Romantic French style is coming! The goddess must wear the elegant elegance, the high level that can be seen!

I believe that the beauty of the sister must be familiar with the different styles of wear, then you must not miss the romantic French style this summer. Absolutely wearing a beautiful, straight male looked at the legs, can be described as a date must be ~

Different from other casual styles, French style singles can also be seen in a single burst, stylish and versatile, allowing you to switch between Little Fairy and Cool Girl, you can show off your style without complicated matching.

Slim shirt

A shape-fit top fits your body shape, and the back and clavicle are perfectly presented. The design-inspired top is more popular with the hipsters. Long sleeves or slings can bring Surprise. The choice of thin black is also friendly to the little fat girl.

The short slim suit is more suitable for a girl with a small waist or a vest line, and then with a skirt or hot pants, is not afraid of the show? Romantic French style is all possible, and the off-shoulder and navel styles can be your dish!

If you don’t want to be too high-profile, then you can choose to wear a slimming shirt with bright details, such as a fluffy shirt or a short T with irregular hem, with a short skirt and a feminine look. It’s hard to think about it!

The romantic French style is also very suitable for wearing with family and friends. The sweet floral elements are a very Nice choice, wearing a floral smock and matching jeans with a concave shape. One second incarnation is small and fresh, standing in the sun, long hair fluttering you is the most moving scenery.

Romantic dress

The romantic French dress is really beautiful, and the first one is the classic tea break dress. The unique waist and the deep V style are very popular. Whether it is pure color or color, it can make people shine. . The suspender dress is also very suitable for summer, how to wear it, it’s right.

The pleated square-neck strap dress is slim and succulent, especially for the A-line skirt. The girl who likes to wear a skirt can’t miss it. The waist style can set off your waist shape, and the wide and contoured skirt can hide all the elephant legs. Whoever wears it!

Who said that pure white skirts are not brilliant? That must be because you are not wearing the right one. Full of French-style fluffy sleeves V-neck white dress, one can get everything, the button waist design is unique, unlike the ordinary shirt skirt, it is not easy to hit the shirt, is not very good!

French trousers

Speaking of trousers, I believe that everyone has their own set, and the French trousers combined with French singles are your summer sun protection leggings! Small black pants, the cowboy is almost a hand, as long as the match is good, it is so simple to make a good return rate.

Not limited to a single item, the romantic French style is also very inclusive, and the often worn items can also help you shape easily. Handsome overalls, elegant and elegant suit jacket, as long as you cleverly match, mix and match can also make you a new height.

Lightweight shirts or Polo collar T-shirts and jeans can also spark a romantic spark. I believe that this kind of match is very handy for you. It can be said that the romantic French style is “no dew,” with some caution. It’s really a good thing to wear.

On a romantic summer day, wearing a beautiful French style to wear a street ride and enjoy the rest day, is it wonderful?

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