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The less popular this summer, the better! Wear it if you want to be fashionable!

The temperature in summer is really scary, I really can’t wait to be naked, and I feel a little more mad!

Pleated top

The pleated top, the special texture, is a tight-fitting style, but the girl is really a very strong item. Look at the two sets above. The shoulder strap on the ear or the shoulder strap of the bow, who did not see it? Said a girl?

Also, the smocked tops with suspenders and one-shoulder style are perfect for holiday wear, paired with jeans and full of madam.


“Milking women’s clothing” combination of generous collar and court sleeves, retro needless to say, is also a short and capable style, more suitable for the chest baby to wear.

There is also the design of this design into the dress, white is the favorite color of all the court style or retro items, very first love is also very pleasing to the eye, this dress can melt the c cup of baby wear, pure and sexy combination.

Chest knot

The top of the chest is really thin, which is equivalent to wearing a bra top with a few women’s styles. The shirt on the left is more formal.

But the strange thing is that the sling style has a tie on the chest. It won’t make everyone feel too exposed, sexy, but with a faint girly feeling, many holiday brands have also made a split suit.

Of course, there is also this tube top style, this style is more sexy, and it is really cool, with it with a high waist single item, you are the longest girl on the street. Flat-breasted baby is more suitable for single items.


Suspenders I must have Amway to give you a single item, the price of cabbage is a good thing, I recommend a hand, wearing a single item that is very easy to sleep, this summer, F Jun recommended flat mouth camisole, more elegant.

Camisole + denim skirt + Martin boots, this set is really fashionable, cuty & sexy perfect blend, if you dislike summer wearing boots hot, change into sandals are also complete!