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Newly discovered 5 sets of “French Light Luxury” women’s wear, which elegant and feminine´╝ü

Elegance is a kind of self-confidence and calmness. It is the embodiment of wisdom and rich connotation. French elegance advocates simple, exquisite, casual but not casual wear style, and each corner releases elegant and romantic style!

1,Lantern Sleeve Top + High Waist Lace Half Skirt Set

Bean sand green is a low-saturation color, fresh and elegant, especially suitable for the spring and summer atmosphere. If you want to wear a woman’s sexy taste, this off-the-shoulder design is just right, the shoulders are stitched with ruffles, sweet but not greasy. Elegant and elegant, the lantern sleeves bring out the retro noble temperament, high waist openwork lace bag hip skirt, elongated leg lines, micro-transparent skin, exquisite and charming.

2,high waist wide leg flare pants suit

Lace is a symbol of femininity. The oatmeal color is particularly foreign, and it is very close to the skin color. The color is soft and the atmosphere is high. The combination of a fashionable woman and a high-rise wide-legged trousers is a high-profile body. The second choice, the upper body seconds become 1 meter 8, adding the goddess and the charm, the flared pants are handsome and capable, highlighting the urban women’s modern fashion.

3, floral falbala dress

The smoky blue floral skirt exudes a noble and elegant ladylike style, light and graceful lotus leaf, spread on the edge of the V-neck, sweet and smart, romantic and sexy, the fishtail skirt is double-layered with ruffled edges. Before the short and long, there is a design and careful machine. The elegant femininity is exuded in the gestures. When you attend a dance, a party or an important occasion, you can earn a good return rate!

4,temperament ladies two-piece

Black and white, even so eye-catching, slim tailoring to create a slim and tall figure, sleeveless design allows you to feel the cool summer, collar mesh stitching sexy and charming, exudes a feminine taste, waist is not The regular ruffles pour down, the lines are smooth, and the long legs and graceful figure are displayed. The fashionable and modern ladies are petty bourgeoisie and have to love!

5,polka dot mesh long dress

Every girl has a special liking for pink. The cherry blossom powder of the woman’s special favorite occupies the eyes of everyone. The light and transparent pink mesh reveals a wonderful beauty, and the wavelet point adds a playful feeling of ageing. The bow tie is sweet and bursting, the brace of lace is more elegant and feminine, romantic and luxurious, gorgeous and noble, dating commute without losing the lady’s atmosphere, the model of elegant woman.