Summer “cooling” color, put on can cool down 5 ° C

Color is very important in the summer. After all, seeing a refreshing girl in the hot weather will always make people shine. Today is the color that makes people shine!

In the color summer plate, the most important thing is to avoid the dark color, not only will absorb heat, but also increase the sense of sultry visually, so hurry to see these cool colors!


Blue, as a color in the cool color palette, appears as cool as an iceberg in the summer. As a low-saturation color, it always makes people look like a marine stick with simplicity and temperament.

In the daily workplace, choosing a blue shirt is also very good. Of course, as the first choice for holiday wear, it will not be colorful. The color of the must-have straw hat with the holiday can always echo the sweetness and visual sense.

For the choice of blue color, if you are not white, it is recommended to choose a light color to show white, a simple blue long t, universal girls can drive out the fashionable style.

Of course, for white skin, it is more recommended to choose an indigo with some purple tones, it is easy to wear a noble temperament, with the same light white can really lead back!

Purple powder

This purple powder is also the color inside the ice cream color, is an indispensable color in the girl world, both with a little bit of each other’s color, mixed with elegant and not boring temperament.

The softest color in this area is still pink, and one of the most common and elegant pink dresses always brings a sense of sensation in the air-conditioning, and the whitening power is also very powerful.


Lavender is really good, like a daisy bloom and elegant vitality, and it has a self-softening effect, which can also achieve a certain effect on brightening the face.

This kind of color with some mysterious temperament, the most suitable item is the suit or shirt in the workplace, not lacking the atmosphere of the workplace, and can also be used as a fashionable dress for street shooting.


As the most vibrant color in nature, of course, it will appear in our summer season, which can bring you a fresh and comfortable feeling. This year, the floral green dress that is favored by the fashion circle is your must-have style.

Of course, as the yellow skin, it is still the first choice for light color. It can be said that it is the most colorful color in the ice cream color. The best color for matching is white and gray!

If you want to wear a flowing workplace, you can choose the style of flowing yarn, add some small details of the strapless shoulders, and add a little sweetness to your gas field.

In the pool or at the beach, choosing a green swimsuit is also a must. The charm of green energy in the water’s comfort is really too high, and the swearing index is soaring!

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