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Simple White Top & Blue Jeans, Never Outdated

White & Blue, the most common color matching is also the most easy to wear.
The following outfit ideas can help you with your daily look.

  • Street look

In daily life, white top with blue jeans, this match is simple and casual.
The details are small highlights, different knit lines, different belts of jeans.

♦ In these two looks, the wear idea is white knit sweaters with cropped pants or skinny jeans. Matched with a small bag, the whole look is casual and elegant.

♦ In daily outings, white and blue can also match with red sweaters.
Match Idea: white sweater + white cardigan + cropped jeans + white booties.

♦ In winter, strap jeans may be a good choice. It can make you look energetic and younger.
You can use a white knit jacket to make the whole look.

♦ Long white cardigan makes you more kindly, some elements like cartoon patterns and strip can make the overall look more stylish.

♦ White sweater with jeans, when choosing a jacket, there are not too many requirements, you can create your own style.

♦ Knit cardigan, you can match it like this: white knit cardigan + black inside + blue jeans + black shoes.

Get Some Fashion Ideas From Jessie Bush ——Outfit-Handbag Pairings!

Fashion icons are always big news every time they are seen in public, not only for their outfits but also for the handbags they have selected to carry with them. A handbag is not only very practical – it can put some makeup tools and small items – and the right match can improve the fashion level of the whole look.

However, no matter how expensive and beautiful the bag it is, if you are not able to match it with your clothes, it will not only waste the bag, but also greatly reduce the harmony of the overall look!

Today, let’s take a look at how fashion blogger Jessie Bush match bags with clothes, and teach you how to use handbags to enhance sense of fashion.

1.Charming Women Style

The same color matching method is the easiest to get start. This red printed handbag and red printed dress show a deep and shallow matching of the same color, creating a very elegant feeling.

The hit of two high saturation colors is basically not strange. The orange long shoulder strap bag is matched with a pure white deep V lace skirt, which instantly creates a lazy holiday atmosphere, casual and stylish.

2.Cool & Casual Style

This embroidered hit color bag not only shows the elegant but also neutralized the cool feeling of the black blazer + the same color sunglasses.

3.Sweet & Girly Style

Bags and clothes can also be strong contrasting colors, such as this bright red bag, it is easy to become the highlight of the whole body. And then paired with white + black hit color clothing, is very eye-catching.

High-waist shorts + waisted backless shirt, create a perfect body proportion!
The brightly colored trumpet bag is suitable for summer, the fresh macaron pink and the floral print of the shirt are in the same colors, and the lively feeling comes out immediately.

4.Brief Work Style

Is the British plaid suits a little serious? Then put on a beige handbag, matched it with the white blouse, which makes the overall look more uniform and softens the whole person’s temperament. The waist-up version of the top and the high-heeled & cropped trousers are small tips for lengthening the height.

If it is just a combination of rose pink sweater and sapphire blue shoes, as well as the combination of navy British plaid pants, it looks like a sense of chaos. But only need to put on a classic green square bag, the whole look immediately has a center, not too dull or not too conspicuous, is a very stylish feeling!

Improve The Fashion Level, These Earrings Help You!

Everyone is pursuing fashion, even if you have a beautiful face and perfect body, but have no ideas of matching clothes can not show your own fashion styles.

There is a saying that “people rely on clothing”, people who good at matching can often be more eye-catching, so girls are pursuing stylish hair, fashion wear.

However, some girls have neglected the important role played by some accessories in the overall dress, such as beautiful earrings.

With exquisite makeup, but no beautiful earrings to match, always missing some of the feel. So If you want to make yourself more beautiful, you must not lose the earrings that can enhance the fashion level!

NO.1: Geometric Earrings

Girls who like personality can try to wear some large geometric earrings.
This kind of earrings is exaggerated compared with other earrings.

Of course, it is more eye-catching, and it also has the effect of modifying the face shape. It will make your face looks smaller in comparison.

NO.2: Elegant Long Earrings

Compared with the big earrings of personality, the long earrings have some elegant feelings.

Some ladies will prefer this kind of exquisite design. There will always be some beautiful embellishments at the bottom of the earrings, sway while walking, let others’ eyes not be consciously attracted to you, is also a kind of eye-catching earrings.

NO.3: Fashion Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the earliest type of earrings that are worn conveniently. The small and exquisite design, the front pattern will cling to the earlobe part, so that you can not feel the tear of the earrings.

You can do what ever you want with no afraid of your earrings will falling down. Such earrings are also very popular among girls.

In short, in addition to the matching of clothes, the use of jewelry is also very important, so that you can keep the fashion in the details.