How does a 50-year-old woman dress? Teach you a few tricks, stylish and decent!

  • 50-year-old women dressing, there are three important points: one is comfortable, one is textured, and one point is quite important for yourself.

Nowadays, there are many popular fashion trends. Everyone naturally thinks that it is only suitable for young girls to wear. When they are old, they will look a little tender, but in fact, 50-year-old women just need to match well, and they are fashionable and young.

The following sets of wear, I think are more suitable for women of this age, wearing a single item may wish to draw lessons.

1. long shirt + pants + flat shoes

Many women are old and complain that they are out of shape, or because of age, the fat in the waist and abdomen will increase, resulting in a lack of confidence in their body and what they can not wear.

But in fact, to wear clothes to learn to “cover”, long shirts are very suitable for the mother to wear the style, not only can hide the defects of the body, but also very texture. Solid color, striped, checkered shirt skirt are very good, with pants and flat shoes, comfortable and friendly, natural and casual.

In summer, you can choose a thin cotton material, and the pants can also be made of thin denim or modal.

The color is recommended to be blue, more refreshing, cool, almost no skin color, and a good combination with a variety of accessories.

2. shirt + wide leg pants + small high heel

Wide-leg pants are also very suitable for the mother to wear, and the degree of fat to the lower body is very good.

Refreshing sky blue wide-leg pants, with a white shirt top, a little bit of high heels is very good, is a very temperamental body. Accessories can also be added as appropriate, such as bright bags, pearl earrings, coin necklaces, etc., 50 years old also want to be a refined woman.

The plaid wide-leg trousers are very natural, and the most versatile is of course a white shirt. In the early summer and evening, you can also prepare a beige cardigan. In the double-necked flat shoes or small high-heeled shoes, it is very intellectual and elegant.

  • 50-year-old working women can also choose this combination of black wide leg + white top + white suit, two meters in the gas field!

3 .tops + skirt + cardigan

Compared to the dress, in fact, this age is more suitable for trying the mix of skirts, more combinations of changes, and easy to wear a young feeling.

Like this shirt + pleated skirt, don’t be afraid to control it. As long as the color system is one, the overall feeling will be very strong.

Good at using thin cardigans, while covering the meat, but also sunscreen, can also be used as a single item with a layered appearance, the length can be below the buttocks, the slimming skill is stronger.

Even high-profile elements such as leopard prints are not impossible to try, but it is best to choose a simple light or dark solid color. Very youthful.

Like the picture above, although the dark one is thin, but the skin color is not white enough, don’t try it for a while, it is easy to appear dull skin.

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