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The retro style that the workplace can also control, master these four points, have a retro beauty style!

The retro trend is a style that is easy to be interested, but difficult to control. If you don’t wear it, you will have the feeling of stealing grandma’s clothes, but you can see the unique texture of the retro beauty in various movies. Some moods are eager to try, so today I will talk to you about how to manage the retro style in the workplace.

First, the white top

The white top is a must-have item. The finishing touch is all about it. A small white shirt with a classic red and blue color, the French retro elegance and playfulness can be owned immediately, and the girl will be like a deer. Lightweight, it is also suitable for workplace wear.

The white shirt of the court style is a good partner for the dress. The Queen’s Blanchett uses a fluffy sleeve with a leather skirt, which has the feeling of a young girl and a big woman.

Or it is directly inspired by the heroine of the retro film and television drama, the close-fitting white sweater is also friendly to the round-body girl, with a burgundy straight skirt, exquisite feeling, the upper body has a blouse-designed top, more delicate feeling. Matching the dress is also very eye-catching.

Second, the elegance of the floral skirt, the texture of the oil painting

In the retro trend, the floral skirt is a favorite style from fashionistas to celebrities. The moldy suits like this style. The simple one-piece dress, with red lips to boost the whole color, is very young. There is no fear of being too old.

The dark color is not too ostentatious, and the floral pattern highlights the femininity, but one thing to keep in mind is that the flower pattern is best to choose large flowers, and the small flowers will look a little stingy. There is no sense of elegance in retro girls.

When the weather is cool, you can wear a sweater of the same color like Black. The mature female reveals the fascinating feminine charm. The so-called exquisite girl should be like this.

Third, the large suit sits in the town, has the atmosphere of driving the audience

The suit is still applicable in the retro style, but it is not the tailored style, but the silhouette style of the boyfriend. The color is also from the wine red, velvet texture to the coffee color. In short, it is not a common black and white gray. The feeling of walking with the wind is the wearing method of the retro girl’s suit.

You can also try to match the suit and shorts, from the spring to the summer zero pressure, and there will be a kind of feeling, the retro style, the elegance of the skirt, but also the coolness of the same sex.

Fourth, the principle of short and long, let you have a vintage golden ratio

Looking back at the fashion trend of the 1980s, a large number of women flocked to the workplace, and many women who really belonged to the workplace began to enter the stage. At that time, the female role emphasized their ability and strength in the workplace, while also emphasizing women and students. Elegant appearance. Therefore, all kinds of collocations will emphasize the proportion of their body, high waist skirts, high waist pants, to be comfortable but not to sacrifice beauty.

Based on this inspiration, wearing a retro style will remember to follow the principle of short and long, will make you have a good golden ratio, soft shirt, cuffs fluttering, leg length also directly upgrade.

Classic black and white, the upper body is responsible for short and lean, the lower body is guaranteed to lengthen the leg line, and the comfortable material will make people feel unconstrained, it really deserves to be included in the dressing plan.

In the same color system, the short and long way is adopted, which makes the whole person feel a neat and tidy feeling. It is suitable for women who want to shape their own bright professional image.

The above is the sharing of workplace wear today, hoping to spark everyone’s love for retro style, and find their own style, or add new elements in their workplace, wear beauty is not to show off, but through serious Dressing, constantly trying to find the fun that belongs to us.