Simple and easy to match, in the ten workplaces, it is never difficult to wear in the workplace.

Share our workplace around the principles of simplicity and beauty.

Principle 1: Basic classic elements are essential, beauty lawyer Ai Mo is the best example, black and white two-color and shirt and pipe pants, complete workplace elite female image.

Principle 2: Wide-leg pants are powerful helpers in the gas field. Even if it is a loose model, the wide-legged pants should be a must-have for women in the workplace, so that you have the atmosphere of walking and wind.

Principle 3, the combination of the cylinder skirt and the shirt is an elegant representative. The rounded lines of the hip skirt and the soft texture of the shirt make the women’s natural elegance fully display, which is an element of wearing in the workplace.

Principle 4: The dress is worry-free and beautiful. Like Kate’s Princess, a simple dress can create a feminine look, and the match is nothing to worry about. It is definitely a time-saving tool for office workers.

Principle 5: Don’t underestimate the charm of the suit. Don’t think that the suit suit is a symbol of old-fashionedness. Many literary fans and fashionistas’ hood suits will make your workplace look neat and holistic.

Principle 6: Don’t neglect the power of the jacket. From the silhouette suit jacket or the elegant windbreaker, you can add a fashionable feeling to your ordinary items. Many times we need a jacket, the style may be simple, but it becomes a whole. A single item with a bright look.

Principle 7: Elegant color and simple collocation add extra points for affinity. The dressing rules in the workplace do not need to be out of position, or exaggerate, in order to be simple and generous, with elegant colors, you can become a very friendly workplace. female.

Principle 8: The mashup not only brings fun but also saves the purse and silver. Occasionally look at your wardrobe, a lot of old styles that seem to have been lost, maybe you can find fun in the collocation point you have never tried, and build your own personal style.

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