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The windbreaker + skirt, spring is in the fashion and has a feminine taste!

Spring does not know what to wear, basically a windbreaker can be solved, whether it is with a skirt or pants, full of fashion.

The windbreaker and skirt are the most representative of the feeling of spring. The retro long trench coat is matched with a gentle pleated skirt, which is elegant and graceful.

The leather windbreaker is handsome, and the special fabric has a shiny feel, which can better modify the figure. With a feminine dress, you can also create a balance of the mother.

The printed skirt is the standard for spring, with a light beige long trench coat and a French street feel.

The short windbreaker is more friendly to the little ones, and the tighter dressing on the short skirt will be even thinner, and the proportion will be even better.

Suede trench coat with black skirt and small white T, full of retro street style, slim and chic!

Khaki windbreaker with denim skirt and small white shoes is sporty and casual, simple and atmospheric!

This year’s fire wave of skirts and skirts with windbreakers, as if returning to the vintage era, the strong Hong Kong star wind blowing.

The irregularly designed skirts are very distinctive, and the matching of the same color is more advanced.

The black pleated skirt is restrained and elegant, and the windbreaker allows you to stand out from the crowd in minutes!

The matching of windbreaker + skirt has been shared, and the little fairies will get up quickly!

Why other people’s suits are fashion, but yours is work clothes.

The suit jacket is moderately thick and is one of the items that are popular in early spring and have a high rate of appearance. If you have the habit of flipping through the street shooting, will you suddenly feel doubtful about life? The same is a suit item, why do you and the stylish upper body effect, is the difference between a capital buyer show and a seller show? Most likely you don’t get the correct way to open it.

As one of the commuter items, one of the attributes of the suit is the overalls. But in addition to formal occasions, small suits can also have a good fashion in casual scenes. How to get rid of the sense of tooling? Today, from the design, matching and other aspects, to analyze it.

1: Material selection

Suit fabrics should be familiar to everyone, crisp and restrained, in line with the requirements of commuting scenes. In order to stay away from the tooling as much as possible, we need to try fabrics of other materials. A very popular velvet suit in the past, modern and advanced, can be replaced with a thinner silk satin fabric in early spring, the same sense of gorgeous, looks very “rich” feeling.

In addition, chiffon, cotton and linen blazer is also good. On the one hand, the light and thin feel of the fabric itself can weaken the solemn atmosphere, on the other hand, it has its own casual temperament, just to get rid of the sense of tooling. Chiffon suits tend to be more celebrity temperament, while cotton and linen suits are more relaxed and casual.

2: Color selection

Although the black and white colors are classic, it is inevitable that there is a bit of tedium in the early spring, so let’s have some atmosphere of active colors. It is not recommended to choose a color with too high saturation and brightness. It is easy to have a frivolous feeling, and the skin color that is not very white is difficult to control. The Morandi color with a little gray tone is a very good choice. It is also very temperament and creates a sense of quality.

Even if you choose a bright suit, you should pay attention to the rules. Don’t take too light and too bright inside, the whole person is like a moving reflector, it is not enough texture. The sleek shape is smarter, that is, the choice of the color is similar to the inner lap, so that the overall more unified coordination, not easy to make mistakes, but also appears to be “very wearable.”

3: Style selection

The requirements of the commuter equipment are line convergence, tailoring and fitting, so the casual suit can be reversed, and the line with more tension and loose version is selected. A wide-shoulder suit, such as the popular two-year-old suit, creates a vintage old school style. And the straight-hand boyfriend wind suit that is necessary for the man, lazy and fashionable.

The suit is the easiest to use style, effortless to match, can also play a lot of creativity. In addition to the color sense suit, try a style with lines or prints to make it easier to color. In recent years, the suits with letter elements are more popular, the “golden style” of the whole body logo, or the street-style part of the local embellishment, are very eye-catching.

4: Modeling

Mixing is probably the most popular topic of fashion. Because the suit has a formal sense compared to other items, it can be combined with casual temperament pieces to create a strong fashion spark. For example, if you want to create a modern and avant-garde temperament, you can mix and match the more sturdy leather items. When bloggers and female stars attend the event, they love the style of this gas field.

