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How to match the red trench coat?

The red trench coat is a piece that I personally like very much, but I usually choose a dark red trench coat, which is relatively inconspicuous and easier to match. The difference in the effect of different materials and different patterns is great. Let’s take a look!W

1.With denim skirt, plaid skirt, pleated ski

Although they are all paired with half skirts, the styles presented are different. I personally prefer to wear a denim skirt, which is relatively more playful and youthful. The pleated skirt is more attractive, suitable for girls with narrow waist and narrow hips.

2. With a baseball cap, black dress

I personally like this set with a baseball cap, which is relatively more energetic. The micro-trousers can also show the legs straight and straight, and can also cover the shortcomings of the calf. The color-matched red trench coat with black dress is also a very unique and personalized set.

3. With leather pants, striped shirt

A red trench coat with a pair of leather shorts, a very handsome set. The red trench coat itself is very bright, with a striped shirt, and a bit young in the lively.

4.With floral dress

I personally like to use a red female style with a floral dress. The large area of floral flowers can add a fresh sense of the whole set, making people look both romantic and feminine.

In addition, you can also use a small area of floral dress, such as a floral dress with a sweater is also a good choice.

5. With wide leg pants, micro trousers, halter tops

With wide-leg pants, the micro-pull pants will be relatively more sophisticated, but the temperament presented is different. Relatively speaking, wide-leg pants will be more attractive, and micro-pants will be more diligent. Paired with a halter top, it can increase the feminine appeal of women.

This “high-grade gray” trousers is the best fashion item of the season!

White trousers are not dirty and fat, black trousers are too Boring, what pants should I wear in spring? The promise is the shade of gray.

“Advanced Grey” is not just called, it is easier to match than black, and more neutral than light color; with innate elegance, and can skillfully enhance the gas field, it is no wonder that the Queen of the goods can not Resist the charm of it.

The Morandi color of the popular fashion circle last year is actually a high-grade gray system. The low-saturation color looks like the material fabric is high and pure, and it has a cold feeling of kindness!

Black and gray is the most professional style, like a jacket with a suit jacket or a high-grade satin shirt.

The set of gray is more to test the skin color, the girl who is not white enough can try light gray!

Advanced earth color items can also be used with grey trousers, and the gentle tones of the same color are gentle and atmospheric.

You can also choose a vibrant color scheme like hailey baldwin, such as pink, green, orange or sapphire blue, which is highly saturated, gentle and age-reducing, and effectively avoids the gray “short board” old feeling~

Appropriate silver items can also add gray pants to watch!

The windbreaker + skirt, spring is in the fashion and has a feminine taste!

Spring does not know what to wear, basically a windbreaker can be solved, whether it is with a skirt or pants, full of fashion.

The windbreaker and skirt are the most representative of the feeling of spring. The retro long trench coat is matched with a gentle pleated skirt, which is elegant and graceful.

The leather windbreaker is handsome, and the special fabric has a shiny feel, which can better modify the figure. With a feminine dress, you can also create a balance of the mother.

The printed skirt is the standard for spring, with a light beige long trench coat and a French street feel.

The short windbreaker is more friendly to the little ones, and the tighter dressing on the short skirt will be even thinner, and the proportion will be even better.

Suede trench coat with black skirt and small white T, full of retro street style, slim and chic!

Khaki windbreaker with denim skirt and small white shoes is sporty and casual, simple and atmospheric!

This year’s fire wave of skirts and skirts with windbreakers, as if returning to the vintage era, the strong Hong Kong star wind blowing.

The irregularly designed skirts are very distinctive, and the matching of the same color is more advanced.

The black pleated skirt is restrained and elegant, and the windbreaker allows you to stand out from the crowd in minutes!

The matching of windbreaker + skirt has been shared, and the little fairies will get up quickly!

4 selection of new season trench coats to help you prop up the early spring!

The windbreaker is almost a fashionable weapon for the girls in the spring, and it is suitable for occasions. Commuting, dating, and going out of the street… With different clothes, you can arbitrarily sculpt various shapes. This year’s T-stage is also lacking in this necessities. Burberry, known for its windbreaker, used silk scarves to play with classic fabrics this year; Chloe and Tibi focused on fabric innovation; young brands such as Sacai More directly deconstructing the windbreaker, and joined the popular lattice elements this year, so that the windbreaker’s fashion is more than imagined.

Minimalist style

Despite the fact that the sexually chilly and minimalist fashion boom has passed for a few years, the minimalist style has been retained as a style. The minimalist style windbreaker removes the extra parts of the classic windbreaker, such as windshield, D-ring, belt, etc. It is more slender and capable to wear.

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker is more suitable for the cool girl in the heart, the style of the shoulder sleeves makes the clothes more relaxed and stylish, even if it is more than a few pounds of meat, it will not be easy to see. It is recommended to wear skinny pants, otherwise it will be pressed.

Stitching design trench coat

Stitching is the focus of this year’s fashion. Whether it’s a splicing of hot plaids or a splicing of light-weight yarn fabrics, it will be refreshing and can be a fashion focus without spending too much thought.

Soft fabric trench coat

The classic traditional windbreaker fabric is mostly twill cotton, which is stiff and heavy. This year, the soft fabric is more popular. It is visually smoother and more elegant. It walks like a skirt, gentle and romantic.

Paris Fashion week: classic patterns return to New Trends in 2019

With the successful conclusion of Paris Fashion week, the first fashion event of 2019-the Big four Fashion week-came to an end. Fashion week has come to an end, but this year’s fashion battle is just beginning. In the romantic Paris of France, the fashionable people use the unique practical temperament to interpret the latest trend of the year. What is the operation ?!

