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Even the fashion women are too lazy to match the color, the most worry-free way to go out!!!

The same hue is not only the simplest color matching method, but also the trend of the next big dress. Have you tried darkness, redness, yellowness, or greenness? When you have no grasp of the bright colors, you can try this color scheme with low risk factor and harmony to bring you the unique and top level Configuration sense.

01 Hello, red~

In the red family, there are many changes from raspberry red to tomato red. Wearing red will make your day full of passion. This is a color that encourages and excites. When you have insufficient energy, you can wear it to replenish it. It still expresses The color of self-confidence and control.

02 Hello, yellow~

When you want to express your sense of existence with lightness, you must not miss the yellow color. It will definitely live up to your expectations. It is known as the “Sun Goddess” representative color, giving people a feeling of lightness, hope and vitality.

03 Hello, green~

Green is the popular color of 2019 horizontal development, because in the popular list, different greens account for several, the popular color gamut is very wide, how to choose. Wearing green clothes, no matter what the color value, will show creativity and imagination, while giving people a sense of calm and calm, is worthy of the color of life.

04 Hello, blue~

The medium color blue is the perfect color for the whole year’s wardrobe. The light blue color will bring more refreshing and pleasant feeling to the summer. The dark blue color is often used in more authoritative and mature. In a rational place, it is the color of security, the color of reason, and the color of neutrality.

05 Hello, purple~

In the purple attribute, there is blue calmness and red heat. Its temperature is unpredictable and full of mystery. Purple is a color that is very suitable for meditation, especially the light purple color, which can create a relaxed and soft atmosphere.

Even if it is any color system of red orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, because it belongs to the same color, it has a stable sense of unity, and it is generous and decent.