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If we say that fashion is at the top of the pyramid, it is a very shining and very unstable diamond; then, the style is the treasure that belongs to a designer who can last forever, is the most suitable for you. When it comes to wearing, you have to mention the “French style wear” that has been popular in the fashion circle.

All along, the French style wear is the darling of the fashionista’s wardrobe, and it is also one of the designer’s most thoughtful design directions. Because of its distinctive style, it can also hold a variety of brands and fabrics of various materials, especially suitable for spring and summer design.

No matter what age group, no matter what the size of the body, French lazy, simple, elegant, romantic style always allows them to wear their own unique charm, a style that transcends age and body, the flowers bloom.

1.Floral style

Floral, not only the queen of the summer, but also the favorite of the French girl.

Different from the British retro and cumbersome court flowers, most of the French style flowers appear in a single color, and the colors range from clear and bright to calm atmosphere. Gorgeous red, lively and welcoming, feminine and sexy.

The dark and calm indigo is also a good choice for reflecting the French style.

Of course, the tailored large V-neck is a big plus for the entire floral dress!

2. Romantic wave

In addition to floral, the wave point is also a favorite element of French wear.

Elegant and elegant, simple atmosphere

Whether it is an elegant casual dress, or a simple and sexy top, the gorgeous French-style scent can successfully highlight the female personality and style, which is a fashion sense!

Of course, the soul of the wave element is still in the costume design itself. At this point, only customization can better match your taste and needs~~

3.Classic white T

The combination of a pure white T-shirt and a bib has a youthful sensibility. At the same time, with the straps and high heels, it will immediately reflect the familiar and glamorous style.

In addition to the bib pants, the “monotonous” white T is also unexpectedly fashionable with a variety of tailored denim trousers. Coupled with the necklace on the chest, it is the soul of the French style that is exquisite and exquisite.

4.Vintage sleeve

The perfect combination of elegance and casualness is absolutely illegal and lazy. Simple collocation, neat tailoring, and casual embellishment, the thick French style always highlights the feminine femininity in laziness, and reflects the elegance of women in leisure.

At this point, the satin material, the bold design but not exaggerated retro cuff is the symbol of the delicate and simple style of the French style.

Whether it’s a dress or a short top, the retro sleeves allow you to wear a stylish look.

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