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The suit jacket is on fire, but oversize is even more fire!Learning to wear ,you will be the focus of attention

In recent years, blazers have become one of the representatives of the trend, especially in women’s wear. In addition to the good match, there is no reason to have a kind of momentum. The close-fitting blazer has a formal aesthetic, while the loose blazer have more fashion sense, we take you to see what the blazer has to do! 

 blazer + skinny pants

A loose blazer paired with narrow pants creates the illusion of a wider top and narrower bottom, creating slimmer legs and better lines.Additional, narrow pipe pants often gives a person a kind of intellectual vision to experience, build on greatly jacket of the suit is promotion more imposing manner.

suit coat + wide leg pants

Wide pants have become very popular in recent years. In addition to being comfortable to wear, they are also one of the fashionable representative items. The blazer with wide pants has a kind of woman’s sense of tolerance, whether with a pair of shoes or flat shoes, there is a visual experience that attracts attention.

 suit match

A suit in which the upper body is in agreement with the lower body is more powerful than the other. With the combination of all-body loose pieces, it’s on the top of the tide! It will attract the eyes of the others, and it’s the focus of the eye!

I have several suit jackets, every time put on the feeling is very powerful! In addition to good-looking, but also very good match, whether shoes or heels are perfect! Do you have several suits and jackets? Try these ways!