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5 early summer flower dresses wear the formula, wear a special style, kill people around you!!!

Summer is coming, the sun is fascinating, and it’s not too fast to get rid of the bondage. Get out of the beautiful dresses and go out shopping! Today, I recommend several different types of skirts for everyone, to ensure that there is a style that suits you, and you can choose from a variety of styles.

LOOK1: French v-neck print dress

The ultra-low-neck design may be too grand for everyday use. Instead, it is suitable for a holiday, full of seaside style. The combination of green and white patterns is very eye-catching and full of energy in the eyes. The design of the cuffs bow reveals a playful feel. The matte material is also very light and breathable, with a certain texture.

These three dresses are different. Packed with hip and leopard prints, it is hot and sexy, creating exquisite curves, gray-green low-neck models, gentle and romantic, revealing exotic and charming styles, blue prints, full of vitality and freshness. Feel free to choose which one to kill others at the party.

LOOK2: Long fishtail dress

Rich and bold color matching, there must be a strong gas field to hold. At first glance, it is like a color palette that has been knocked over, but the more you look at it, the more you can find the harmony of colors. The fishtail design of the hem is just the right way to show the calf line and the back muscles of the calf. The whole set of skirts looks very romantic and unrestrained.

This houndstooth fishtail skirt is different from the romantic one above, and it is more about intellectual elegance. The large gray tone makes the skirt look very high and has a texture. The nine-point skirt is a good way to modify the leg shape and improve the gas field.

LOOK3: Off-the-shoulder dress

The hottest word this year is “right shoulder”. This off-the-shoulder dress can help you with a bare shoulder addiction, and it won’t look frivolous. The unique side opening design perfectly distinguishes other dresses of the same type. The color of Tiffany Blue is unique and energetic, and it is also very skin tone. Black leather girls must not miss it.

The blue stripe design stretches the visual effect and looks like a height of a few centimeters. Light and elegant shirt material, walking along the road like a fairy, the skirt is flying. This skirt has a large range of off-the-shoulders. The less-satisfied girl can cover a small pocket and also create a sense of mix and match.

LOOK4: Solid color dress

Such a French retro style long skirt, with its simple design and elegant draping, can make the overall style look very temperament, plus the upper part of the plasticity, the A-shaped drooping hem is Shows a noble feeling. Put on it, you are the British Princess.

The V-neck design outlines the neck and reveals the collarbone slightly. The design of the fake skirt outside the wide-leg pants of the lower body is a good break for the monotony of solid color, highlighting the sense of big-name design. The high-waisted skirt makes it easy to pull up the waistline and tightens the waistline. The design of the wide-leg pants is very dynamic and looks imposing.

Take a small notebook and write down the jeans, which are full of high-end feeling! For mashups, you don’t have to have a lot of items, but you have to have a sharp fashion sensitivity. Hard jeans and a soft tulle skirt create a strong visual impact. The design of the perspective, slightly protruding the exquisite curve, is very high-level sexy.

Don’t miss this shirt dress for girls who like shirts. The unique knotted design of the neckline is elegant. Long lantern sleeves are also a good helper for sunshades. The waist waist design, I don’t need to say more, wear it all A4 waist. For the thick-legged girl, the length of this skirt is just enough to cover the calf.

LOOK5: knee-length dress

Yellow is a very vibrant color, coupled with a round neck design, very playful. The design of the striped dyeing is simple and clean, and it also reflects the texture of the material. The length of the knee just arrived is just right for most girls, not too sexy or too dull.

With a white dress as the inside, it will not grab the limelight of the jacket, but also create a sexy wind, killing two birds with one stone. The length is also just right to highlight the leg lines. The palace wind embroidered jacket, retro and handsome, really loves to die. Wearing a pair of boxer booties on the feet, it is really attacking and sexy.