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This year, these five kinds of wearing methods are popular, you are no longer rustic!

The most popular items in spring and summer, in addition to dresses, are a variety of shirts! When it comes to shirts, Daxin often sees a lot of MMs. When wearing shirts, the most wear is shirts with small pants.

This way of wearing, although it is very good-looking; but to tell the truth, too much ordinary wear, far from the eye-catching.

  1. shirt + split skirt + strap high heel

Shirts want to wear a sexy fan, in addition to the choice of shirts, to choose a large area to reveal the shoulder of the shirt, the combination of single products can often achieve a finishing touch.

2. shirt + vest skirt + high heels

Many girls think that spring and summer shirts only look good when they are worn outside. In fact, this is not the case. The method of wearing the shirt inside is like the above, and it is very fashionable and not easy to hit the shirt.

3. long shirt + half-length leather skirt + booties

When it comes to shirts and half-length leather skirts, the first choice is the traditional, short shirt with a half-length leather skirt. But what I said today is the long type of shirt in the picture above, worn with a half-length leather skirt.

This kind of wear can not only break the aesthetic fatigue caused by the shirt with the half-length leather skirt, but also the novel wearing method, so that you can attend various occasions, can attract the eye, and do not easily hit the shirt.

4. shirt + mesh skirt + high heels

In the closet of many girls, there are one or two mesh skirts. I want to wear the mesh skirts with different trends and fashion senses. The matching of shirts is the first choice.

5. shirt + fringed jeans + booties

Whether it’s paired with pants or jeans, it looks good and looks good. The only downside is that it looks a bit too ordinary and not attractive enough.

Therefore, if you want to wear a shirt with a fashionable personality and a trousers, you must not be too ordinary.