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Spring, a satin, no one can compare with your fashion!

We are always attracted by the sparkling satin material, feeling that it has its own luxury essence, but it is afraid of the mature grace behind it. So how to wear it, we can control this balance. Can make lazy and extravagant for me, and can break the maturity and wealth and become advanced.

First of all, we can first practice from small pieces, such as slings inside, set sexy and lazy, with temperament windbreaker and jeans, the standard casual French style.

Or use the harmonious classic of the striped shirt to balance the high-profile of the champagne shorts, so that the metallic color adds luxury and exquisiteness to the whole.

Large-scale satin suits, although very luxurious, are best balanced with a lighter, lighter, lighter color.

For example, the high-grade gray-tone satin strap dress, with a black T-shirt, is a daily match, but shallow and noble.

Colorful red satin skirt is full of sentimentality, so it is better to wear it, against the black sexy inside, strong contrast atmosphere is very modern.