It turned out that this color is popular this summer, so come and drive it!

This summer or before, I think everyone has heard of the dry rose. The feeling brought by this color has a sense of decadence in the last century. Hurry and control it!

The beauty of dry rose is not as beautiful as other red, but a combination of softness and warmth, which can also lock your eyes!


In fact, the reason why the dry rose is so hot is because it is the popular color of this spring and summer, just like the flower that blooms in the summer, just a different name. It is more beautiful for the daytime pink and orange.

Dry rose is a lot of color, it is very suitable for the whole set of light tones, the effect of wearing is actually as charming as the gas field of the t stage!

Vest strap style

For silky dresses, the legendary pajamas, this year is especially popular, and the simple one can always show your beauty! When it’s cold, it’s OK as long as the item is out.

Dry rose dress is worn in spring and summer, with the warmth of the sun, the color of the body is also easier to control, this is still relatively easy to control, the wheat color needs to be considered more.


The silk-colored dress that has been popular in recent seasons, the dry rose color has the addition of silky light, and the skirts of other fabrics are easier to match, which is more feminine and lazy.

In terms of collocation, the shade of the dry rose itself is a little gray, and the overall tone is a bit unclean on the visual point. Therefore, try to choose a solid color series, mainly black and white, to see which color can control your skin color!


Look at the comparison chart below. In the summer, you can choose short-sleeved, dark-skinned girls who can choose a bright dry rose, pants with black trousers and denim trousers.

The combination of high-level colors is the same color, like the upper and lower colors belong to the same color system, but the level of color is not the same, the level of wearing and the beauty is very high.


Some girls really become its powder, the skin color is not good, if you really want to control such a single item, then the top is white, the lower body trousers can choose dry rose, not easy to make mistakes and concave shape.

Of course, if you feel that it is still difficult to control such a color, you can also bring a pair of dry rose shoes to lining the whole look in the summer.

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