Jeans are tens of millions, but these three are the most fashionable!

If there are any items that are still classic, jeans must be considered one, then which jeans should be fashionable this year? I found these three articles for everyone today to see which one is right for you ▼

1 wide leg jeans

The wide-leg pants of denim fabric are more handsome and casual than the usual wide-leg pants, and they don’t pick the body.

Kaia is super love to wear denim wide-leg pants, neutral wind hand

Beer girl and beaver in the light blue wide-leg pants with a small area of high-saturation color, low-key and detail

Light blue wide-leg jeans with a purple coat jacket, thick spring and summer breath

Most of our girls still choose high-waist wide-leg jeans, after all, it’s obvious leg length

Long-sleeved croptop with high-waisted wide-leg jeans, the little fairy who wants to show off the belly learns

Denim wide-leg pants with the simplest basic T-shirt, plus some light little accessories will also be very good

2 gray-black jeans

There is no need to say more about the classic style of gray-black jeans, but now it’s more fashionable than the small ones.

In addition, this gray-black high-waist mom jeans are also very good to wear, because the leg length is thick and the leg is thick

And not only can match the high-heeled ankle boots and sandals and slippers, but also a pair of sneakers are also very good

Gray-black mom shoes with a little hole in the spring and summer season is very good to wear, shoes Martin boots can be used with

Kendo is a loyal supporter of gray-black jeans. Several street shots are slings croptop plus gray black high-waist jeans

The micro-raise section of the cropped trousers with the short boots is handsome, the same reason, to have a waistline is a belt

3 straight jeans

Straight jeans are also more popular recently, Kendo and Bella are wearing

It also belongs to the kind of versatile items that can be matched with high-heeled shoes or sneakers.

If the weather is not too warm, you can match the bomber jacket, retro and handsome

Dark blue straight jeans with yellow orange tops are fine, you can also choose the heel height according to your preference

Light-colored straight jeans are really essential for spring and summer, low-cut Martin boots or high-heeled Mary Jane shoes are a good match

When equipped with Martin boots, the longer trousers are rolled up and worn, it will be more negligent.

A little lighter can come with a pair of white straight jeans, white jeans have recently been in the fashion circle.

Light-colored straight jeans with a black jacket, you can use a pair of boots with the same color to match

Denim straight pants with the best blazer in the spring, with white base and white shoes echo

You can wear straight jeans with a single knit. You can say that it is a lot of versatile

The locomotive leather jacket and the straight jeans are also perfectly matched. This combination is worn out with long legs.

Straight jeans with plaid tops are also a favorite choice for fashion lovers

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