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How Long Will It Take To Create Your Own Fashion Style From Zero?

Have you studied your wardrobe? Do you want to have your own style of dressing? How long will it take to create a style of yourself?

Love Mix&Match, and also like shopping.
But always feel that something is missing?
Also know what is suitable for others may not suitable for yourself.
But don’t know what style is right for you?

Faced with a lot of clothes but don’t know how to match?
Well, your wardrobe is asking you,
What is your dress style?
Can you make your look be eye-catching and make people be impressed?

If you can’t answer, it’s better to let everything go to zero
Create a dress style from zero.

Week 1-2

Know Yorself

The most important first step is to know yourself.

Before you have a certain self-style, you must first know yourself. To know what you were in the past, and what style you want to make yourself in the future.

First of all, you need to spend about two weeks to take photos of your daily wear. Attention, it is your usual daily wear, take photos of what you worn before in daily life, no need to spend time on matching.

After two weeks, look back on your daily looks and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Which look do you like/dislike most in the past two weeks, and why?
  • Do yo satisfied with your looks in the past two weeks? Give each look a point from 1-10.
  • Describe your recent dress style with three adjectives.
  • List the colors you wear most often in the past two weeks. Are think about are these colors suitable for you? Do you buy it often?
  • Which type of clothing do you wear most often, and what are the reasons for wearing them?

When you have a basic impression of your wardrobe and everyday wear, we can move on to the second step.

Week 3

Find a style icon

Pick out your favorite items from your wardrobe, and items that satisfied your expectations. Write down your favorite style.

For the matching and items that you are not satisfied with, please find out the reasons. Write down the matching skills you want to improve. For example, how to look slim? What to wear in work days?

And them, according to your own needs, look for a style icon that suits your expectations. At this step, you don’t need too many complicated matching skills, use basic items to show your own fashion style.

Do Not Miss The Suits To Be A “Trend Setter”

Suits have always been a must-have for men, they show gentleman’s attitude and handsome. But is the suit really only suitable for men?

Yves Saint Laurent’s founder Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Chanel has liberated women, and I have made women more powerful.” So, there is a neutral style smoking suit for women.

Of course, smoking suit is more than just a combination of black suits and white shirts, but I have to admit that suits are no longer exclusive to men. Slowly, the suit walked from the office to Fashion Week, and create a trend by fashion icons.

As an entry-level player in suits, choosing black, white or grey is probably not easy to make mistakes. These colors don’t require matching skills and are very friendly to any skin colors. You can easily wear it casually and neatly.

Suits have a strong brief style, girls who like neutral style have to try it.

With the changing trend of fashion, camel has become another classic color after black, white and grey, especially in autumn and winter, camel has become a favorite color of many girls.

Unlike the cool feeling of black and white, the camel suit is more elegant and easier to wear.

Of course, if the basic color system can’t satisfy your fashion needs, the colorful color suits must not be missed!

Completely break the stereotyped and boring impression of the suit, and let you become the street fashion icon in minutes.

With the resurgence of the retro style, the plaid has once again become a hot element in the fashion circle, and of course suits will use this element.

The plaid suit both has the feeling of vintage and stylish, is quiet eye-catching.

Plaid suits are easier to match than solid colors. The addition of the plaid can easily erase the dullness of the suit and make the whole look lively.

And suits can not only be matched with pants but also dress, which is why I think everyone should have a suit for your wardrobe.

Do You Know These 4 Types Of Choices When You Wear Black pants?

Whether you are in love with a skirt or a pair of pants, there is still no resistance to black pants. The black pants have been in the fashion circle for many years, with its incomparable slim and versatility. releasing unique charm values ​​at any time throughout the year.

There are many types of small black pants, which have different effects, and can be used for different leg types of girls, with unexpected magical effects.

  • Black Straight Pants

The straight wide-leg pants version is very suitable for girls who are not particularly good legs, especially for girls with X-legs and O-legs. This straight wide-leg pants can be used to modify the leg shape. Hide the meat under the pants, completely thin.

The black straight pants are very simple, so don’t worry about difficult to match. The high-waist design will make your legs look slimmer. In the winter, we can use it with a down jacket or a coat to wear stylish

  • Wonderful School Uniform Pants

School uniform pants are especially popular in recent years. Among them, black school uniform pants are the most popular. Many fashionable people wear them. The slimming effect is very good. Stripes can better stretch the legs and let your legs look even more perfect.

Not only the stripes, but also a lot of buttons are decorated on the side. This design effect can be better to look slim, and is very fashionable, classic black and white, no need to worry about be outdated

  • Tight Black pants

When it comes to black pants, many people will think of tight black pants. Tight black pants have been popular since 10 years. They look very slim because they can tightly fit the legs, so they will be even more highlight the leg type, do not try as much as possible for girls with poor leg shape, but slimming long legs can choose tight black pants to show your advantage.

The velvet style is more suitable for winter wear, and the more compact version can be even thinner

  • Vintage Bell-bottoms

With the popularity of retro style, flared pants have become a popular indicator in recent years, while black bell-bottoms have a slimming effect, especially the large bell legs can highlight the slenderness of the thighs.

The design of the raw edges is very retro-styled, can create an unruly style, is very stylish. And the design is not particularly exaggerated, it is suitable for daily life.