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Women want to wear clothes, these 5 important occasions, want to be intellectual and temperament, recommend these 10 sets

There are so many women’s clothes, but when it comes to important occasions, everyone begins to complain that there is always a suitable piece of clothing. The dress of the tour is definitely not suitable for meetings. The clothes for the meeting are not suitable for shopping. Different occasions have their own careful wear, and those who do not wear clothes are prone to go out. It is especially important for a woman to wear the wrong clothes to appear tender or old-fashioned. How to wear intellectual and temperament is especially important. These kinds of occasions, wearing these sets of machines, recommend these sets, absolutely let your temperament outstanding, not unconventional, intellectual and atmospheric, you deserve to have.

1. Shopping +party

Shirt and denim is very comfortable, refreshing and not exaggerated, age-reducing effect MAX, with flat feet without effort, it is easy to take a day off. Or a dress with a simple and uncomplicated color, without too many patterns and decorations, in the occasion of shopping parties, it will never be too strong, and the art is full of style. With the right accessories, bags, earrings, necklaces, etc., wearing a sense of high-level, photo shoots are not down. Dresses with flat shoes, big strides will not wear feet, a bright color in the hot summer, intellectual and temperament, beautiful to make people feel tremble.

2. Commuting +meeting

The time to go to work is only five-fifths of us. Don’t neglect to wear the usual commute. It is the most undesirable to wear casually. If you want to dress well and not dignified, it is best not to pursue casually like shopping. we wants to recommend a suit and a cowboy today. The fabric of the suit is more airy, don’t worry too much, and the jeans are not too serious compared to the suit pants, and the high heels still have a gas field. You can also choose the combination of shirts and wide-leg pants. They are all slim and magic, and they modify the curve of the legs. They are both intellectual and temperament, even if they are not used in such important occasions.

3. Reception party

In life, we always meet a variety of cocktail parties and banquets. This important occasion requires formal evening dresses that are not cheap, but low-key but not too mediocre. At this time we need a generous and advanced skirt to help us highlight the calm posture and exert its own charm. we will recommend small black dresses and small white skirts for everyone. Both are enduring wear choices, which can best reflect people’s elegance and temperament. With exquisite jewelry and beautiful high heels, even a 5-point face value will have an 8-point gas field. This is the ability of a small white dress and a small black dress.

4. See parents

On this important occasion, I believe that everyone’s hearts are all in the same place. They can’t be too deliberate and reflect their own good intentions. They can’t find a suitable dress on the eve of the eve. In this case, of course, you should try not to be too arrogant. It is best to be dignified and wise. It is most important to get the good feelings of the other parents first. Don’t wear too exposed clothes, shirts and A-line skirts with high heels are a good choice, not too small and childish and mature. The combination of T-shirts and wide-leg pants is also good, and the atmosphere is not stable, which is in line with the aesthetic standards of parents.

5. A blind date

When we go up but have no object, we have to face the occasion of blind date. In fact, this is just a purposeful dating occasion, important but not too nervous. How to dress is also necessary to ponder, wear too young teeth or too old, the first impression will be very poor. You can choose the matching of T-shirts and short skirts. It will not look too small for family age, and the dress that is not dragged and dropped is also a very straightforward male-like dress, and the femininity is full of body. These two suits are all dresses that are both forceful and bright, and are absolutely easy to use in such a situation.

In many important situations, we want to be ugly, the first thing to consider is how to find the right one. Today, Xiao Yan took stock of 10 important occasions, which can highlight the temperament and intellectuality of 10 sets of clothes, hoping to help you wear out the charm to wear out the gas field. Have you learnt that?