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I don’t like dresses and trousers, 3 kinds of cool pants are packed quickly.

Look tired of fresh and pleasant dresses, may wish to cool down in summer with pants!

Although it is summer, not all MMs like to wear elegant dresses. Some people like to wear some neat and trousers, so in some special cases, it will be more convenient, and it is not easy to get out.

Cool high waist shorts

Cool shorts must be the first choice for summer, but among the many shorts, high-waist shorts stand out with effective stretch legs and a sleek finish.

If you are a girl with more meat on the PP and thighs, then the high waist shorts are tailored for you! However, because denim fabrics are poorly breathable, they should not be chosen as much as possible. You can choose cotton, linen and other fabrics that absorb sweat and breathe well.

3D three-dimensional tailoring design, the upper body is more spacious and stylish. The widened waistline design makes you feel more comfortable and comfortable. The wide-brimmed trousers are designed to make the lines of the legs even thinner!

Trendy wide-leg pants

In recent years, wide-leg pants have become a trend. The reason for the popularity of wide-leg pants has been said many times: comfortable, Tibetan meat, fashionable, so the heat has not decreased in recent years. Anything that is relevant to wearing fashion, wide-leg pants can occupy a place.

Wide-leg pants are called wide-leg pants because their trouser legs are wider and have the same width from the crotch to the hem. Therefore, the wide-shoulder girl is not suitable for soft materials. Cleverly hidden.

Comfortable sweatpants

The trend of sports pants is strong, and it has not stopped for a few years. The comfortable and loose features are also very suitable for summer wear, and the casual and simple design is matched with the stress and is loved by the fashionable people.

A simple t-shirt with a sneaker, the effect will be wonderful. If you feel too dull, you can choose a brighter style, easily break the monotony of the season, and be full of energy, walking on the street is very eye-catching!

The side stripes are decorated to the street. The hem of the trousers is designed with a small personality in the casual. The elastic waist design makes it easy to put on and take off.

The design of the elastic drawstring is comfortable for the upper body. Intimate beam design for better fit to the ankle. The loose version of the design, the upper body is comfortable and free!

The refreshing mix of summers is more than just a dress, and the right pair of pants can make you fashionable in the summer!