Please throw away these 3 skirts! Because it is too ugly!

First, the printing is too large and too dense

Oversized and dense print design, with bright contrast color, although with a strong exotic flavor, but it is really picky to wear, black and yellow skin first retreat.

Especially after a large-scale exhibition, such as long skirts and shackles, long-sleeved skirts that are tightly wrapped, it seems that you are going to be swallowed up by these prints, and you will become a village in minutes.

Coping style 1: printed skirt + basic section

If you want to easily control exaggerated prints, it is best to wear a simple T-shirt and shirt.

This reduces the area of the print, which will neutralize some of the impact, and also highlight the focus of the dress.

Coping style 2: small print dress

The smaller the print, the more the base color is exposed, which is equivalent to reducing the printing area in disguise.

The overall look will be more coordinated, and the error rate will be lower.

Second, no waist, tight package

This type of skirt upper body, even if you have two meters long legs, will be buried immediately

Especially for small people, or a little girl who is a little fat, high and thin is the top priority of dressing, and can not easily give up the slim waistline.

Some girls like to wear oversize, completely loose tops. If you put a skirt underneath, it is a “legs and seconds” horror story.

Coping style 1: manual belt, straight version of the skirt with a belt, you can easily create an S-type

If you use a skirt to make it inside, fear that the jacket is too long to drag and drop, lower the height, add a belt, not only can outline the curve, the layering of the wear will be stronger, the fashion up up

Coping style 2: Improve the skin level, if you like the relaxed casual dress style, don’t want to tie your tight waist, just improve your skin tone, bare shoulders or bare legs

Third, more DRAMA elements

If a skirt seems to have all the eye-catching elements, “lace, floral, satin, leather…” then don’t try it.

The more materials you use, the greater the chance of error. Even the supermodel KK can’t be spared.

The greedy lack of snakes swallows the image, the stacking of too many elements, the real upper body will appear dragged and cumbersome, losing the beauty that the skirt should have, while the actual wear is not high

Coping style: material uniformity

The easiest way to control an element is to look at this skirt. Is the overall material uniform?

Such a full-length yarn system, a solid color, to maintain a focus, while also taking into account the sense of design, is it looks a lot of pleasing to the eye

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