Girls’ Autumn and Winter Match & Slim and High Wear Tips

The weather is getting colder and colder, and fashion girls are distressed how to wear them to keep warm and high.
In fact, winter is a test of the matching skills of the trendsetter, especially for short girls, because it’s easy to look like Hobbit if don’t pay attention.
So, today’s content summarizes some practical matching skills and ideas for single item selection,hope it will help you.

1.Cuffs should not be too long

When you wear clothes in winter, you must pay attention to avoid cuffs and trouser legs too long, otherwise it will look like the picture on the left, visually lower the height

Choose nine pants + high heels like this, and then show your arms, will look very tall

If you are afraid of cold or not used to wearing high heels, you can also choose casual shoes + nine pants to keep warm and fashion

2.High collar with high waist

Waistline is the lifeline of short girls
The so-called waist line is increased by 1cm and the height is increased by 5cm.
The left picture of this low waist + low collar look is very short
In contrast to the right
High waistline + high collar will be tall and thin

If you put a turtleneck on the basis of high waist, The overall look can visually increase the height ratio

3.Wear vertical stripes, use vertical features

Girls who like striped elements can choose vertical stripes,You can choose vertical stripes, have an extended effect, and visually increase your height

4.Choose the same color system

Combine two or more colors in the same color system, either as a suit or on the basis of the same color to create a sense of layering

Single product selection see next issue.

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