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Slim Wear In The Cold Season

T-shirts are best used to match some slightly flamboyant coats, with T-shirts and jeans, make a casual and free-spirited fashion

The high-necked shirt is the “squatter” in the thin-bottomed single item. In recent years, the fashion has not been reduced. Although there are always people who dislike the high-necked sweater because it makes their necks look short, you can try the half-neck sweaters. The height is probably in the middle of the neck, is more versatile.

The belt is most suitable for the coats with the sense of expansion, because the belt can outline the body curve. Matched with tight jeans, slim and warm.

When opening the jacket, the height of the waistline has a decisive effect on the overall body proportion. With a belt or a short top and high waist pants, the waistline is raised. This is especially important when pairing a long coat.

You can also look more slim by pulling the V of the neckline of the coat more open.

Capri-pants can expose the thinnest part of the calf, and can also be matched with boots, which is both warm and stylish.

To summarize, we got some points to make you slim in the cold season:

  • A suitable bottoming shirt is very important, like a high collar base shirt, keep warm and not bloated.
  • Use the belt to shrink the “expansion” waist of the jacket, and draw the body curve, raise the waistline.
  • Let the clothes form a “V” line on the upper or lower body to achieve a slimming effect.
  • Match ankle boots with trousers can also lengthen the proportion of the legs.