Fashionable women look at the top ten elements that will burst red in spring and summer of 2019!

As the weather gets warmer, your wardrobe is also ready to change seasons! Looking at the fashion week wearers in New York, Paris, Milan and London, we have compiled the top ten trends of spring and summer of 2019. If you plan to buy new clothes recently, or buy the next season spring clothes, then these kinds of spring this year. Explosive money must be taken!

From color to single product, 2019 spring and summer will be a hot element:

1. Fluorescent color

Fluorescent color is no longer an unmanageable color, but it is also the favorite of many stars and hipsters. However, in the spring and summer of 2019, it will still be a single item of fire! Let’s not say that many big shows use fluorescent colors. The point is that this color can make your skin tone look brighter and more white. As a hipster, of course, you must come in the closet!

2. Bow

The favorite bow of girls is the key to this year’s big trend! A variety of bows on the clothes, dotted with eye-catching colors, more clothing styles with design sense, brands like Valentino, Erdem and other boutiques have a lot. The huge bows are decorated on the dress, behind the back or between the waist and the shoulders, all creating different levels of sweetness.

3. Complete suit

In the Celine, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen show, women wear a tailored, elegant and elegant suit, sexy and handsome fashion style, perfect to show the personality traits of urban women, this spring and summer must buy a set!

4. Calendula yellow

The color of this spring and summer is the calendula yellow! This sun-filled and vibrant color can be seen on Carolina Herrera, Oscar De La Renta, and Brandon Maxwell. It is also a super-white color. How to wear it!

5. Tie dyeing

If you usually don’t like to wear colorful or bright colors, then this spring and summer is definitely a new start for you to try. In addition to the fluorescent colors and yellow that we introduced before, the colorful tie-dye is also popular this year. You must try it out if you look more delicate, bright, and have a design tie.

6. Hook knit

Following the 70s-style tie-dye, this year’s spring-summer crocheted knit items will also be a hit, as seen on the big shows of Oscar de la Renta, Victoria Beckham and JW Anderson.

7. Ranch wind dress

This ranch-style dress with prints and ruffles is definitely the trend of spring and summer this year! In addition to the woman’s girl’s heart, there is also a natural casual dress style.

8. Cycling pants

Didn’t think of it! You will definitely see a lot of lap shorts and cycling pants in the spring and summer of this year. You can see them on the big show of Chanel, Stella McCartney and Fendi, and the design becomes bolder and more varied.

9. Fisherman’s Hat

One of the popular accessories of this year is the fisherman hat, which is really worth a lot of time, because this single item can not only make your face look smaller, but also protect you from sun protection! On the Louis Vuitton and Anna Sui big shows, you can see a variety of fisherman hats with patterns and colors.

10. Tassel

Whether it’s leather tassels, knit tassels, satin tassels or sequined tassels, you can see them on Longchamp, Tom Ford and Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2019 show. People who don’t have tassels yet, it’s time to buy one.

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