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Matching the 50 matching skills of the division, it is no longer difficult to wear!

Why are you the same height and weight, do you look fatter than others, and no one else looks good? The reason is very simple. In fact, you don’t know how to dress and match.

Today, let’s share 50 simple and practical dressing skills for you to collect!

1. look at the stars, Daren, street beat, you can know a simple truth, black is really very thin!

2.want to grow the calf, must wear shallow shoes.

3. wear clothes to get rid of the bloated feeling, you must wear a belt.

4. micro-pull pants with high-heeled shoes, easy to wear long legs.

5.the upper body fat people, wear more large collar clothes.

6.wearing wide-leg pants is short, then expose your ankles.

7. over the knee boots is a good artifact to modify a variety of imperfect leg types.

8. a large scarf can cover your double chin, will show a small face.

9.the coat is open to wear, it will be even thinner.

10.the more the position of the clothes print, the more you can show the height.

11. in the same color, consistent, will be even thinner.

12.if you have a shoulder width, you can set a collar, you can narrow your shoulders.

13. when the white top is fat, the back pack can be thin.

14. no time to wash your hair, wear a wide-brimmed hat, showing a small face, but also bring a lazy feeling.

15.waist thick can wear A-line hem design clothes, will show waist.

16.The effect of using boots as a leggings can not only modify the curved leg shape, but also keep warm.

17.black silk or stockings and handsome military boots or Martin boots are the best match, can reduce wind and dust.

18.flat-breasted sister wearing a knit small collar shirt, you can instantly raise a cup.

19. The smaller the bag size, the higher the height.

20.when the weather is cold, do not want to expose your feet, but want to be fashionable, you can take socks.

21.the sharper the toe can be higher, you can extend the leg line.

22.a word collar can highlight the sexy shoulders, making you look more feminine.

23. wearing a dark color clothes, choose a bright color bag.

24. in a variety of wearing parts, there is a touch of red, the photo will be more on the mirror, especially in the spring.

25. silk scarf can replace the role of the necklace, it can make the basic model is not simple.

26. wearing pants in the skirt, both warm and have a special feeling.

27. T-shirt with a high-necked base, mix and match well, will be very layered.

28.yellow skin people wearing yellow, will be more white.

29. the short neck is best for the V-neck, can effectively lengthen the length of the neck, but also face small.

30. long necklace can neutralize the shoulder width, is also the key to modify the body shape.

31. up and down with different colors, can be higher.

32. long earrings can show a small face.

33.shoes and pants with the same color, more leg length.

34.thick heel shoes are smooth and easy to wear, and fashionable.

35. fairy skirt with cool jacket, neutral temperament.

36.white top is like a reflector, can be white.

37. As long as there is a long sleeve inside, conservative girls can also wear a low-cut dress.

38. H straight-type coat can stretch the upper body longitudinally, cover the stomach, will not show waist thick.

39. all the shirts are stuffed into the waist, will show the dead board, the plug will be lazy, playful.

40.Pull the collar of the shirt back, and the daily clothes can be transformed with one button, and it is easy to attend the party.

41. bulky platform shoes, will only make the little girl more short.

42. The high-waist A-line skirt is an artifact that changes the proportion of the body. The waist is thin, the legs are long, and the height is tall.

43. Shoulder width should avoid wearing puff sleeves.

44. pear shape must adhere to the principle of tight dressing.

45. Apple-type body must adhere to the principle of tight clothes.

46.the missing clothes dressing method, will be more leg length.

47.Short tops with high-waist pants can stretch the legs and visually increase by 10cm.

48. Morandi color will appear more high-quality clothes.

49.tight body with wide-leg pants, you can easily create a small waist.

50. When you feel that the costume is not enough, a beautiful hat or a small bag can be solved.

How do you “show” in summer? The skills are here.

It’s a certain skill in the summer, do you know? F Jun will tell everyone about this sexy show today, let’s take a look!

1.Slanted Shoulder

In the summer, if the little cutes are the first to reach a sexy way, then we will start from the shoulders! It’s like a slanted shoulder style that can’t be let go, it’s really good.

If you think that the off-shoulder style of the shoulder is more common, then we can choose a shirt with a sense of design, as long as it is matched with sunglasses or accessories, it will be more beautiful and fashionable.

2.One shoulder

More than a slanting shoulder, the style is a one-shoulder style. The simplest style is a one-shoulder dress. It doesn’t require too much decoration. One upper body is good enough.

Or if you like to wear a single style, then choose a white one-shoulder top, this look is not too much decoration, the net color style can wear a high-level feeling.

3.Thin shoulder strap

If you always try this type of shoulder style is too normal, then we can choose a style like a thin shoulder strap to wear, not too vulgar, not very normal.

Or a thin sling can be very good to see, if you feel that wearing this item is too cold, then we can still match a coat at this time, but also a younger pro.

4. Wear matching

The white top is the most popular style we wear. At this time, we can choose the trousers to match, like a bright wide-leg pants can highlight your fashion and atmosphere.

Some girls who prefer to be sexy can choose to wear a tube top. If you are worried about being too exposed, you can also choose a coat to sculpt the shape, which will be more attractive.

5. Shining belly

If you feel that the style of the off-shoulder is too common, then we can also choose to expose the super sexy part of the waist. This ultra-short top with short jeans is really good.

For the ultra-short tops, we can still choose the upper pair of high-waist pants to wear. This kind of pants with the primary color of the tooling is the popular style of this year. You can go directly to the gym for the double shoes.