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How to match the red trench coat?

The red trench coat is a piece that I personally like very much, but I usually choose a dark red trench coat, which is relatively inconspicuous and easier to match. The difference in the effect of different materials and different patterns is great. Let’s take a look!W

1.With denim skirt, plaid skirt, pleated ski

Although they are all paired with half skirts, the styles presented are different. I personally prefer to wear a denim skirt, which is relatively more playful and youthful. The pleated skirt is more attractive, suitable for girls with narrow waist and narrow hips.

2. With a baseball cap, black dress

I personally like this set with a baseball cap, which is relatively more energetic. The micro-trousers can also show the legs straight and straight, and can also cover the shortcomings of the calf. The color-matched red trench coat with black dress is also a very unique and personalized set.

3. With leather pants, striped shirt

A red trench coat with a pair of leather shorts, a very handsome set. The red trench coat itself is very bright, with a striped shirt, and a bit young in the lively.

4.With floral dress

I personally like to use a red female style with a floral dress. The large area of floral flowers can add a fresh sense of the whole set, making people look both romantic and feminine.

In addition, you can also use a small area of floral dress, such as a floral dress with a sweater is also a good choice.

5. With wide leg pants, micro trousers, halter tops

With wide-leg pants, the micro-pull pants will be relatively more sophisticated, but the temperament presented is different. Relatively speaking, wide-leg pants will be more attractive, and micro-pants will be more diligent. Paired with a halter top, it can increase the feminine appeal of women.