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In the summer, do you want to wear a skirt? Choose these ones the most beautiful!

Summer wants to be beautiful and comfortable? The skirt must be indispensable!

Simple and generous shirt skirts are loved to wear, blue striped shirt skirts are classic and fashionable, loose styles with a slightly split design, slightly fat girls wear can hide meat, slim girls can wear French lazy Style!

The irregularly designed skirt gives a bright feeling to the eyes. The special tailoring makes the skirt more interesting. Even with simple shoes, it is very interesting!

Elegant and glamorous off-shoulder printed maxi dress with retro loafers, elegant and refined, and great time!

The perspective skirts of different fabrics are full of playfulness, and the small area of the skin adds a sense of layering and is more advanced.

The retro palace style puff sleeves are very popular this year. The addition of brown leather lines makes the skirt more design, with shaped and bow shoes, it looks playful and eye-catching!

The black polka-dot skirt is more elegant and slimmer, and has a higher wearability. With a pointed polka-dot cat and shoes, it exudes feminine femininity!

The white ruffled skirt has a fresh and calm temperament, with blue silk scarves and exquisite makeup. It has a French style, like a retro elegant princess!

Women’s dresses trends in 2019 spring and summer,those who are late, elegant, stylish people can not miss!

Dress is an indispensable item for the Goddess. Today, the retro style has never been so popular. Under the influence of the retro fashion, the silhouette of the dress is also closed to the elegant, delicate and independent feeling. Typical court bud sleeves, elegant square collars, fluffy skirts, and cascading cake skirts are the focus of 19 spring and summer clothing design. Let us take the modern society’s unique aesthetic angle of view, walk into the 50-60’s, experience for a long time the retro-ancient customs and customs bar!

【Elegant understanding of V-collar】

V inverted triangle design, position in the most appropriate depth, not excessive exaggeration, slightly sexy, more delicate, intellectual, elegant and charming.

【Vintage Square Neck】

Square collar design, compared with V-collar, more bone sense, collar line smooth, so that the beauty of collarbone more vivid display.

【Ultra-fine shoulder strap hanging dress】

This extremely thin shoulder strap and light chiffon combine to create the light touch and the sense of fracture, showing the tenacity and lightness of the girl’s feelings.

【Oversized lapel】

The ultra-neckline design can well cover the shoulder, creating a full visual sense of the shoulders for a slightly narrower girl on the shoulder.

【Girdle dress】

Ring-collar design, add hollowed embroidery decoration, lotus leaf folding, bow tie outline, decorative pleated design on the front collar, create a delicate and beautiful shoulder sense.

【Flower bract sleeve】

The design of flower bud cuffs, whether with square collar, small button shirt collar, or intellectual beauty V-collar, or small collar, brings a strong sense of retro. With gauze fabric, the feeling of fresh summer is created all the time.

【Exaggerated lantern sleeve】

Different from the previous design of lantern sleeves, 19 spring and summer lantern sleeve design more exaggerated and large. More like the shape of the flower, with a small piece of Yukov decoration design, will become the new focus of desig.

【Bundle waist high waist line】

High waist design, mostly using yarn fabric, flexible cable laying technology and arc design, can well hide a little extra weight on the stomach.

【Gauze-type Tiered Skirt】

Tiered skirt in soft yarn fabric, v slightly penetrating yarn design, cascade lotus leaf edge, a good display of women’s sweet and sexy.