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2020 spring and summer women’s cutting process–new cotton and linen

With the arrival of spring and summer 2020, cotton and linen fabrics with good comfort and breathability are most popular among the public. Therefore, they are also quite designer styles in style and style, regardless of the shape of the chest, the pleats of the pleats, and the pleats of the shirts. And slice segmentation, etc.; people wear them all with a sense of style

The cotton-separated chest shape is once again returned to the T-stage. Unlike the past, the chest is not over-exaggerated, but is segmented by the same material.

The elastic rope makes the style show in the local regular pleats, and the new style is revealed in the bondage.

Design the pleat shape at will, embody the style of the collar and waist in the style.

A piece of shape to show or hang or double, can also be stacked to show the design style

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