Jeanne Damas – Representative of French Romance And Confidence

Jeanne Damas is a fashion blogger from Paris, France, and is one of the hottest fashion bloggers. Jeanne Damas’s casual, romantic and natural style is very fascinating.

She is not the beauty face of the current aesthetic, nor does she have a perfect body, but she has acquired fashion by relying on her own self-confidence, elegance and freedom of dressing.

People who have seen Jeanne Damas will be deeply attracted to her.
The slightly messy and unmodified mid-length hair is always filled with careless laziness but reveals the self-confidence and freedom from the bones.
Even the picture that is not blurred, this sense of casualness and freedom is very fascinating, this should be what every girl looks forward to.

Jeanne Damas has here own brand Rouje, and Rouje is completely Jeanne Damas’ own style.

Jeanne Damas doesn’t wear big names. She likes floral skirts, micro-bar jeans, vests, etc. This kind of item that can perfectly show the curves and charm of women, so that her confidence is infected and affects others. She also likes the basket. and rattan shoes, these natural and comfortable accessories.

Jeanne Damas incorporates her “images” into Rouje, which she considers to be the encounter and collision between sophistication sobre and sensualité assumée.

Rouje not only reveals Jeanne Damas’ own life and consciousness, but also shows the fashion of Paris, or old Paris: vests, mini skirts, floral skirts, micro-bar jeans… these are the memories of the Parisian symbols.

And for the creation and success of Rouje, Jeanne Damas is very grateful to herself and pays tribute to all the women who inspired her. She said:

——”I am surrounded by a lot of strong and feminine women: my mother, sister, aunt, friends. I am immersed in the charm that they can hold from simple details. For example, a gait, a way of speaking, a gesture, or a way of dressing.”

At the same time, Jeanne Damas also launched the book Livre A Paris by her friend Lauren Bastide.

The book mainly depicts Parisian women, portraits of Parisian women, their behavior, elegance, spirit and their definition of elegance.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeanne Damas’s outfit and her Rouje, and feel the collision between Jeanne Damas and Paris in the next page~

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