Print + cowboy, you are the most awkward street!

This spring and summer of the hottest items must have a place for printing elements, you can see the street network, whether it is the young lady on the road or a lot of stars, bloggers, printed items must be essential concave shape artifact!

Print + jeans

The easiest way to think of it is to wear a comfortable cropped pair of jeans with a pair of comfortable nine-point jeans, blue silk texture printed shirt, V-neck sexy, or choose yellow small floral, chiffon texture soft and soft, with wine red Mary Jane shoes It is also a sweet girl!

As the temperature gets higher and higher, you can choose a more lightweight top, such as a one-sided off-the-shoulder is a very good idea, the hole jeans have more street casual feeling!

The word-necked ruffled top is sweet and sexy, and the short section reveals a small waist and is more playful. With rolled jeans and black sandals, it is stylish and eye-catching!

The red bohemian top with puff sleeves and denim shorts are light and cool, and the carry-on pouch is also full of ethnic style, perfect for summer!

For vacation or photo taking, you can choose to wear a V-neck sling with high-waist jeans, and a printed loose cardigan. It is very free and easy, and the whole person walks with the wind, super beauty gods!

Print + denim jacket

In addition to jeans, printing elements and denim jackets are also a particularly suitable pair of cp, like the recent summer, it is a good choice for a long-length printed dress, black color flower pattern is bright, more recommended tall girls, handbags It is also a matching print element of the Dionysian bag, with a short denim jacket and black pointed booties, handsome!

Blue bottom short dress with denim jacket, inside and outside has a layered sense and color is particularly good, red booties can be said to be the finishing touch, who said red and blue can not match? This kind of wearing is super suitable for street shooting, and the requirements for the leg shape are relatively high!

The long print dress is more inclusive for the younger sisters, especially the thick pear shape. It’s like this year’s super popular leopard element, a long dress with a denim jacket. Good neutrality and large area leopard exaggeration.

The red dress is dazzling, the design is lighter, the legs are beautiful, and the denim jacket is a good match!

Miss sisters are ready to travel planning, printed tube top with high waist long skirt, quite a holiday style, take a denim shirt, a hem at the hem, highlighting the waist line and leg length! This dress can be completely traveled and moved!

The sling of the printed elements is also sexy and retro, and the denim jacket will not worry about the excessive degree of skin. The one-sided casual shoulder strap is more chic, with a high-waisted plaid skirt, I admit that you are super Will match the tide!

Printed skirts and wide-leg pants are excellent choices for summer. With black base T, a denim jacket, almost no body shape, retro style, burgundy print is not saturated Too high but very eye-catching, denim jackets are recommended to choose short, more high!

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