Classical lattice

When it comes to the highest-profile prints at Fashion week, there will be a spot in the pattern. In 2017, the popular classic pattern was back in the center, and back in 9102, it became the favorite of designers. Practical but not out of fashion, said the classic pattern is the most enduring fashion elements on the runway can not be overdone.

Louis Vuitton (pictured above) has always been the focus of attention at Fashion week, when they moved the show to the artistic Louvre, where we saw all kinds of pattern elements in 40 sets of costumes, except for traditional patterns. There is also a very creative pattern of patterns-Checker pattern.

On the show, Chanel CHANEL has always been an elusive presence-Spring and Summer Fashion week has moved the beach to the runway, but in autumn and winter it has once again taken the forest to Paris. White, beige, black as the main tone, supplemented by grid printing, showing the pure and elegant winter.

The Parisian Balenciaga red pattern is also a stylish, irresistible runway fashion.

MASHAMA, a young brand, continues its obsession with multiple tailoring, asymmetrical tailoring and deconstruction, re-stitching of needle-and-shuttle fabrics, and the design of patterns that together shape modern women’s independence.

Women’s dresses trends in 2019 spring and summer,those who are late, elegant, stylish people can not miss!

Dress is an indispensable item for the Goddess. Today, the retro style has never been so popular. Under the influence of the retro fashion, the silhouette of the dress is also closed to the elegant, delicate and independent feeling. Typical court bud sleeves, elegant square collars, fluffy skirts, and cascading cake skirts are the focus of 19 spring and summer clothing design. Let us take the modern society’s unique aesthetic angle of view, walk into the 50-60’s, experience for a long time the retro-ancient customs and customs bar!

【Elegant understanding of V-collar】

V inverted triangle design, position in the most appropriate depth, not excessive exaggeration, slightly sexy, more delicate, intellectual, elegant and charming.

【Vintage Square Neck】

Square collar design, compared with V-collar, more bone sense, collar line smooth, so that the beauty of collarbone more vivid display.

【Ultra-fine shoulder strap hanging dress】

This extremely thin shoulder strap and light chiffon combine to create the light touch and the sense of fracture, showing the tenacity and lightness of the girl’s feelings.

【Oversized lapel】

The ultra-neckline design can well cover the shoulder, creating a full visual sense of the shoulders for a slightly narrower girl on the shoulder.

【Girdle dress】

Ring-collar design, add hollowed embroidery decoration, lotus leaf folding, bow tie outline, decorative pleated design on the front collar, create a delicate and beautiful shoulder sense.

【Flower bract sleeve】

The design of flower bud cuffs, whether with square collar, small button shirt collar, or intellectual beauty V-collar, or small collar, brings a strong sense of retro. With gauze fabric, the feeling of fresh summer is created all the time.

【Exaggerated lantern sleeve】

Different from the previous design of lantern sleeves, 19 spring and summer lantern sleeve design more exaggerated and large. More like the shape of the flower, with a small piece of Yukov decoration design, will become the new focus of desig.

【Bundle waist high waist line】

High waist design, mostly using yarn fabric, flexible cable laying technology and arc design, can well hide a little extra weight on the stomach.

【Gauze-type Tiered Skirt】

Tiered skirt in soft yarn fabric, v slightly penetrating yarn design, cascade lotus leaf edge, a good display of women’s sweet and sexy.

Jeanne Damas – Representative of French Romance And Confidence

Jeanne Damas is a fashion blogger from Paris, France, and is one of the hottest fashion bloggers. Jeanne Damas’s casual, romantic and natural style is very fascinating.

She is not the beauty face of the current aesthetic, nor does she have a perfect body, but she has acquired fashion by relying on her own self-confidence, elegance and freedom of dressing.

People who have seen Jeanne Damas will be deeply attracted to her.
The slightly messy and unmodified mid-length hair is always filled with careless laziness but reveals the self-confidence and freedom from the bones.
Even the picture that is not blurred, this sense of casualness and freedom is very fascinating, this should be what every girl looks forward to.

Jeanne Damas has here own brand Rouje, and Rouje is completely Jeanne Damas’ own style.

Jeanne Damas doesn’t wear big names. She likes floral skirts, micro-bar jeans, vests, etc. This kind of item that can perfectly show the curves and charm of women, so that her confidence is infected and affects others. She also likes the basket. and rattan shoes, these natural and comfortable accessories.

Jeanne Damas incorporates her “images” into Rouje, which she considers to be the encounter and collision between sophistication sobre and sensualité assumée.

Rouje not only reveals Jeanne Damas’ own life and consciousness, but also shows the fashion of Paris, or old Paris: vests, mini skirts, floral skirts, micro-bar jeans… these are the memories of the Parisian symbols.

And for the creation and success of Rouje, Jeanne Damas is very grateful to herself and pays tribute to all the women who inspired her. She said:

——”I am surrounded by a lot of strong and feminine women: my mother, sister, aunt, friends. I am immersed in the charm that they can hold from simple details. For example, a gait, a way of speaking, a gesture, or a way of dressing.”

At the same time, Jeanne Damas also launched the book Livre A Paris by her friend Lauren Bastide.

The book mainly depicts Parisian women, portraits of Parisian women, their behavior, elegance, spirit and their definition of elegance.

Let’s take a closer look at Jeanne Damas’s outfit and her Rouje, and feel the collision between Jeanne Damas and Paris in the next page~