, you can choose the tie-dye effect in the upper part and the solid color dress in the lower part. Otherwise, choose the tie-dyed style tie-dye skirt + the same base as the tie-dye main color.

Rainbow stripes

These two sets of spring and summer show dresses are amazing for F Jun. They are wide-band color design and more mature.

The pinstripes are even more fresh, especially on the top of the knit top, which is simply a unicorn that has always been colored, and the dream can’t move the eyes.

Color stripes are also a good choice for holiday style dresses.

Color download

Some of the baby’s upper body is not very slender, or the skin is not white enough, you can move the center of the color down to a piece like a skirt and pants.

The top should try to choose a low-key color, so it seems that the focus is not too dazzling, the type of color of the stripes depends on you, can be one or more.

Contrast accessories

Of course, there are also really incompetent bags, but it is also a good choice as a decoration, such as small items such as bags, the details of the small objects can also add points for you.

In addition, there are colored shoes or hats, which are small items. No burden, but it can make you look more eye-catching when paired.