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Do You Know These 4 Types Of Choices When You Wear Black pants?

Whether you are in love with a skirt or a pair of pants, there is still no resistance to black pants. The black pants have been in the fashion circle for many years, with its incomparable slim and versatility. releasing unique charm values ​​at any time throughout the year.

There are many types of small black pants, which have different effects, and can be used for different leg types of girls, with unexpected magical effects.

  • Black Straight Pants

The straight wide-leg pants version is very suitable for girls who are not particularly good legs, especially for girls with X-legs and O-legs. This straight wide-leg pants can be used to modify the leg shape. Hide the meat under the pants, completely thin.

The black straight pants are very simple, so don’t worry about difficult to match. The high-waist design will make your legs look slimmer. In the winter, we can use it with a down jacket or a coat to wear stylish

  • Wonderful School Uniform Pants

School uniform pants are especially popular in recent years. Among them, black school uniform pants are the most popular. Many fashionable people wear them. The slimming effect is very good. Stripes can better stretch the legs and let your legs look even more perfect.

Not only the stripes, but also a lot of buttons are decorated on the side. This design effect can be better to look slim, and is very fashionable, classic black and white, no need to worry about be outdated

  • Tight Black pants

When it comes to black pants, many people will think of tight black pants. Tight black pants have been popular since 10 years. They look very slim because they can tightly fit the legs, so they will be even more highlight the leg type, do not try as much as possible for girls with poor leg shape, but slimming long legs can choose tight black pants to show your advantage.

The velvet style is more suitable for winter wear, and the more compact version can be even thinner

  • Vintage Bell-bottoms

With the popularity of retro style, flared pants have become a popular indicator in recent years, while black bell-bottoms have a slimming effect, especially the large bell legs can highlight the slenderness of the thighs.

The design of the raw edges is very retro-styled, can create an unruly style, is very stylish. And the design is not particularly exaggerated, it is suitable for daily life.

This Item, Makes You More Fashionable

When it comes to accessory, there is one thing that is amazing. Even if your wear is boring, it can make you look stylish immediately.

Yes, it is scarves.
Missing the scarves? You really missed too much beauty.

Ins fashion blogger Jenny Walton is particularly good at it.
Using scarves to match the overall look, could add a lot of points. In fact, we can get some ideas in these three pictures: The color of the scarves echo the color of the clothes.

The headband and shoes on the left picture, the scarf and file pocket in the middle, the scarf and skirt on the right, are all in the same color, to make the overall look more subtle and refined.
This kind of matching can be used for reference~

Scarves can have a lot of matching ideas.
Blazer and V-neck inside, the silk scarf can be a good embellishment.
In fact, you can find that the color of these two scarves echo some part of the clothes, so that the whole look is harmonious and fashionable.

Beret, striped shirt with silk scarf
This look has some French style, in which the silk scarf has a great effect.

If your collocation skills are weak, then the basic blouse with scarf will help you. For example, a black T-shirt or a bottoming shirt with any color silk scarf will not go wrong, but will become a highlight of the whole look.

White shirt, also one of the choices with no difficulty to match, plus the silk scarves to make the look more chic.

More inspiration see next page.

Girls’ Autumn and Winter Match Single Product Selection

1.Choice of coats

Choosing a coat in winter is a must for many short girls. But it might be bloated. In fact, in the many kinds of coats, the best for the short girls is the straight H-type coat and X-shaped coat.

2.Choice of pants

The choice of pants should be high waist. Whether it’s wide-leg pants or tights, be sure to choose a high-waist style, the proportion of the lower body will be extended.

Try to choose a ankle-length pants to avoid stacking on the ankles.

3.Choice of skirts

The short girls should choose the sheath skirt and the long straight skirt when selecting the skirt. The sheath skirt will highlight the figure and the curve of the thigh. A girl with a good proportion can try. Solid color straight skirt makes the legs look straight and slender

4.Choice of the inside

When choosing inside, try to choose bodycon style. This is not easy to bloated and highlight the body when matching the coat. The color is chosen to wear the same color, clothes are layered and not monotonous.

5.Choice of shoes

High heels are definitely a must-have artifact for small girls.

If you are not used to wearing high heels, you can also choose the middle heel boots and this year’s hot old shoes, are tall and versatile.

Try to pick pointed-toe shoes in style, choose nude color for color, and the proportion of the leg can be stretched visually.

Girls’ Autumn and Winter Match & Slim and High Wear Tips

The weather is getting colder and colder, and fashion girls are distressed how to wear them to keep warm and high.
In fact, winter is a test of the matching skills of the trendsetter, especially for short girls, because it’s easy to look like Hobbit if don’t pay attention.
So, today’s content summarizes some practical matching skills and ideas for single item selection,hope it will help you.

1.Cuffs should not be too long

When you wear clothes in winter, you must pay attention to avoid cuffs and trouser legs too long, otherwise it will look like the picture on the left, visually lower the height

Choose nine pants + high heels like this, and then show your arms, will look very tall

If you are afraid of cold or not used to wearing high heels, you can also choose casual shoes + nine pants to keep warm and fashion

2.High collar with high waist

Waistline is the lifeline of short girls
The so-called waist line is increased by 1cm and the height is increased by 5cm.
The left picture of this low waist + low collar look is very short
In contrast to the right
High waistline + high collar will be tall and thin

If you put a turtleneck on the basis of high waist, The overall look can visually increase the height ratio

3.Wear vertical stripes, use vertical features

Girls who like striped elements can choose vertical stripes,You can choose vertical stripes, have an extended effect, and visually increase your height

4.Choose the same color system

Combine two or more colors in the same color system, either as a suit or on the basis of the same color to create a sense of layering

Single product selection see next issue.

Women’s Street Look For Work In Early Autumn

The wether in early autumn are still a bit hot, and you can play some different matches on your outfits. I will show you four looks in different styles.
1.Classic blue & white, European and American style
It is more suitable for the girls who like masculine style. The half sleeve is for the difference in temperature of the season. The casual V-neck is free and not bound, and it will not be too much like a tool shirt.

The loose shirt can make you look slim, and it can be stretched into the jeans to lengthen the lower body proportion!

The pink-blue tooling trousers will not make you feel hot, and give people a comfortable vision. If you wear them to office, they bring peace and tranquility to yourself and other people.

Finally, with a crocodile pattern handbag, prove your status in the workplace, and also have your own place in the man-dominated site!

2.Korean OL style
This pairing is more suitable for delicate little women. A button suit is a weapon that highlights your waist. It is a must for a sophisticated style. The royal blue can brighten the skin color.

The inner can use some different patterns. The solid color bottoming shirt is too dull. It is better to choose the floral print vest with the same color as the coat, which not only maintains the unity of the basic color, but also have hit color inspirations. With slim white leggings, the proportion of the lower body is extended.

3.Femininity style
Many places are still very hot, but the lower body always feels cool, after all, the atmosphere begins to cool, you may wish to choose a combination of sheath skirt and bottoming stockings to keep warm.

The hit color enhances the visual sense, and the upper body looks like a normal bottoming shirt, but it looks sexy because of the perspective effect of the lace.

The high waist wear method lengthens the proportion of the lower body, and also highlights your thin waist, and the red color gives people a good mood.

4.One-piece style
This is a match for the lazy, the combination of the suit and the skirt, the retro high waist plus the A-line big hem, the spirit and the tenderness coexist, and the pleated hem is a great savior for the pear-shaped crowd. It can cover the local obesity of the lower body to make you look slim. Pigeon Grey is the leading color of this fall and winter, you can’t miss it as a hipster, and the atmospheric dress only needs to be decorated with a delicate clutch.