As a representative of neutral temperament clothing, suits can also mix and match more feminine items, and play the popular “Niang Cool Balance Wind”. That is to say, there is a neutral wind, cool, and feminine and gentle, so that it is not too sweet, nor will it lose its true color. Suit jackets and small skirts of various styles can be combined with confidence.

In addition to the modern and the mother wind, street feeling is also a popular topic. Such as sporty pants, sneakers, and casual jeans, sweaters, etc., are the best choice for street mix. The “contrast” between casual items and formal wear will make the style easy and fun.

Even if you choose a solid color suit, it is not a place to play. It may become the crowning touch. For example, with the “old cadre turtleneck”, it is the current trend, a bit of abstinence and advanced. If you want to create even more stunning visual effects, the gorgeous and elegant Victorian shirts, or the sexy and sleek laces, will collide with the suits unexpectedly.

The new way to wear a knit cardigan makes you beautiful!

The moderately thick knit cardigan is just the need of every girl in this season. It can be worn as a jacket, or it can be used as a base, and it can also block the cold in early spring, not only keep warm, but also have great affinity. Knitted shirts have a lot of pieces, Don’t know how to wear them? In fact, every knitted cardigan that is pressed by the bottom of your box is an angel with wings. If you wear it well, you can still shine.

Stacked + blazer

If you are used to wearing a suit with a shirt or a pullover sweater, try changing a knit cardigan! It will greatly weaken the serious face of the suit and bring fashion to your workplace. The girls in the north, if the weather is too cold, you can put a high-necked bottoming shirt in the sweater. The effect of three overlapping wears is more visually rich and it is easy to display the matching skills.

Knitwear + fairy dress

The tuxedo and chiffon-like fairy dresses should be put on , remember to put on the boots and keep warm . At the same time, it is recommended to choose a medium-length sweater to wear and tie. A belt will make you look more confident .

Knitwear + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is exquisite in craftsmanship, and the effect of wearing the upper body is more exquisite and durable. With a V-neck classic color cardigan, it is extremely elegant and feminine. It is very suitable for wearing out dating and shopping with girlfriends.

Knitwear + cropped trousers / flared pants

Just pull out an ordinary cardigan from the bottom of the cabinet. Just like this year’s popular cropped trousers or flared pants, the fashion sense can be brought back to life. If you give the cardigan a simple high-necked shirt, it will be more layered. The visual effect will be more abundant, and the fashion sense will simply increase the octave.


This year’s knitwear, in addition to the classic solid color system, it is recommended to start a fashion pattern, bright floral knit cardigan. At the same time, the patterns of natural ethnic style are also highly recommended! Try it now!

Paris Fashion week: classic patterns return to New Trends in 2019

With the successful conclusion of Paris Fashion week, the first fashion event of 2019-the Big four Fashion week-came to an end. Fashion week has come to an end, but this year’s fashion battle is just beginning. In the romantic Paris of France, the fashionable people use the unique practical temperament to interpret the latest trend of the year. What is the operation ?!

Classical lattice

When it comes to the highest-profile prints at Fashion week, there will be a spot in the pattern. In 2017, the popular classic pattern was back in the center, and back in 9102, it became the favorite of designers. Practical but not out of fashion, said the classic pattern is the most enduring fashion elements on the runway can not be overdone.

Louis Vuitton (pictured above) has always been the focus of attention at Fashion week, when they moved the show to the artistic Louvre, where we saw all kinds of pattern elements in 40 sets of costumes, except for traditional patterns. There is also a very creative pattern of patterns-Checker pattern.

On the show, Chanel CHANEL has always been an elusive presence-Spring and Summer Fashion week has moved the beach to the runway, but in autumn and winter it has once again taken the forest to Paris. White, beige, black as the main tone, supplemented by grid printing, showing the pure and elegant winter.

The Parisian Balenciaga red pattern is also a stylish, irresistible runway fashion.

