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4 selection of new season trench coats to help you prop up the early spring!

The windbreaker is almost a fashionable weapon for the girls in the spring, and it is suitable for occasions. Commuting, dating, and going out of the street… With different clothes, you can arbitrarily sculpt various shapes. This year’s T-stage is also lacking in this necessities. Burberry, known for its windbreaker, used silk scarves to play with classic fabrics this year; Chloe and Tibi focused on fabric innovation; young brands such as Sacai More directly deconstructing the windbreaker, and joined the popular lattice elements this year, so that the windbreaker’s fashion is more than imagined.

Minimalist style

Despite the fact that the sexually chilly and minimalist fashion boom has passed for a few years, the minimalist style has been retained as a style. The minimalist style windbreaker removes the extra parts of the classic windbreaker, such as windshield, D-ring, belt, etc. It is more slender and capable to wear.

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker

Oversize boyfriend windbreaker is more suitable for the cool girl in the heart, the style of the shoulder sleeves makes the clothes more relaxed and stylish, even if it is more than a few pounds of meat, it will not be easy to see. It is recommended to wear skinny pants, otherwise it will be pressed.

Stitching design trench coat

Stitching is the focus of this year’s fashion. Whether it’s a splicing of hot plaids or a splicing of light-weight yarn fabrics, it will be refreshing and can be a fashion focus without spending too much thought.

Soft fabric trench coat

The classic traditional windbreaker fabric is mostly twill cotton, which is stiff and heavy. This year, the soft fabric is more popular. It is visually smoother and more elegant. It walks like a skirt, gentle and romantic.