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This “high-grade gray” trousers is the best fashion item of the season!

White trousers are not dirty and fat, black trousers are too Boring, what pants should I wear in spring? The promise is the shade of gray.

“Advanced Grey” is not just called, it is easier to match than black, and more neutral than light color; with innate elegance, and can skillfully enhance the gas field, it is no wonder that the Queen of the goods can not Resist the charm of it.

The Morandi color of the popular fashion circle last year is actually a high-grade gray system. The low-saturation color looks like the material fabric is high and pure, and it has a cold feeling of kindness!

Black and gray is the most professional style, like a jacket with a suit jacket or a high-grade satin shirt.

The set of gray is more to test the skin color, the girl who is not white enough can try light gray!

Advanced earth color items can also be used with grey trousers, and the gentle tones of the same color are gentle and atmospheric.

You can also choose a vibrant color scheme like hailey baldwin, such as pink, green, orange or sapphire blue, which is highly saturated, gentle and age-reducing, and effectively avoids the gray “short board” old feeling~

Appropriate silver items can also add gray pants to watch!