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Before the summer has come, prepare 5 skirts, enough for a whole season!

The hot summer hasn’t come yet, but the little sisters are taking clothes, whether it’s a cool top or a bottom, they need to be carefully selected. Most women are inseparable from skirts. Spring, summer, autumn and winter can always see the traces of the skirt, and it has a variety of styles, novel design, and also helps in shaping personal temperament. Whether it is charming or energetic, dignified or quiet, different skirts have different interpretation methods. Especially with a more flexible skirt, whether it is a sweater or a T-shirt, a sling or a shirt, can be easily used. So before the summer, you need to prepare these 5 skirts to make you beautiful all season.

1. Body skirt

The body skirts often appear in the dress of the British Princess, mainly to highlight the dignity and elegance of Wang Shuo. This style is still relatively tall, the hips and the width of the hips can not be too exaggerated, otherwise the pear shape will be exposed. The skirt is matched with high heels, and the atmosphere is stable. It not only lengthens the curve of the legs, but also looks like the lower part of the lower body. With a simple tailored shirt or a thin sweater, it shows a mature lady style, especially for women who walk the mature route. The commuter dress can still be glamorous. For the little girl, the length of the skirt is still suitable for the knee, and it is easy to become shorter when the knee is longer.

2.A skirt

The dress skirt is still difficult to control, especially for those who have not enough hips, and the A-line skirt has no such trouble. The outwardly expanding version is not too close to the body to show a curve that is not perfect, and is also obvious in the slimming effect. The lively denim A-line skirt is an essential item for the girl route. It is a versatile one. With a high-waist design, it is absolutely no problem to wear long legs. This kind of skirt does not have a big limit on the height. The matching white shoes are full of vitality, and the matching of high heels can also show an elegant femininity.

3. Slit skirt

Some little sisters will feel that their legs are very thick, and wearing A-line skirts will expose the shortcomings, so opening skirts are a good choice for them. The triangular area of the opening can cover part of the flesh of the leg, and the meat can be thinned. The looming feeling in the action makes this dress add sexy, but not too vulgar. The opening of the straight skirt reduces the original sense of solemnity, and also makes the printed skirt more design and fashion sense. Put on the open skirt in the summer, cool, fashionable and slim, even if the legs are rough, you can control it. Do you really want to start one?

4. Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts can be said to be a single item, but now the pleated skirt has been freed from the simple academic style, widely used in a rich mix. The suits and pleated skirts are slim and dignified, full of gas, and seem calm and calm. The metallic pleated skirt is more inclined to be maverick, whether it is a leather jacket or a sports jacket, it looks handsome and beautiful. The sensation of the pleated skirt is one of its advantages. The flow of the lines in action is very dynamic, and it can cover the slender legs, revealing the delicate ankles and being thinner, which is very suitable for this summer.

5. Satin skirt

Satin fabric is one of the fashion trends of this year’s fire, and satin skirts are often seen in the fashion bloggers. The silky touch makes the summer no longer sticky, light and shiny fabric, looks very soft and textured. During the walking process, the refracting luster can set off the temperament, sexy and feminine, making it difficult to take off. However, the material of the satin skirt is too docile. As a skirt, you should pay attention not to have a small belly, otherwise it will be easy to expose and destroy the overall beauty. This half skirt with shirt and T-shirt can reduce the sense of maturity, wearing a girlish atmosphere is not difficult, take a suit and replace it with a strong woman’s gas field, plasticity is super strong.