It’s popular this summer to wear “Little Little”

I have always said that big and big, I believe that some do not like the big mushroom cool is also very distressed. (Nothing is a small series today to comfort your young mind~) Small does not mean that the role is small, small does not mean no focus, small is exquisite, romantic, is sentimental, small can also be very practical. It’s fashionable enough to wear a little bit this summer.

Smaller print

In the spring and summer of 17th, the printing elements are big fires, which are easy to be compared to large prints. The small prints are more refined, romantic and full of mood.

Bright little printed half skirt with black silk shirt, contrasting colors, temperament and femininity~

Red deep V lace with floral skirt, this casual slut is a kind of effortless sexy~

If you like to wear a long skirt, you can try the black floral dress, put your hair down, and apply a big red lipstick, which is very charming.

There is also a dot-printed maxi dress that is also very popular. Small circle, wearing a very gentle lady,

Bags are small and fashionable

In recent years, the fashion bags have become smaller, and the fashionistas have long explained that “the package should be as small as possible.”

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