MASHAMA, a young brand, continues its obsession with multiple tailoring, asymmetrical tailoring and deconstruction, re-stitching of needle-and-shuttle fabrics, and the design of patterns that together shape modern women’s independence.

How To Wear A Good Spring Look? These Looks Are Fashionable And Energetic.

Spring is a very energetic season, and everything is reviving. In such a season, people should wear energetic , so how to wear fashionable and energetic? Here are some classic outfits for the spring:

First, the skirt with leather clothing

In the early spring, the temperature is not very high, so you still need to wear a jacket. It is very suitable to choose a leather clothing for your spring jacket. The feeling that girls wear leather clothes is very energetic and very youthful. And some girls wearing leather clothes will be boyish, this time you can wear a mid-length dress, so that you can neutralize the
neutral feeling, add some girlish, more youthful and lively.

Second, the coat with jeans

How can you miss coats in spring? Coat is a favorite item for many girls in spring.
The most classic color of coats are camel and black, which give a very brief and elegant feeling, and very suitable for spring. You can match a camel or black coat with a pair of blue jeans, the overall look will be stylish and elegant, making people look more energetic and more youthful.

Third, jeans with a small suit

This is a very suitable match for women in the workplace in spring. The fashionable jeans are matched with the small suits, give people the feeling that they are very capable and very energetic, and also give people a mature feeling. It will be more stylish If you can match a pair of high heels

Fourth, jeans with sweater

Knitwear is a popular item, and it is very suitable for spring wear. Wearing a knitwear will give you a kind feeling, and with a pair of jeans, the whole look will add some vitality, making people more youthful and fashionable.

Simple White Top & Blue Jeans, Never Outdated

White & Blue, the most common color matching is also the most easy to wear.
The following outfit ideas can help you with your daily look.

  • Street look

In daily life, white top with blue jeans, this match is simple and casual.
The details are small highlights, different knit lines, different belts of jeans.

♦ In these two looks, the wear idea is white knit sweaters with cropped pants or skinny jeans. Matched with a small bag, the whole look is casual and elegant.

♦ In daily outings, white and blue can also match with red sweaters.
Match Idea: white sweater + white cardigan + cropped jeans + white booties.

♦ In winter, strap jeans may be a good choice. It can make you look energetic and younger.
You can use a white knit jacket to make the whole look.

♦ Long white cardigan makes you more kindly, some elements like cartoon patterns and strip can make the overall look more stylish.

♦ White sweater with jeans, when choosing a jacket, there are not too many requirements, you can create your own style.

♦ Knit cardigan, you can match it like this: white knit cardigan + black inside + blue jeans + black shoes.

Use Basic Items To Create A Stylish Look Right Away

Basic shirt is a must-have for your wardrobe. Do not miss it.
And fashionable classic jeans, no matter matched with what, can always show its fashion characteristics.

Therefore, today I want to introduce you the shirt + jeans, the basic items match, let your fashion style be easy to get. So now let’s take a look at these shirts + jeans!

Basic Items: Blue Denim Shirt + Blue Jeans

This outfit only uses one color for clothes, looks simple and stylish, and it can help to make your body proportion looks better.
Flare pants are designed to easily solve the problem of thick legs. Adding a stitching color design, which is not monotonous. Matched with high-heeled shoes on the feet and a red bag, the whole look is elegant and quiet eye-catching.

Blue & White, visually refreshing

The top is a white shirt. Everyone wears a shirt in the fall, so if you want to have a different style, you can choose to tie a knot at the waist. In this way will make you look more fashionable.

We can pick basic items like shirt and jeans in autumn. Blue jeans are suitable for daily life, casually and comfortable to wear. The cut-out design of the bottom of the trousers also adds fashion sense.

A short top with high waist pants make it easy to have a perfect body proportion.

Even it is a basic item, different ways of wearing can also bring a unique style.

For example, unbutton the shirt to form a v-neck, put it into the black jeans, then matched with black high heels, the outfit is sophisticated and elegant.