How to choose the most in-flower dress this summer?

Smudged suspender dress

The art of tie-dye is definitely a popular trend this year and next year. The smudge is a kind of tie-dye. The faint smudge print is like the watercolor effect. The fei-like natural structure and splicing structure can not only increase the level but also Combined with printing, fei often has a three-dimensional effect.

Small floral dress

This kind of small floral is not a pastoral style, boho, she is with a touch of French romanticism, and elegant temperament in the sexy, this multi-feeling blessing clothes is the most difficult to obsolete of.

Two-piece set

The two-piece sling skirt is also a popular combination this year. With the abstract beige print, it is a good choice for the short skirt. It is also a good choice!

Polka dot dress

The wave point element fashion classic is never out of date, 19 years is no exception, a red bottom wave point dress, let you go where is the focus of fashion.

Striped colorblock dress

The classic stripe elements form a simple design point under the impact of color. The bold contrast and rich colors bring a new visual experience and play a very good decorative role. Therefore, it is the most popular in 19 years. Flower skirt, color matching skirt you have to have one.

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