Girls’ Autumn and Winter Match Single Product Selection

1.Choice of coats

Choosing a coat in winter is a must for many short girls. But it might be bloated. In fact, in the many kinds of coats, the best for the short girls is the straight H-type coat and X-shaped coat.

2.Choice of pants

The choice of pants should be high waist. Whether it’s wide-leg pants or tights, be sure to choose a high-waist style, the proportion of the lower body will be extended.

Try to choose a ankle-length pants to avoid stacking on the ankles.

3.Choice of skirts

The short girls should choose the sheath skirt and the long straight skirt when selecting the skirt. The sheath skirt will highlight the figure and the curve of the thigh. A girl with a good proportion can try. Solid color straight skirt makes the legs look straight and slender

4.Choice of the inside

When choosing inside, try to choose bodycon style. This is not easy to bloated and highlight the body when matching the coat. The color is chosen to wear the same color, clothes are layered and not monotonous.

5.Choice of shoes

High heels are definitely a must-have artifact for small girls.

If you are not used to wearing high heels, you can also choose the middle heel boots and this year’s hot old shoes, are tall and versatile.

Try to pick pointed-toe shoes in style, choose nude color for color, and the proportion of the leg can be stretched visually.

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