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The dark colors are gone, and the rainbow will be worn on this summer!

In the summer of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, don’t take the dark and simple style of autumn and winter. Summer is to be rich in color.

Tie-dye element

Tie-dye elements are expected to be worn in the spring of 2019. It is absolutely fashionable to wear them. The trousers can be matched with white trousers and tie-dyed tops, so that the tie-dye does not look too bright.

On the skirt, you can choose the tie-dye effect in the upper part and the solid color dress in the lower part. Otherwise, choose the tie-dyed style tie-dye skirt + the same base as the tie-dye main color.

Rainbow stripes

These two sets of spring and summer show dresses are amazing for F Jun. They are wide-band color design and more mature.

The pinstripes are even more fresh, especially on the top of the knit top, which is simply a unicorn that has always been colored, and the dream can’t move the eyes.

Color stripes are also a good choice for holiday style dresses.

Color download

Some of the baby’s upper body is not very slender, or the skin is not white enough, you can move the center of the color down to a piece like a skirt and pants.

The top should try to choose a low-key color, so it seems that the focus is not too dazzling, the type of color of the stripes depends on you, can be one or more.

Contrast accessories

Of course, there are also really incompetent bags, but it is also a good choice as a decoration, such as small items such as bags, the details of the small objects can also add points for you.

In addition, there are colored shoes or hats, which are small items. No burden, but it can make you look more eye-catching when paired.