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Summer “cooling” color, put on can cool down 5 ° C

Color is very important in the summer. After all, seeing a refreshing girl in the hot weather will always make people shine. Today is the color that makes people shine!

In the color summer plate, the most important thing is to avoid the dark color, not only will absorb heat, but also increase the sense of sultry visually, so hurry to see these cool colors!


Blue, as a color in the cool color palette, appears as cool as an iceberg in the summer. As a low-saturation color, it always makes people look like a marine stick with simplicity and temperament.

In the daily workplace, choosing a blue shirt is also very good. Of course, as the first choice for holiday wear, it will not be colorful. The color of the must-have straw hat with the holiday can always echo the sweetness and visual sense.

For the choice of blue color, if you are not white, it is recommended to choose a light color to show white, a simple blue long t, universal girls can drive out the fashionable style.

Of course, for white skin, it is more recommended to choose an indigo with some purple tones, it is easy to wear a noble temperament, with the same light white can really lead back!

Purple powder

This purple powder is also the color inside the ice cream color, is an indispensable color in the girl world, both with a little bit of each other’s color, mixed with elegant and not boring temperament.

The softest color in this area is still pink, and one of the most common and elegant pink dresses always brings a sense of sensation in the air-conditioning, and the whitening power is also very powerful.


Lavender is really good, like a daisy bloom and elegant vitality, and it has a self-softening effect, which can also achieve a certain effect on brightening the face.

This kind of color with some mysterious temperament, the most suitable item is the suit or shirt in the workplace, not lacking the atmosphere of the workplace, and can also be used as a fashionable dress for street shooting.


As the most vibrant color in nature, of course, it will appear in our summer season, which can bring you a fresh and comfortable feeling. This year, the floral green dress that is favored by the fashion circle is your must-have style.

Of course, as the yellow skin, it is still the first choice for light color. It can be said that it is the most colorful color in the ice cream color. The best color for matching is white and gray!

If you want to wear a flowing workplace, you can choose the style of flowing yarn, add some small details of the strapless shoulders, and add a little sweetness to your gas field.

In the pool or at the beach, choosing a green swimsuit is also a must. The charm of green energy in the water’s comfort is really too high, and the swearing index is soaring!

Even the fashion women are too lazy to match the color, the most worry-free way to go out!!!

The same hue is not only the simplest color matching method, but also the trend of the next big dress. Have you tried darkness, redness, yellowness, or greenness? When you have no grasp of the bright colors, you can try this color scheme with low risk factor and harmony to bring you the unique and top level Configuration sense.

01 Hello, red~

In the red family, there are many changes from raspberry red to tomato red. Wearing red will make your day full of passion. This is a color that encourages and excites. When you have insufficient energy, you can wear it to replenish it. It still expresses The color of self-confidence and control.

02 Hello, yellow~

When you want to express your sense of existence with lightness, you must not miss the yellow color. It will definitely live up to your expectations. It is known as the “Sun Goddess” representative color, giving people a feeling of lightness, hope and vitality.

03 Hello, green~

Green is the popular color of 2019 horizontal development, because in the popular list, different greens account for several, the popular color gamut is very wide, how to choose. Wearing green clothes, no matter what the color value, will show creativity and imagination, while giving people a sense of calm and calm, is worthy of the color of life.

04 Hello, blue~

The medium color blue is the perfect color for the whole year’s wardrobe. The light blue color will bring more refreshing and pleasant feeling to the summer. The dark blue color is often used in more authoritative and mature. In a rational place, it is the color of security, the color of reason, and the color of neutrality.

05 Hello, purple~

In the purple attribute, there is blue calmness and red heat. Its temperature is unpredictable and full of mystery. Purple is a color that is very suitable for meditation, especially the light purple color, which can create a relaxed and soft atmosphere.

Even if it is any color system of red orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, because it belongs to the same color, it has a stable sense of unity, and it is generous and decent.

Winter Wear Color Guide (Ⅱ)

5.Deep Green + Black

Black has great inclusiveness, can match with various colors.
And it looks elegant with dark green.

Long deep green coat with black bottoming shirt.
Create a calm and stylish look in minutes.

6.Caramel Color + Earth Color

The caramel color and the earth color are both warm colors and similar.
Paired together, like syrup and milk tea, it is harmonious, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Generally, the inner and outer are selected to be deep and shallow.
This look is the inner chooses dark caramel color, and the jacket chooses a lighter earth color (camel), the overall look is free and easy.

7.Cherry Blossom Pink + Denim Blue

Light and fresh cherry blossom pink looks sweet, denim blue is quiet and cool, giving people a feeling of relaxation, quiet and pleasure.

These two colors are combined to make the look sweet and elegant, and also casual and comfortable.

8.Oats Color + Black

Oats Color is a combination of light camel, light gray and white.

Matched with black
Use a deep inner and shallow outer rules to create a minimalist and elegant style of dressing.

Make the whole look gentle and stylish.

Winter Wear Color Guide (Ⅰ)

The impression of wearing is often a large area of ​​color, the so-called color matching. Different color systems will give people different feelings.

What kind of color matching can make us warm and trendy in the cold winter? I hope to give you inspiration for the color matching I share today.

1.Camel + Black

Elegant camel is especially suitable for most people.

Combine the calm and fierce black with the light and gentle camel color, which makes the overall look smart and capable. This combination is suitable for both fashionable commuting and holding formal occasions. It is suitable for girls who are in a neutral style.

2.Warm soft sand color + Beige

The soft sand color is delicate and warm, and always reminds you of the sun-filled beach, which is very suitable for the cold winter.

Beige is elegant and unassuming, the overall look looks comfortable and clean.

The warm sand color + beige combination exudes an innate sense of superiority.

3.Earth color + Olive green

The earth color comes with a sense of high quality, which is a very tolerant color. Suitable for anyone with any skin color and temperament.
Anyone can find a earth-colored single item that suits you.

And the versatile earth color with vibrant olive green, can bring a vibrant atmosphere to the bleak winter.

This kind of collocation has both a fresh and natural side, and it can also show mature and elegant. It is suitable for the cool girls who want street style, but also for the cold and elegant girls.

4.Caramel color + Dead leaf orange

The dead leaf orange is actually bright orange, which can help you look nice, and bring a bright to the gray winter.

If you think that the bright dead leaf color is garish, you can use a large area of ​​caramel color and a small area of ​​dead leaf orange to reduce the saturation of the overall look.

More color matching see next post.