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Spring and summer popular elements in 2019, fashion is reserved for people who are ready for the future!!!

Don’t be surprised, I just read the article about the popular elements of autumn and winter 2018. Soon, how about the popular elements of spring, summer, autumn and winter in 2019, don’t doubt, you must watch it, and fashion is reserved for those who are prepared.

From the recent show, the design elements are arrogant, introverted, very rich, and of course some of the “old friends” that have been seen, fashion is a circle around, the retro craze has not retreated, if you want Be a stylish and ready-up, then take a hard look.

Sequins / matte

I also wanted to write an article about what you should wear a few days ago, but if you think about cooling down a large area, you will finally solve the oxygen in your heart, talk about the sequin elements, have a piece of sequins, and a little Low-key, fine flashing, but it must be eye-catching at the same time.

It is said that fashion is a circle, the return of snowflake glittering sequins that have been left out for a long time, let us smell a strong retro taste, and an elegant and dignified feeling, especially the second piece of this little black dress, I dazzled, I thought Seeing Hepburn, the elegant design feels back to the public eye.

Wild leopard

Europe and the United States really love leopard prints. Every time I see the animal prints, my mood is very complicated. The complex mood is generated because it is really difficult to control. The two look on these two sets are different. The lightweight piece with a fringed skirt and the thick feel of the leopard print, but the second one seems to be a very bloated leopard down jacket.

I think that the leopard print is not a large-scale practical, it is really difficult to wear good looks. Figure 1 This small vest is small and sexy and just right, the skirt is also a good dress, leopard with black most Insurance, don’t try some bright colors, it is easy to step on the thunder.

Neutral color

I have seen this year’s autumn and winter fashion colors and 19 spring and summer fashion colors are more lively, but I still prefer neutral elements, will be low-key, and better control, the first color is soy rice, for brightening Asian yellow skin The effect is quite useful; blue is the color I like very much, this eclipse blue is just low-key and has a texture, it is also very good.

Granite brown is very close to brown but with a little red, it will be old when worn, and the overall choice of smooth fabric will look better; the second is sweet corn, with a smooth texture of cream, is pretty girl One color, soft and light.

Diverse cowboy

Cowboys are also a popular trend. In fact, this is also a very hard feeling. This season has added a lot of designs. Like this butterfly element, the bow element is also a popular element in 19 years. It has been seen many times in the show. But since it appears here, it is not specially proposed. The bow tie and the toughness of the cowboy will have a balanced aesthetic.

But these two sets can understand its artistry, but I can’t convince myself that it looks good. At least I think most people can’t control it. It’s really strange. Sometimes you wonder if you are watching the same show. Look good. If you don’t look good, it’s hard to say a word.