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Fashion is not only the rights of young people, old fashion bloggers, you wear a sense of quality

Look1: Gray suit + gray sweater + white shirt + jeans

Matching point of view: When it comes to suits, the impression in most people’s minds is a serious and rigid uniform, or a patent for women in the workplace like Andy, but today it is no longer synonymous with professional wear. The youthful avant-garde jeans and the formal feel of the blazer make the suit jacket more soft and fashionable. And this group of colors are easy-going colors, giving you an elegant temperament.

Look2: gray sweater + gray turtleneck + jeans

Matching points: 50-year-old women need to pay attention to the combination of texture and color in dressing. They can be fancy when they are young, but women of this age are mature and stable, and gray has a mysterious mystery. Gray items can be elegant women, can be handsome and aggressive, can be cool, is the preferred color for 50-year-old women~

A simple and retro gray knit jacket with a gray knit sweater gives the overall look a sense of coolness. If you choose a style with a heel, you can also modify the elegant long legs, and you can also match the earring necklace according to your own preferences. Accessories, so that the entire match is more complete, and without losing the feeling of freedom.

Look3: pink shirt + black leather pants + pink high heels

Matching point of view: shirts and fashion are always in line with the trend of the item, the convex shape to the best look of exquisite, for the 50-year-old woman is the least to pick the age and body wear, spring with a pink shirt with high waist black Leather pants, which are very temperament and very young and elegant. The pink high-heeled shoes on the feet echo the tops, which can further accentuate the casual and comfortable feeling of casual wear. It is very age-reducing and has a strong street fashion atmosphere. It can indiscriminately distribute the playful and casual temperament.

Look4: gray suit + white shirt + black leather pants + red high heels

With the look: trousers with high heels, this is definitely a good practice. Classic suits with elegant feminine pointed shoes are perfect, no matter which occasion you go, you must be handsome and handsome to be elegant and elegant, style is very OL, very mature women’s intellectual charm, elegant atmosphere and charm .

Look5: Camel suit + black sweater + black leather pants

Matching point of view: Camel suit with a strong retro color, looks like a traditional classic suit structure, exquisite and delicate and serious. Being mad, boring and cold is the shortcoming of its appearance, but it is this long-lasting deep breath that is the best of your fashion temperament. No need to make too much decoration, wearing a black turtleneck, giving a casual and casual feeling, beautiful and practical

Look6: black sweater + light blue shirt + white jeans

Matching point of view: 50-year-old women want to wear the unique charm of this age, then a black sweater with a light blue shirt, you can wear a full temperament. The lower body is paired with white jeans, which is the most white-skinned complexion. So for a 50-year-old woman with a dull complexion, I can try to wear such a color, giving a comfortable and comfortable feeling~

Look7: Printed knit shirt + white shirt + jeans

Matching points: Jeans can be easily controlled by women of all ages, but different ages can show different styles. In combination with the printed knit sweater, the 50-year-old woman can be full of elegance in addition to her elegant temperament.

Look8: black sweater + printed pants

Matching point of view: 50-year-old women want to wear the unique charm of this age, then a knitted sweater plus a pair of high-heeled shoes, you can wear a full temperament. Whether it is with a skirt or pants, the street style is not lost.

Look9: Camel suit + gray sweater + gray jeans

Matching: Today’s suits are not only worn by office workers, but also essential artifacts of concave shapes. The gray knitwear is the bottom, which makes the 50-year-old woman have both elegant and free-spirited temperament. The walking room is as beautiful as the goddess.