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Paris Fashion week: classic patterns return to New Trends in 2019

With the successful conclusion of Paris Fashion week, the first fashion event of 2019-the Big four Fashion week-came to an end. Fashion week has come to an end, but this year’s fashion battle is just beginning. In the romantic Paris of France, the fashionable people use the unique practical temperament to interpret the latest trend of the year. What is the operation ?!

Classical lattice

When it comes to the highest-profile prints at Fashion week, there will be a spot in the pattern. In 2017, the popular classic pattern was back in the center, and back in 9102, it became the favorite of designers. Practical but not out of fashion, said the classic pattern is the most enduring fashion elements on the runway can not be overdone.

Louis Vuitton (pictured above) has always been the focus of attention at Fashion week, when they moved the show to the artistic Louvre, where we saw all kinds of pattern elements in 40 sets of costumes, except for traditional patterns. There is also a very creative pattern of patterns-Checker pattern.

On the show, Chanel CHANEL has always been an elusive presence-Spring and Summer Fashion week has moved the beach to the runway, but in autumn and winter it has once again taken the forest to Paris. White, beige, black as the main tone, supplemented by grid printing, showing the pure and elegant winter.

The Parisian Balenciaga red pattern is also a stylish, irresistible runway fashion.

MASHAMA, a young brand, continues its obsession with multiple tailoring, asymmetrical tailoring and deconstruction, re-stitching of needle-and-shuttle fabrics, and the design of patterns that together shape modern women’s independence.